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  • AH, they are servicing either the SAIS building or the Airline Pilots Union building. You should contact the administrators at either building and show them all this information. It’s definitely illegal. Go in-person, you’ll get better results.

    • Agree. We contacted a neighboring business about their early trash pick up (which sometimes came as early as 4:45 am). They were very responsive in addressing our complaint.

  • Someone (maybe on here?) recommending finding the name of the President of the company and calling his home phone number whenever the trash guy came and picked up trash at 3am in the morning. They said they did it for about 2 days and then magically it stopped.

  • clevelanddave

    You know what I’ve found effective, more than anything: go down to the truck and politely say that trash hauling in this area between 9 pm and 7 am is illegal and it is waking me up. Can you please do the pickups after 7 am? If he says he didn’t know, then possibly problem solved. If he says it is out of his control, ask for a number and a name for his supervisor and call him. If that does not work you can work up his chain or have DC do it, or both. Yea, you need to get up and go down to talk to the hauler at 3 am but you should only need to do it once.

    • No way. That crew has zero authority and is probably much more scared of their supervisor if they don’t make their scheduled stops than somebody in sweats raving about something-or-other at 3AM. Changing their route and schedule has to come from above. Best case, they’re nice about it and give you a company card to call.

  • When a lot of these companies are hired by commercial buildings the building managers might dictate what time they want their trash picked up and if large projects are going on where the trash trucks might get in the way the building management might have the trash company come by really early to avoid loading docks being tied up.

    • “the building management might have the trash company come by really early to avoid loading docks being tied up.” — Their desire not to have the loading docks tied up is understandable, but it doesn’t negate the law/regulations.

  • DCRA excels at not enforcing their own rules. Ask the folks on Morton Street.

  • These guys suck. Maybe 6 months ago at around 4 AM they dropped a dumpster off in the middle of the street, blocking my alley entrance. They did remove it though after I shamed them on Twitter.

  • Wait – this is the same company that is doing illegal 6 AM pickups next to Stoney’s on L Street NW!

    I’ve already filed FOUR complaints with the city on them – and nothing. Silence. Pickups continue everyday including weekends.

    • Someone must be getting paid off somewhere at DCRA…

      • I also tried calling the company this morning as the pickup was happening – and all of their listed phone numbers connect you to a line where you get immediately hung up on. Because… of course.

        • Try their twitter. I was heading out the door to catch a flight when they dropped the dumpster on my street so I didn’t have time to call. I did tweet at them (@ESIWaste) and they were at least responsive.

  • Hill resident here: the trash guys at my bldg used to routinely show up at 7 am on the dot. Then when the weather was really hot a year ago or so, they were allowed to come one hour earlier. At some point, they just started coming earlier no matter what. The message is clear to the trash guys: DC doesn’t enforce the 7 am rule, and they are more than happy to take advantage of it- your sleep be damned!

  • Ugh. I would be absolutely apoplectic if this happened near my building. A certain level of noise is a reality in urban living, but shit like this doesn’t need to happen. I hope this gets resolved. Somewhat related note: can we please ban leaf blowers? They totally suck (or I guess blow).

  • I live near the alley between V and W streets and I am woken up often by very early morning garbage trucks and delivery trucks, but the worst offenders are the septic and grease trucks that sometimes come as early as 5:00 am. They usually stick around for about 15 mins and make the most horrible noise the entire time. Really need to speak to the resturant and grocery store in the building about this.

    Can the police write the drivers tickets?

    • I agree. The grease trucks are the worst! They pump used cooking oil from a storage tank into the truck using a motor. They’re noisy and they spill. Usually at 5:00 am. Anyone know whether the 7:00 am starting time applies to all trucks of this sort? or is it just trash trucks?

  • As a contractor I deal with a ton of different waste disposal companies, what I do is a little different because I am roll on roll off dumpsters with no scheduled service, but can will say this, the guys who drive the trucks whether it is a scheduled route like a restaurant or and unscheduled pickup within a region of a very skill and very difficult to find and are absolutely amazing at what they do. That and that means they are very hard to come by., and the companies are more then willing to basically say “hey if you can get your route done by 12pm as opposed to 3pm we don’t care”. In my situation where I am changing out a full 25 foot long dumpster for a new empty one, they have to find a spot to get the empty off the back of the truck, usually in an illegal spot, grab the full one out of its space and drop it in another illegal spot, pick up the empty and move it to where it is supposed to be, then grab the full again and bring it to the dump. Doing all that when people are awake or in full traffic sucks, so the companies, who just care about how much they can move in a day don’t much care about the regulations, they need to keep their best drivers who can navigate the narrowest of alleys to do this, DCRA and in the example of a restaurant some other agency who cares about rodents, doesn’t really want to hinder this because they get more complaints when this is done during rush hour or the middle of the day or when there are rats in an alley and therefore they are not looking to enforce the rule. As some stated earlier, and I know it sound awkward, but you best bet it to go done and talk to the driver and complain, he will most likely be professional, and say he will try to come later, but realize that that just means he might switch you to a different time in his route and therefore screw someone else. He lives an hour from the truck, has to drive in a huge vehicle at enormous liability trough a city not designed to deal with said vehicle, and therefore, rightfully, want nothing to do with all the Maryland and Virginia drivers screwing up the city during rush hour. The city doesn’t care about a few complaints about early pickups if it means they don’t need to hear a few thousand about pickups during rush hour, and about the rats alleys. So to reiterate talk to the driver, but know that someone else will get the super early pickup time and know that there is not enough viable time in the day to deal with the trash removal needs of the city

  • Presumably it’s waking other people in your building (and possibly other buildings nearby)? Maybe you could coordinate with your building – perhaps a coordinated complaint from 100 people might carry more weight than just yourself.

    • Good idea. Post a petition in your lobby and then deliver it to both of the buildings likely to be employing this company. And forward a copy to the do-nothing DCRA desk, cc’ing your council person.

  • Could your ANC help? If ESI want to make the trip from Manassas and back without encountering traffic, they should be prepared to pay the fines involved. Surely this isn’t the only obnoxious stop on their route.

  • Same thing happened to me when I used to live on 2nd and f NE. The first year I lived there, the trash company would come once a week to pick up the dumpster in the alley belonging to Ebenezer’s coffee shop/ NCc. Then it started happening more frequently, 3x a week at 4am! It was so loud with the dumpsters banging on the pavement that there was no way to sleep through it. I lodged a complaint with the city but of course nothing happened. Because my apartment was straddling a commercial zone and the church owns Ebenezer’s, no one didn’t anything to help. I now boycott Ebenezer’s and don’t live there anymore. Name of the waste management company was F&L construction.

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