“anti-Muslim demonstrations are scheduled for October 9th and 10th in front of 20 mosques Across the country”

mm mosque
1519 4th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for passing on: “I thought PoPville might want to learn about this appalling situation. The good folks at the mosque on 4th Street in Truxton Circle circulated this flier warning about anti-Muslim demonstrations this weekend.”

“Notice of Demonstration

“Masjid Muhammad (MM) was recently notified by federal and local law enforcement agencies That anti-Muslim demonstrations are scheduled for October 9th & 10th in front of 20 mosques Across the country. There is a possibility that one of these demonstrations could take place at any time in front of MM on Friday or Saturday and may occur during our Salatul Jumma prayer service.

Imam Talib Shareefand the MM Board ofAdvisors urges all members and visitors to avoid any contact and/or confrontation with these demonstrators as we know that their goal is to not only intimidate and terrorize Muslims, but to also illicit a response from us in order to create a violent confrontation which they can use against us. They will then say: “You see, we told you that those Muslims are violent!” Their first tactic was to bait Muslims by conducting a cartoon contest in Texas vilifying Prophet Muhammad. The Muslim community in Texas was well-prepared and refused to respond. Unfortunately, two alleged Muslims traveled from California took the bait and were killed. Do not allow the demonstrators to provoke you into anger and remember our Prophet’s instructions: “Do not become angry, do not become angry, do not become angry.”

The DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), the FBI and the Office of Homeland Security have been contacted and members of the MPD will be assigned to maintain the peace. Imam Talib Shareefand the MM Advisory Board have not in any way whatsoever, hinted, urged or requested that any member or visitor, or any MM staff member, bring any form of firearm or other type of weapon to, in or around MM in response to the demonstration. Members of the MM Security Team will be visibly present within and outside the masjid to assist MM members and visitors on Friday and Saturday.

Thank you for your cooperation and may Allah (SWA) strengthen our unity, guide and protect us and reward our patient perseverance.”

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  • In other places, churches have organized human walls to protect the mosques during prayer. I wonder if that’s going to happen here.

    • We could organize a popville human chain. I’m pretty open this weekend

    • +1

    • My personal belief is that this Mosque made this story up to gain sympathy and there will be no anti-Muslim protestors at this Mosque. If there is a single protestor, I will apologize in print, but this strikes me as an attempt to gain local sympathy rather than any activity that will happen in real life. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is a bogus tactic to make the local community pity them.

      • Blithe

        You have very interesting personal beliefs. Please read the Post article that I linked to yesterday. Your apologies in print or otherwise will likely mean very little to people who are facing some very real, potentially violent threats. The post above notes that federal and local law enforcement agencies contacted the mosque. While this particular mosque may or may not be targeted, they are preparing for the POSSIBILITY. Perhaps you might contact the relevant federal and local law enforcement agencies and do a bit of research on the factors that underlie their concerns. I would imagine that the members of the mosque are much more interested in Peace than pity.

        • I checked with MPD and I was correct. There was no evidence of any protest, nor did MPD expect there would be any protest. The Press Release was a scam. Sorry you were gullible.

  • Hoping for a peaceful holiday weekend for everyone in the D.C. community! “Do not become angry, do not become angry, do not become angry”… Even though they may seek to bring violence and hatred to our community, do not respond. We, as a community, will stand with you during this time of increased intolerance.

    May Allah protect you and keep you safe.

  • This is very upsetting. If there is anything constructive we can do to support these members of our community please share it here.

  • Might not be the best weekend for an anti-muslim demo with the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in town!

  • I am their neighbor and have had to work with them on a few everyday property-sharing things, and I have been so warmly welcomed and embraced as a neighbor and friend. If anyone gets wind of anything that we could do to support them please share.

    Also FWIW, the mosque mostly caters to American-born African American muslims, very much an old DC community. I am sure they’ve been around helping and being part of the city for way longer then anyone else around there, for generations. I hope the city will support them.

    • Nice observation. Sometimes I would do my Friday prayers there and they were always very welcoming FAR FROM EXTREME. Yes, it’s mostly African-American but from time to time I’d look across the room and see another white guy:-)

  • Ally

    I’ve emailed the mosque asking if it would be a help or a hindrance if some of us came out to assist. I’m more than willing to come out in support if it would be of service to them.

    • Smart.
      Perhaps someone could reach out to the Unitarians and Ethical Society, if you get a positive response. They are often involved in this kind of action.
      I’d do it, but I will be out of commission tomorrow.

    • Thanks for reaching out to them, I’m bookmarking this post to check back to see if I can join you in any efforts.

  • Thanks for posting this POP. Long time reader of POP–Muslim too. Shokran!

  • A quick google search shows these demonstrations are “anti-radical islam”, not “anti-muslim.” There’s a difference. I would hope we’d all protest efforts to impose sharia law on the US.

    • If there was any reason to believe MM was supporting imposition of Sharia law in the US, I’d agree with you. The organizers – and most Islamiphobes – prefer to couch this as being anti-extremism, but they’re still going to be shouting at and harassing men, women, and children at a community mosque.

