To Make Matters Way Worse the Burglar “found her keys near the back door and escaped in her car”

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“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to let others in the neighborhood know about a burglary/car theft at our house last week. We live at 3rd and Varnum NW. According to the detectives it was pretty standard procedure: He came in through the roll up garage door to the alley, threw a rock through our basement window, loaded up my roommate’s car with our T.V. and laptops, etc., found her keys near the back door and escaped in her car. We have an alarm system that wasn’t tripped until he kicked in the front door, for unexplained reasons.

Needless to say, we are still feeling scared and violated. We’re hoping the cops will catch this guy soon, but our neighbors should know that this is going on. If you notice something going on that doesn’t look or sound right, err on the side of caution. Our row house neighbor actually heard a commotion and saw the guy drive away in the car, but didn’t realize until the cops came that he was a thief.”

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  • Hi Neighbor!

    911 was dialed as soon as the neighbor noticed your rear glass doors were broken. Your community also hopes they find him as quickly as possible.

  • Hey OP,

    Very sorry about what happened. My husband and I were the ones who saw what happened and noticed that your roomie’s car was been driven so erratically and my husband noticed that it was not your roomie driving. When we saw your back door bashed in, we knew what was going on and called the cops ASAP. If it makes you feel better, not sure that anything really can, we’re all watching out for each other around here and the cops were extremely thorough with their investigation.

  • So sorry to hear about this. I live around the corner, and have had the unfortunate experience of having my home broken into as well. I’m hoping you have a nicer experience with the detectives working this case than I did.

  • Can you tell us (also neighbors) what time of day this was?

  • We live a block away and are wondering if you can share more details of the time of day and any other information. PetworthPanda, did you get a description of the person that you can share?

  • Ugh! What is going on around Grant Circle?! My wife and I also had our front door kicked in by a burglar last week. We lucked out as I work from home, and the burglar turned tail and ran as soon as I made my presence known.

    Disturbing stuff being perpetrated by brazen criminals (and wannabe criminals). There was that major sidewalk and plumbing construction happening a few houses down at 16 Grant. Huge presence on the roads at that hour (10:30am!) too. And our home alarm system could not be better advertised.

    Props to the cops though. The responding officer arrived at our door within a minute and a half after I had hung up with the dispatcher, followed by two additional uniformed patrol officers and a lead detective. The department followed up on our case and has been very responsive to us.

  • It happened around 5PM. Suspect was probably in his late 30’s, black male, about 5’8-5’10.

  • This is terrible news. So sorry to hear this. I share an alley with folks on 3rd and Varnum. Are you on the east or west side of 3rd? I hope they find who did this soon.

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