Video: Bike Stolen Off Front Porch – Keep an Eye out if you happen to spot the unique wheels

A reader writes:

“Last night I had my bike stolen from my front porch in Petworth (near Shepherd St. and NH ave). I’m sure I’ll never see it again and the bike itself is not very valuable but there is some sentimental value attached and alas would just love to get it back. The bike is a blue Specialized Hardrock mountain bike with fairly distinct red and black tires. Also has a purple sticker from when it was registered in Montgomery County on the frame by the water bottle holder. Would love any help in getting it returned to me. [email protected]


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  • That sucks to have your bike stolen, especially if there is some sentimental value. Will definitely keep an eye out.

    I’m curious if anyone can shed some insight into the market for stolen bikes. Since this one has unique tires I’m guessing they would not post it for sale on Craigslist. Will the thief just use it for a bit and then ditch it? Try to sell on the street? Sell the parts?

    • A few options:
      -If the thief is a crackhead, they will probably sell this on the street for $30.
      -There’s a network of stolen bikes that are traded/sold to undocumented immigrants. Might go for $100 to someone in need of transportation to/from work.
      -There’s also a network of bike thieves/traders that will steal bikes here and then send them in bulk to other cities (NYC, Philly, etc) for sale through CL, used bike shops, and swap meets.

  • DC1

    took the guy 2+ mins? definitely not a pro… was this very late at night? the guy doesn’t look very concerned about someone walking out of the house.

  • I’m surprised your nice furniture hasn’t been stolen. Looks more valuable than the bike.

  • What lock were you using?

  • Was there a porch light on, or are we seeing the camera’s infrared view? Have you considered installing motion-activated lights on your porch?

  • It’s rather comical how terrible this guy is as a thief. Sorry, OP.

  • Sorry to see this, but I have to wonder how you’d have enough foresight to have video surveillance on the porch but not effectively lock your bike? I’m not victim blaming — the blame goes entirely to the lowlife who took your bike.

    could have knocked out the post in < 15 seconds, but probably tried to work quietly. what kind of lock was that? did he use bolt cutter? If so that's pretty quiet. U lock is best for that application as either a leverage attack or a cut job would make a lot of noise. At a minimum neither tire not was secured, which would have made a ride off difficult without further effort.

  • Does anyone leave a bike outside anymore even if it is locked up?

    • We live near H Street and leave ours outside with heavy duty U locks attached to an iron fence, wheels locked with a cable. Too much trouble to steal I guess.

  • so frustrating, no reason to blame victims we shouldn’t have to live in a spot where folks will disrespect property like that. come on man!!

    • it’s not like petty theft is limited to bikes. People get outdoor furniture, plantings, and strollers get taken as well. I just assume anything insufficiently secured is likely to be taken

  • Sorry to hear about your bike!

    What kind of security camera are you using? It took a really good picture and I’m in need of one.

  • Curious about you camera – I need to get one of these. what kind is it? is it mounted inside, or outside of your house? cost? thanks.

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