“Who fixes window leaks?”


“Dear PoPville,

I need some help. I live in a row house that was renovated 18 months ago. At some point, water leaked around the windows, causing some damage to the window sill. I have no idea how the water got in, or who to contact about it. Window companies seem to be in the business of replacing glass or replacing the entire window. Who fixes window leaks? Thanks for any input.”

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  • Usually the contractor who installed the windows is responsible for warranting the service. Check the contract you have with them but it should be a 12 or 24 month warranty.

  • Here’s a quick check you can do to start eliminating possibilities: open the window, and look on the outer edge of the track into which a closed window would sit. There should be some little “weep holes” there. They’re designed to let any water that gets between the window and that track drain out. Sometimes when windows are installed, the contractors will plug up those weep holes with caulk, debris, etc.. If yours are clogged, stick a little pin or toothpick in there and clean out the holes. If they’re plugged up, water will build up in that track and spill over the inside edge of the track and into your house (on the sill)


    Second, check on the outside to see if there are any areas around the tops of the windows that need to be re-caulked. Even a tiny pinhole will let water in. In the picture above, since the water damage seems centered between the windows, I’d be willing to bet whatever is between those two windows on the outside is not properly caulked or needs some touch up. Check all the way from the very top to the bottom.


    While I agree that contractors warrant work, there are also many homeowner maintenance items that could be the cause of the issue (for e.g., maintaining caulk). Good luck

  • We had several windows repaired by Modern Glass Designs. Their rates were reasonable, the repairs were done on time, and we haven’t had any problems. You can find them on the web by mashing together their name and adding dot com.

  • If you can figure out who the manufacturer of the windows is, you can call them to see if they have anyone they would recommend for the repairs. We had a shoddy window installation on our reno and had to get all of them redone. The manufacturer’s recommended contractor was grea when the original contractor was unresponsive.

  • It’s not the window unit. Whoever installed them didn’t flash or tape the opening correctly. Window has to be uninstalled. The opening needed to be taped and flashed. Reinstall the window.

  • Hi OP, I have the same exact problem. Our plaster guy said to call a mason; I’ve called a few window installers, and they say to call a roofer (“9 times out of 10 it’s coming from the roof”) but nobody seems to be the person to help us…Please readers, suggest specific companies if you can. Thanks!

  • The danger here is not only the leak, but you might be seeing only a portion of the damage. I ripped out the drywall underneath my leaky window to find a huge mildew/mold and rotten wood problem there.

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