Yikes – DC Drivers can be Terrible Too


A reader reports:

“Yesterday afternoon around 5pm at 16th and Colorado NW. Not sure how it happened – DC plates!”

Ed. Note: I obviously hope there was no medical emergency and everyone is alright.

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  • I see terrible driving from people with DC plates and VA plates all the time.

    • I’ve found the 14th St bridge in particular seems to bring out the DC-plated death race drivers.

    • They probably moved to DC and VA from Maryland then

    • justinbc

      I always laugh when people who live in DC bitch about “X” state drivers. As if all of us living here were trained in DC, rather than some other state.

      • OMG yes! It amazes me as well because most of them are from another state originally and just live here now. :-/

      • Blithe

        Yup! It both bemuses me and irritates me — but I figure it’s one more thing for self-satisfied transplants to pat themselves on the back about. Whatever. And of course in this area, many of the drivers with VA and MD plates as well as those with DC plates originally learned to drive in other states. Generalizations for the win?

  • HaileUnlikely

    Although in the middle of the afternoon I don’t know if the following is applicable, but this stretch of 16th (from about Buchanan up to about Military) people drive waaay too fast. There was a fatality a couple blocks from here a couple months ago when a vehicle involved in a spur-of-the-monent race hit the median, went airborne, and landed on another car going in the opposite direction (the poor guy in the other car was the one who died). I’ve also seen several crashes in my 12 years living nearby in which people have plowed into the gate in front of the embassy (the gate in this same picture, behind the bus stop) or crashed into the median (which is taller than average) and done serious damage to their car.

  • We have absolutely no idea what happened but lets apply a value judgment!

  • DC1

    Driver was probably blinded/distracted by the southbound red light camera flashes that just flashes randomly even on full green light…. I’ve reported to 311 several times but apparently they don’t know who is in charge of the red light camera maintenance, go figure.

  • must be a stolen vehicle on the way to MD.

  • That’s one way of avoiding the speeding cameras there.

  • Eleanor Holmes Norton about the city

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