    • I hope you’d realize that’s not a remote possibility. You’d be better off opposing repeal of the law of gravity.

      • actual LOL! Seriously, the “they want to impose Sharia law” argument is a smokescreen for Islamiphobia.

        • No kidding. From what I can see there is only one religion in the U.S. that is trying to impose it’s views through the laws of this country.

      • Well, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Shariah Law has been used by US Courts to decide international child custody battles all over the US, and what woke me up to this was when it was used in Maryland. Before you pat yourselves on your backs, do some research.

        Shariah Law has been cited in international custody battles throughout many states and quite possibly, all 50 states.

        • Gonna need some citations. Because a quick google didn’t bring up anything reliable.

        • Can you provide some sources for those statements?

        • “do some research”
          “I don’t know the specifics because I’m just repeating something I heard somewhere”
          “my sources are not reputable enough to mention by name”

        • I’m pretty sure that no court in the US has actually *applied* Sharia law if it were in conflict with the law of whatever jurisdiction the court sits in. Construed a separation/custody/support agreement that was drafted according to certain religious principles and willingly entered into by represented parties? Sure. But not what you’re getting at.
          Now whatever website you got your stats from might really be talking about the concept of comity. If a court in a country that uses Sharia law in its divorce/custody judgments were to issue such a judgment, that judgment is entitled to deference in the US — as are the judgments of all foreign courts — provided that they are in general conformity with our legal norms. For example, an Egyptian divorce judgment that generally follows our legal norms (due process, etc.) can be enforced here. So the tinfoil hat brigade could argue that the US court is “using” Sharia law, but the result would be the same if the judgment had come from France. As an aside, it does happen from time to time that a custody decision from an Islamic court gets rejected in a US court for not conforming to our legal norms. It happened in MA a few years ago.

    • Is this particular mosque linked to radicalism?

      • Can’t believe I have write this post. No this mosque is not associated with radicalism as a previous poster mentioned this masjid it’s worshipers are mostly African American and is there to serve DC’s black Muslim population although you could catch my white face praying there long ago.. They aren’t financed/subsidized by foreign nation states. I remember the sermons being mostly about family, keeping faith, doing good, and would sometimes discuss black civil rights. .

    • OP here. There is nothing radical about this mosque. It’s been a part of the community for a very long time.

    • Blithe

      A quick google search strongly suggests that the people organizing and supporting these demonstrations by “patriots” are pretty radical — by most standards. I hope we would all protest efforts to encourage armed demonstrations in our communities– particularly when the goals of the demonstrations seem to be more about inflammatory hate-mongering than about anything constructive.

      • Wait wait wait… ARMED demonstrations? The people protesting the mosque are going to be armed??

        • Blithe

          Please read the article that I linked to yesterday from the Washington Post. I’m not clear from what I’ve read if the anti-Muslim protests are actually being organized in a , well, “organized” way, or if they are expected to be more spontaneous in response to some of the noxious encouragement that their getting from self-proclaimed spokesmen. In any case, at least one of the voices being raised in support of anti-Muslim demonstrations is urging that the “patriots’ who are protesting be armed. . It’s not hard for me to imagine that some of the people who will protest to “take back America” for the ‘patriots” might also be very supportive of what they view as asserting their right to bear arms.

    • People that know the difference between the two don’t spend their weekends demonstrating outside of mosques

    • The USA is more likely to pass the most stringent gun control laws in the world and most liberal abortion policies than implementing Sharia law. Give me a break.

  • I am all for the human chain. What time shall we gather?

  • That’s great that this mosque isn’t extreme and I don’t care for Islamaphobia at all but WTF is this?!? “Unfortunately, two alleged Muslims traveled from California took the bait and were killed.”
    Seeing as this is not an extremist mosque how about they not grossly misrepresent and diminish the acts of extremists within their religion? Since freedom of religion is a matter of rights in this country we pretty much have to rely on religious communities to self-regulate, as of late these communities have gotten very tribal and they have been sucking royally at promoting the pluralistic peaceful society most of us want and that goes for Christians too.

    • HaileUnlikely

      They said “alleged Muslims,” which seems to distance them from, not align themselves with, those guys.

  • Does anyone know what time prayers are? That could help us organize our gathering time.

  • Pretty horrible, but weren’t these two: “Unfortunately, two alleged Muslims traveled from California took the bait and were killed.” the ones that tried to shoot up the Texas event and were killed by armed security?

    They weren’t “baited”, they were trying to kill people who don’t believe what they do….not exactly sympathetic in my book.

    I think I’ll be avoiding this entire area just to be safe.

    • It’s clear that the Mosque isn’t taking responsibility for the acts of those two gunmen. I think it’s important for everyone to recognize how they contribute to extremism.

      • Blithe

        Why should one particular Mosque in NW DC “take responsibility” for two “alleged Muslims….from California?”

  • Prayer starts @1, I’ll be there at 12:30. I hope I see you all there!

  • freedom of speech/assembly for everyone y’all, very important. I like the idea of those (including me) who disagree with the protesters to form a human chain thou. is there any idea when this might take place?

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