Armed Robbery off H Street, NE Caught on Video

Vaughn sends video “of an armed robbery in front of my house last week. 12:20am in the early hours of Monday Oct 12th.”

MPD alert:

“Robbery Gun //900 blk of 9th Street, NE //LOF (2) B/M’s armed w/ guns wearing white t-shirts & blue jeans”

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  • So did they get caught? Looks like the person who got robbed went off in the cop car to look for the suspects? Need more details…

  • My guess is probably not given the MPD put out a LOF alert. My guess is the majority of armed street robberies in this city go unsolved. Of those in which an arrest is made an even smaller share are successfully prosecuted.

    It seems the only time they ever catch someone is if they are dumb enough to do multiple robberies right after one another in the same general area.

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