About that Huge Police Response in Navy Yard Last Night

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From MPD:

“Last night at approximately 9:20pm, a citizen was approached by a lone assailant and robbed of his property at gunpoint in the 900 block of NJ Ave SE.

An off duty MPD officer observed the offense and immediately summoned assistance. Within 30 seconds a plainclothes detective was on the scene and observed the suspect retrieving from the area. The victim of the robbery then suddenly re-appeared and tackled the suspect.

The detective along with other MPD members intervened and placed the suspect under arrest. All property belonging to the victim along with an imitation pistol were recovered.

As with all arrests, we are reviewing this case to ascertain any correlation to other similar offenses.”

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  • Bwahaha! Props to the victim!

    “The victim of the robbery then suddenly re-appeared and tackled the suspect”

  • WTF?!?! Is the victim a super hero?! I mean, I wouldn’t do it and he’s lucky things didn’t turn out differently, but that’s friggin awesome.

  • I do hope that this is a situation where the victim has enough time to look at the “gun” and determine it was fake before, well, doing something so STUPID. We all wish for something like this, but it’s a good way to get yourself killed if the gun is real and you miscalculate by even a half-beat. While the victim had no way to know that the police were already on the tail of the perp, he would have been caught soon enough WITHOUT the heroics. Again, I just hope that he only took that risk because he saw that the gun was fake.

    • Good advice. Hopefully, the victim will keep this in mind when he’s mugged next month by the same guy.

    • Thanks for the Monday morning quarterbacking. Seems to me like the risk worked out well and the victim got his stuff back, plus was able to take out his anger on the suspect. Win-win.

    • FYI: the assailant put the gun close enough to the victim’s face for him to read the word “REPLICA” written on the barrel. Perhaps you should consider writing one of those captain obvious commercials for hotels.com.

  • I’m sure the DC courts will have this guy back out on the street within the week

  • Lyndsey

    Can someone tell MPD the gerund of retreat is retreating not retrieving?

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