Whole Foods coming to Shaw Near 9:30 Club officially a Done Deal – Finally!!

965 Florida Ave, NW

From a press release:

“Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau released the following statement after D.C. Council approved a bill to move forward with the development of affordable housing, a Whole Foods and market rate units at 965 Florida Ave NW. The land is located in Ward 1.

“This is great news for the community. All told, it will bring 106 units of affordable housing as well as a Whole Foods full-service grocery store to an area that needs more affordable housing options.

“As a strong supporter of affordable housing, I’ve worked hard to move this building forward from before my time on the Council and as a Councilmember. This is the first development in the District to follow the District’s newly-adopted affordable housing rules, which means 30% of its units will be affordable. In particular, these units will be made available to some of our most vulnerable residents and families making between 30-50% of the area median income.

“This strong affordable housing component is why the building is supported by the nonprofit, nonpartisan D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute and by the Coalition for Smarter Growth. ANC 1B, which includes the parcel, also recently passed a resolution in support of the development.”

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  • Ashy Oldlady

    Affordable housing, unaffordable groceries!

  • But will this building have a poor door?

  • Glad we will have this nearby. Anybody know if they are going to rebuild the missing W street connection between Florida ave and Georgia ave? A new connection is desperately needed to connect to the neighborhoods east of here and increase pedestrian access to this area. This is so close yet so hard to get to from Ledroit Park. The extension was also part of the small area plan so it’s inexcusable for the city to pretty much give the land away without getting this done! Councilwoman Nadeau – please don’t forget about this!

  • Does Brianne herself live in affordable housing despite the fact she makes well into six figures?

  • Serious question. What is affordable housing? Is it tax payer subsidized housing and affordable to who?

    • In today’s parlance, “affordable housing’ has come to mean below-market, income-restricted housing.

    • But I wonder if it is funded by the taxpayers or the developer? Very meaningful distinction.

      • In cases like these, I believe it is funded by the developer in exchange for certain concessions from the city like increases in density for the overall building.

        • Sort of. If a developer does through a PUD (planned unit development), then yes, they a density bonus in return for a below-market set aside. In this case, however, because the property is located on what was formerly city-owned land, 30% of the units are required to be rented at deeply discounted rates in perpetuity.

        • The developer/building owner also usually gets a 20 year tax break. Keep in mind that Choice Housing vouchers count as income and must be accepted anywhere (even in an already reduced rate building).

      • According to yesterday’s Washington Business Journal article, the District is selling the land to the developer for $1.4 million, even though it is assessed for more than $17 million (and might have a market value even higher). So seems that DC taxpayers are picking up a generous part of the tab, not to mention, that the inclusionary zoning regulations require some affordable housing, so the over $15 million that the taxpayers are picking up is only attributable to some of the 106 affordable units, and not to the 28-35 affordable units that would be required by the zoning regulations. And this is before you consider any other subsidies that the developer might be getting to provide affordable housing.

        • So the $15 mil discount divided by 106 units is about $141k of taxpayer money for each affordable unit? Plus whatever tax payer funds go to housing vouchers and additional subsidies the developer may be getting. I guess the Mayor really does like affordable housing.

    • Affordable housing is a code word for income capped housing. That’s it. Think public housing projects, section 8, LIHTC buildings, etc. It has three tiers. 80% of AMI, 50% of AMI, and 30% or less of AMI.

  • seems like a prime spot for that new line of whole food 365s

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