Another Car Stolen after a House was Broken Into – $1000 reward offered

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A reader reports:

“unfortunately, you can add another crime to this mini-wave. My house near 8th and T NW was broken into last Thursday, just after I left for work. Intruder(s) broke in through my kitchen window, which faces the back alley. They stole a laptop, two iPads, my TV, a bunch of cash and, yes, my car keys (off my kitchen counter) and my car, which was parked in the alley behind the house. I’m offering $1,000 for any information that leads to the recovery of the car, a 2003 black Jeep Liberty with DC tags EN0349. Even more, I’d like to see these guys apprehended. Would urge everybody in north Shaw to be extra cautious.

Please contact 202/ 441-2909 with any info.”

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  • ledroittiger

    Love the way the neighborhood is becoming better, but I’m not taking the bars off of my windows anytime soon.

    • Better neighborhood or not, I’m a firm believe in iron bars and gates on windows and doors that can be accessed from the ground floor, or accessed from other structures like fire escapes and low roofs such as on rear additions.

    • There have been several break-ins in this general area lately. 8&T. 12&V. 13&W.

  • My car is starting to have self esteem issues. My house was broken into last Christmas and they took the car keys but left the car.

  • I imagine they’ll replace the tags with ones that aren’t from a stolen car. Does the Jeep have any other distinguishing features?

    • The lock on the right door handle has been very visibly tampered with (the result of an attempt about a year ago to break into it) – and there’s a semi-rusty lateral dent in the right door. Also, the rear right tire has a white stripe around its face, almost like a whitewall, from a time the tire was low and some of the black rubber scraped off.

  • Nobody has ever tried to steal my Prius, just saying…

  • How are people breaking in through windows? Break the window and climb in? On another note, if you do not have an alarm…get one ASAP! We have Simplisafe and had a false alarm Saturday night. We weren’t home, but obviously went home and MPD was already there looking around the property.

  • I’m sorry to hear that. Yesterday I stopped two burglars from entering my house at 10:30 am. They knocked on the door several times and went away. I assumed they were looking for delivered packages, then realized they were looking for a hidden key or something, having tipped over planters and a welcome mat. I called the police and they (burglars) came back again and tried pushing on the door, while one stood on a garbage can looking throught the transom, but they didn’t expect me on the other side. I frightened them off and the cops did not find them.

    • Yikes! As people do case houses in the daytime to see if anyone is home, I take from your experience that it is better to let them know the house is occupied, even if by telling thorough the door to go away, than to ignore people who could be casing the place, scary as that might be to do (for me anyway).

    • What neighborhood?

  • an another house was just broken into (or there was an attempt) at 13th and W St NW this morning. No idea if a car was involved in that one.

  • this is so frustrating. thanks for sharing the various methodologies of these crooks — it helps the rest of us prepare.

    Maybe I’ll print a bunch of window stickers and bring them to the next happy hour:

    Burglary is a felony offense in D.C. The penalty for first-degree burglary is 5 to 30 years imprisonment. The penalty for second-degree burglary is 2 to 15 years. D.C. Criminal Code 22-801(a). D.C. Criminal Code 22-801(b).
    Smile, you’re on camera.
    I already licked everything I own.

  • The pattern of this burglary and car theft is IDENTICAL to that which happened at my house last week on 1st and O St NW.

    Burglars came in through the kitchen window which faces the back alley. Stole major electronics and a watch, and my car keys off the counter. Exited the building through the back, walked around the house and drove off with my car which was parked right out front on 1st St NW – 2000 Mercury Cougar with DC tags EP 6337. The car has a damaged driver’s side tail light, repaired with red auto body tape.

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