What to do with RFK Part Two

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Back in February of last year we talked about what ought to be done with RFK. Thanks to all who passed on word about a meeting to discuss this:

“Events DC will host the first of two community meetings to seek community input for Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium (RFK Stadium) Campus redevelopment and planning inclusive of DC Armory, Maloof Skate Park and the Festival Grounds.

The goal is to walk the audience through the RFK study process and to obtain their feedback for moving forward.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: St. Coletta of Greater Washington
1901 Independence Ave. SE”

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  • Build housing. Big undeveloped plots of land next to Metro stations are a rarity nowadays. Have to take advantage of the land.

    • There’s room to do much more than that. The RFK plot should retain its intended purpose of recreational use, and housing should be built much closer to the Metro station.

      • While I agree it should retain some green/athletic space, it should be completely redeveloped with the developed portion being liek 70% residential/20% commercial/10% “entertainment” (add in a small concert venue/event space or something). I also do not think people realize how much space surface parking lots take up. The lots north of the stadium extend all the way up to Benning Road – nearly 6 blocks (there’s also already 2 full size soccer fields adjacent to the lot). The lots east and south of the stadium are also huge.
        With a high capacity Metro station on a not super busy section of track, access to 295, etc. they should develop the heck out of this with a particular focus on residential. They could add literally thousands of residential units in this space and still have plenty of green space.
        But that would mean you actually have to be serious about making housing more affordable in this town.

        • It should provide a transition to Kingman and the institutional uses to the South. Residential of varying density with athletic spaces and a neighborhood park nearby would be good use of the property.

        • Sadly, nobody really cares about providing more affordable housing, so it’ll probably end up being high-end, luxury waterfront condos, even though the market for such units has to be reaching its saturation point.

        • This, plus an infill station on the Orange line close to Benning Rd.

  • 1. A Casino
    2. A waterpark
    3. A new/better jail

  • I thought the land that RFK is on is owned by the National Parks Service–that’s why DC can never bring a football team back into it and call it REDSKINS–they’d have to change their name?

  • They can turn it into a multi-use training facility and/or have the ladies soccer team have a stadium of their own.

  • Turn it into a massive 7-11

  • Obstacle course. A playground for grownups. Seriously.

  • Fill the stadium with little plastic balls… create the world’s largest ball pit.

  • A Place For The Youth to ride ATVs and Dirtbikes

  • The city can’t get their act together on the crumbling homeless shelter, they will never do anything with the RFK land. I’ve lived up the street from it for 15 years and don’t expect anything to happen in my lifetime.

  • Just turn it in to a huge toilet. Whoops, too late.

  • Definitely residential (and not just million dollar plus places) with some commercial and open space big enough for some smaller events. I will say that whatever they put there, they really need to reconfigure the highway, bridge, and East Capitol situation. That whole situation is quite tricky for those who don’t know which lanes to be in or not be in and that would be the prime time to reconfigure.

    • Accountering

      I would say you blow that up and start from scratch if you create a neighborhood. Have the highway end and turn into East Capital, with a standard grid etc.

  • No matter what it will end up as some soulless luxury condo bullshit.

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