What the… FroZenYo permanently closes across from the Zoo

3000 Connecticut Ave, NW

When FroZenYo first announced in 2010 they were coming across the street from the zoo I thought it would be a license to print money. Specifically I thought they’d make “approximately a zillion dollars when the weather warms up”. Maybe I should’ve been concerned when they started branching out into Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches but I honestly never thought they’d close. Updates when more info is known.


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  • Not super surprising if you ever walked in there. They had a pretty intense fly swarm around the toppings bar. Not a great scene.

  • They’ve permanently closed the one at 19th & M, and the Ballston location too. I’ve been wailing and rending my garments for weeks. (No, seriously, I’m sad, I love FrozenYo so much)

    • Yeah, there’s got to be something corporate about this. Maybe they just expanded too quickly–I believe the Chinatown and Crystal City stores closed earlier this year, too. Actually, I can’t think of a Frozenyo I’ve walked past in the past few months that hasn’t been out of business.

      • Think about how much they have to sell just to break even.
        If your rent is $3,000/month (low-ball) and you’re charging $5/serving – that’s 600/month you have to sell to break even on your rent – and that’s not even taking any other costs into consideration (food costs, staff, equipment, insurance, etc.).
        And with a product like frozen yogurt, you have to really front-load your sales in warmer months as sales will inevitably be low in cold weather months. It’s no surprise these places open and close in expensive markets – especially in DC where the population density in many areas is really not that high.

      • The Crystal City one was in an odd location, and had limited hours even by Crystal City standards (I tried to go once around 5 and it was already closed). Despite all the tourists here I can see why that one went out of business.

        • The boyfriend and I have lost count of the number of times we’ve attempted to visit a FrozenYo, only to find out they’re closed for various reasons. Sometimes they close if it rains. Sometimes they close if it’s too cold. In winter, the downtown location(s) close if business is slow after 5 p.m. It’s no longer worth walking to a FrozenYo because you never know if it’s open or closed.

  • Yogiberry is so much better.

  • Probably hard to pay the bills selling spring water for $0.0029 per bottle.

  • In general, these places seem to have run their course.

  • The 2nd gen froyo bubble has long since collapsed.

  • The last time I went to a FrozenYo (at their M street branch- now closed as well) the toppings bar was full of bugs and insects. I decided never to go there again.

  • As long as Menchie’s stays open, I’m good with this.
    PS – Dickey’s custard 4ever!!!!! The true frozen king of Eye Street.

  • Nooooo! I use the promise of FroYo to get my 3 preschoolers to walk back up the hill by themselves after a long day at the zoo.

    • Use Cleveland Park instead of Woodley. No hill, same distance.

      • I think K means up the hill within the zoo, since it’s “after a long day at the zoo,” presumably one that ends at the petting zoo at the bottom of the hill. Not the hill from the Woodley Park Metro stop to the zoo.

        • Yeah, I mean the hill within the zoo. That is a long one with 3 kids in tow. The Froyo was the reward for making the long march from the petting zoo back to the entrance of the zoo.

  • Egad

    The one in Columbia Heights is still open…for now.

  • I run by that location a lot during the summer and that FrozenYo was always packed, 7 days a week, so yeah, this seems to be victim to some anonymous corporate accountant blindly cutting locations based on other criteria.

    The place that shocks me that it is still open is that cake pop place a few store fronts down. It is exactly the opposite being that I rarely see anyone in there. It is visually shocking as you wander by on a Saturday, the Starbucks, 7-11 and frozenyo would be absolutely slammed with Zoo traffic, and the cake pop place would have one person in the store.

  • I’m guessing that a lot of cake pops are not consumed onsite (unlike froyo) and are purchased for home parties and the like. Also, not a seasonal.

  • Unlike the frozen yogurt shop, the cake pop place actually has good products: the obvious cake pops and lots of other baked goods. My favorite is their rugelach. I think the other commentator is correct. Their bread and butter seems to be catering/events/to go. Always a bunch of staff in the back kitchen pumping out cake pops.

    Also, the yogurt place in Cleveland Park is much, much better than FroZenYo. Never would have thought I’d enjoy taro frozen yogurt.

  • Also, FroZenyo is a franchise, i contacted them a while ago when i was in love with concept and though about opening one. Happy their requirements and fees were too high so I didnt go for it, considering that I barely eat it nowadays…maybe franchise owners are not making as much money as they thought they would…

  • I wonder what can move into that space. It seems very small.

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