Today’s Rental is a studio in Kalorama/Dupont for $1900

2015 Columbia Road Northwest

This rental is located at 2015 Columbia Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Stylish studio in fabulous Kalorama/Dupont Circle location. This 3rd floor unit features a beautiful kitchen with marble counters and vintage modern lights, wood floors, new windows and a renovated bathroom. This home also offers a private balcony that offers sweeping views of downtown. Dupont Circle is moments away, as are restaurants, health clubs, daily need retail and more. Do not miss!”


You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $1,900/Mo.

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  • What a sweet little balcony! Seems like a lot of a studio, but it looks like a nice apartment.

  • This is the nicest studio I have ever seen and I would rent it in a hot second if I needed a place to live, even though that’s more than my mortgage and condo fees combined.

    • Jeslett – I would love to ask you about your place / home ownership in Petworth in general….let me know if you want to get together sometime soon for tea, sympathy, and realty 🙂

      • I would love to do all of that.
        I took Emilie’s advice, so here is my email: jeslettpopville at gmail dot com.

        • Awesome! I need to set one of those up eventually, but thanks, i’ll reach out in a little bit, gotta finish up a few things before I head home….

  • I love the look and the balcony, but it looks like it doesn’t have a closet.

  • Good deal, definitely. It’s small but nicely done, and the outdoor space seals it.

    • I am sorry but in what way, shape, or form is this a “good deal?” It is 500 sq ft with no closet, no amenities (pool, gym, parking), and has no metro close by. Bus routes sure. But those are finicky at best. The balcony is relatively small and doesn’t exactly offer much in regards to views.

      Hell, even the popville “similar” homes this is likened to are all 1br locations.

      • Not gonna argue any of the other facts, but metro is only .5 miles away.

      • It’s not far from Dupont Metro and not a bad hike from Woodley–my firsta partment in DC was a block away. The Ls are around the corner and the 42/43 runs often. The kitchen probably has more counterspace than that 2 bedroom that was featured yesterday. It’s above ground and the outdoor space would make it worthwhile. Very few places have pools and they are often aren’t used very much and wind up being big headaches for management/condo associations. The paint color is an odd match for the light colored floor but a day’s labor would fix that.

        • But Rich, you can find full 1br apts in a similar area for a similar price. Congrats on additional kitchen space. I hope you don’t plan on having people over for dinner because you have no room to seat them.

          I guess my issue is with what one would consider a “deal.” For me, a deal means you are getting something at a good price or getting way more bang for your buck. In this, you are sacrificing the bang for a few feet of balcony space. Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!

          And while it is only .5 miles from the metro (I thought it would be a little farther my bad), you are paying a comparable price to a location in far better Logan Circle. So the deal aspect….is again…lost.

      • Can’t comment on the size or the price, but as far as location goes, the Dupont Circle Metro isn’t so far away. I lived in Adams Morgan for 3 years, same distance from the Metro, and it wasn’t a bad walk at all. (Then again that was 20+ years ago and I was a bit younger than I am now…)

      • There’s no way that’s even 500 sq. ft. I’m thinking it’s more like 20×18 or around 360 sq. ft. Grossly overpriced considering the cheap parquet floors and particle board kitchen cabinets along with a wall unit air conditioner. I give it $1395 – $1500 tops.

  • overpriced by $100, maybe more. even with the location and countertops, its still a studio.

    • I don’t know about the going rental rates for Dupont studios, but I’d gladly pay an extra $100 for that sweet sweet balcony.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Nice set up, you can block the bedroom area off using that bookshelf, which I assume is included. Also love the kitchen. I would rent, like Jeslett said, if I needed a place and my current studio weren’t consideralbly less spendy (but fewer fancy finishes).

  • Expensive, but I like it. That little private balcony is a huge plus.

    • That’s my take as well. It is a little more than I would expect to pay, but it is a nice place. And I would pay the premium to have a balcony.

  • For reference: I just left a studio with nice historical charm (no marble countertops or balcony though) that was $1,595 in the same neighborhood (same size, better layout). I now live in a one bedroom -with balcony – for $1,825, in the same neighborhood (older finishes though). I would say bad deal, but if the balcony and finishes are that worth it to you, it could be ok?

  • You can watch the Russian Trade Rep pull his hair out from that balcony as long as sanctions still last.!Totally worth the extra $. Especially if you can convince the FBI to rent it at an AirBnB rate!

    • Not an unusual suggestion. Apparently, during the cold war, a U.S. spy agency used to rent out apartments in The Wyoming across the street and spy on the Russian Trade Federation, which is in the old mansion at the corner of Connecticut and Columbia/California. I’m assuming they still do such things.

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