Another Gun Found Hidden in a Grill

gun found in Petworth back in 2008

After this morning’s report of three guns found in a grill – a reader reports:

“my neighbor found one in hers in noma about a month ago. cops were very proud they “recovered” it. Tweeted it. Um, no, she did and called y’all. I was pushing my 1 yo in a stroller and she called me over to confirm that’s what it was. Then we decided to move out of DC.”

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  • Gonna go home and check my grill…

  • Yeah, there will definitely be less guns in MD and VA……

  • I feel like this is going to be The Wire, where they find all the bodies Snoop dropped in the abandoned row houses. Except here, it’s people who haven’t used their grills in a long ass time and there’s a 9mm inside. This is going to make for a breathless “FOX-5 investigation”.

  • “Then we decided to move out of DC.”
    Actual LOL. Perfect.

    • Same response- sadly too common, no one wants to stick around and contribute to the solution.

      • Some people do stick around for years to “contribute to the solution,” only to realize that DC has deeply ingrained problems that aren’t getting fixed any time soon no matter what anyone here does. Oh, and my kids are not going to be social experiments in the name of improving DC. I was in DC for a long time and things here never change.

      • I meant it was too perfect after the big discussion earlier about crime. Perfect timing. FWIW, I can’t judge the OP because I too left DC for the awful, terrible, soul-sucking, mind-numbing, blah blah blah suburbs of Arlington (and am very happy). I just enjoyed that this came after that whole debacle.

      • When I lived in the suburbs raising kids, I was amazed to find out how many of my neighbors were gun owners. That’s when you worry about kids getting out the parents’ gun and playing with it. And then someone gets shot. The suburbs are just a boring place with guns too.

        • Yup! On the surface, the suburbs seem safer. And then you realize there’re a lot of underlying issues to suburbia not the least of which are fairly rampant drug use and suicide among high schoolers.

          To each his or her own preference, but this idea that suburban kids are much better off than urban kids is really dependent on your definition of the term better off. I say this as someone who lived in a city early and moved to suburbia for middle and high school. I liked my town, it afforded a number of possibilities, but I wound up choosing the more diverse of two college choices in part because I need to get away from the homogeneity of high school and suburban life.

  • Found a gun in my yard in Martha’s Vineyard and decided it was time to move back to DC.

  • You can stick around and contribute to the solution for decades if not the rest of ones life and not have a thing to show for it. Sometimes voting with feet is perfectly justified.

    • DC has been steadily improving overall for 20 years and would never have gotten as bad as it did had so many people not voted with their feet after the 68 riots. The only people who can make your claim validly would be someone who lived here around `70 and died or moved out around `90. But it aint the early 90s anymore. We can go back to the bad old days if the city is empty again sure…
      Just admit it isn’t your problem and you don’t care instead of bullshitting yourself and everyone else with your DC is Sisyphus fantasy.

      • Was born (1975) and raised in DC (Adams Morgan area) never lived anywhere else. I have seen it all, and love everything about the city. 1 year shy of our child about to start school, we moved. It’s amazing how much a child will change your perspective on things. It was hard for us, but that’s what parents do.

      • For the most part, making moral judgments about where people choose to live strikes me as silly and misguided. No one is better than anyone else due to the location of their home.

  • Why so quick with the snark about MPD? Gun recovery is part of the lingo. Your friend found the gun, but the recovered it. When there is a gun buy-back program the police will tell you how many guns they recover. Sheesh.

    • +1 Thank you for the support. Yes, in police lingo, pretty much all guns are “recovered guns.”

      To the OP: The tweeting isn’t about showing MPD productivity, but rather about showing residents and elected officials the weapons on our streets. I know because it was my suggestion to start doing it. We rarely get press coverage unless there is a significant bust, so we thought tweeting would be a good way to provide this quick information.

  • We just can’t win now can we? Haha.

  • Anyone know what the MPD does with seized guns? I know in other jurisdictions where the gun rights crowd has more sway, they sell them back to the public.

    • All firearms are processed, to make sure they’re weren’t used in a crime, and they’re all destroyed. We don’t sell them back to the community.

  • Like everyone here, I’m so saddened by the increase in crime. I’m really wondering how we can organize… perhaps at the very least, a protest against violence and the city’s lack of any plan to address it. I wouldn’t even know where to begin though. Does anyone have ideas?

  • “Then we decided to move out of DC” … ok byeeeeee

    • HaileUnlikely

      Here’s “Reality,” asshole: the way things are going, the population of DC will soon comprise those who are unable to move for financial reasons (you do not know them, but they exist), those who are so enamored with their artisnal whatever bullsh!t that they accept this stuff in the name of “city living,” the 4 people who really believe in DC and refuse to be chased out, and the criminals who prey on the other three groups just listed.

      • Ashy Oldlady

        So we’re headed back to the 90’s. But with more artisnal whatever bullsh!t.

      • Wait…so you’re going to run away and STILL post here? Great…

        • HaileUnlikely

          When I leave I will go far away (not DC suburbs) and will have no reason to read or post here. Until then, I will continue to antagonize people who make childish comments like Reality who seem to be pretty much fine with their neighbors finding guns that aren’t theirs lying around in their yard.

          • +1. I have no plans to move out of D.C., but I can completely understand how one’s neighbor finding a gun in a grill might make one decide to leave. That was a jerk comment from Reality.

      • You forgot about all the people in upper NW who can afford to insulate themselves from most of the city’s problems by living in Cathedral Heights and sending their kids to private schools (or perhaps Wilson).

      • Well I’ve never been one of four before, so I guess that’s cool. I think you can also pretty easily find artisanal bullshit in the suburbs at this point too (and my gosh, go to small towns preying on the tourists, it’s fake artisanal paradise), so it can’t possibly be only the need for expensive jam that keeps that population within city limits. And yes, affordable housing is a huge issue. But it’s also an issue within city limits that needs to be addressed. DC can’t do a damn thing about the lack of affordable living outside its limits.

        But who is fine with neighbors finding guns in grills? No one. Something needs to be done about it. However, I’m pretty sure the point was shit happens everywhere. If this was the person’s only reason for leaving that seems like an excuse. I’ll bet good money terrible seedy shit happens where they moved.

        Antagonizing people for the hell of it isn’t going to improve the city you don’t want to live in. It just has the effect of people thinking you’re a jerk.

  • That’s a Beretta, probably a 9mm, which ain’t a cheap gun. I can’t imagine someone tossing it unless it’s got a body on it.

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