Today’s Rental is a 3 bed/2 bath for $4500 in Pleasant Plains – I Shit You Not

737 Girard Street Northwest

This rental is located at 737 Girard Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Grand 1st Floor with Brand New Open Kitchen with Granite Peninsula, Stainless Appliances. 3 Full Bedrooms Upstairs + FB, 2 Den Basement Bed Area + FB, Hardwood Floors and Tile Throughout. DW, WD in Unit. Brand New Full Baths with Full Tub and Shower. Wrap Around Front Porch with Additional Storage Underneath & Back Yard with For Entertaining. 90% Walkscore!”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $4,500/Mo.

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  • lol. this is basically nearly the same as my house, same hood, at nearly twice the rent as my mortgage!

    • Comparing a mortgage to rent is pointless. Your mortgage is fixed, for starters. When did you buy?

      • I always hate when people do this too. I would love to buy a place, and realize that I would likely be paying less or the same as my rent, but I simply don’t have enough for a down payment, so it isn’t an option. That being said, I think this place is about $1000-1200 overpriced.

        • Paying $4000+/mo on a rental isn’t the way to save up for an downpayment on your future mortgage. Regardless of whether you think you could eventually afford a $4k mortgage renting at that price is flushing money down the toilet. My wife and I rented a dirt cheap small English basement last year, pinched pennies, and banked the savings to increase our house fund by $40k.

      • The purchase year is obviously important, but it hardly seems like a “pointless” benchmark…

      • HaileUnlikely

        Well, owner of this house just bought in July, for $617K. If she put 20% down, then this is probably twice her mortgage payment as well. Even if she put 0% down this is still about 50% more than her mortgage payment is likely to be.

      • or perhaps the reason they are comparing is to know that they might be able to rent their place out and make x profit should they desire. While not everyone wants to do this, it does lend a certain level of comfort and flexibility knowing that the option is there should you need it.

  • Not clear what the set up of the basement is (since the photos are just of walls), but I take it you could count that as one bedroom, maybe two more, so that significantly brings down your price per bedroom.

    • In the context of the earlier post showing what a burned out shell is listed for, maybe this shouldn’t be so surprising?
      But my reaction to both listings was also, “Seriously? FFS.”

  • This has to priced to rent to a group house of Howard students, otherwise the price makes no sense.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Interesting to see the extent of renovations performed (evidently without any permits – DCRA shows no permits whatsoever) by an owner who just bought the place in July and is renting it out. I can’t help but wonder if the buyer intended to flip the house but realized a little too late that you can’t make much money on a flip when you purchase the place for $617K and then renovate pretty extensively…

  • burritosinstereo


    • That was my exact same thought.
      And the white concrete lattice stuff in the front appears to be stained yellow at the bottom. That much for a house with no central A/C and minimal curb appeal??

    • It has duct work for central air / forced air heating but at the same time has both radiators and window ac units…. very odd.

  • I get it, 1500 per bedroom plus fairly large common spaces (maybe?- there’s no square footage in the listing which may be a red flag). Still, its probably 10% overpriced.

    • who pays $1500 per bedroom?! everyone i know who lives in a group house pays MAYBE $700-800 – or up to $1k in the nicest ones.

      • Yeah, the most I reasonably know people paying for a bedroom is $1300, and that is for a very nice house in an ideal location. Most, I would say, pay around $1,000, with some lucky ones paying less.

      • Do you only know people who live in “transition” areas?

        • HaileUnlikely

          Most people I know who rent rooms in houses pay about that the guy above said for rooms in somewhat less nice (at least less recently renovated) houses in much nicer neighborhoods. This is goofy expensive for this location.

    • The Redfin listing when it sold said 1,384 Sq. Ft. That’s going to feel pretty small at $1500 per month per person.

    • agreed that i hardly know anyone (including everyone who lives in my house) who pays over $1000 for a group house. again for a GREAT location maybe $1200-1300. But $1500 on girard? no.

  • This is a joke, right?

  • Probably overpriced by at least $1k

  • Ya never know, there might be a sucker, or group of suckers, willing to pay that amount for this place. But I doubt it.

    • Just talked to a friend who recently bought a house in Adams Morgan and is renting out rooms while she also lives in it. She has someone paying $1700 for the master bedroom and everyone else is paying $1300+. She was amazed that ANYONE would actually pay those prices. Let alone multiple people.
      Of course, the location and amenities of her neighborhood are way better than Pleasant Plains.

  • What a grand, Home Depot-special 1st floor.

  • andy

    maybe something like – Forgot to mention, current owner has large hydroponic operation in basement….

  • The last picture looks like the bathroom isn’t finished. It looks like the bathtub has no fixtures (faucet, spout, ect). Plus, the basement bathroom has a window in the shower. Which implies their is no exhaust fan (DC Code requires 1 or the other). That is just screaming to get moldy. What renter is going to remember to open that window. Or even want to leave their ground floor window open.

  • I live in the neighborhood and followed a RotD from Parkview a couple of months ago that seemed super overpriced to me. It sat on the market for a month so they lowered the price. It sat there for another month after that and then it was either rented or taken down. I wonder if it will be a similar thing with this one. Too high.

  • Ridiculously overpriced. $3000.00 at a stretch.

  • I would say 3k if all the bedrooms are nice.

  • Possible group house locations are very hard to come by in NW. I’ve seen similar deals in Mt. Peez that were so in demand, there were bids OVER asking rent price.

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