“this reminds me of when a doctor leaves a sponge in the patient’s body…”


A reader reports:

“On Sunday, I saw an orange rubber cone was stuck on the tracks at the U Street metro (going in the direction of Branch Avenue). I’ve attached a picture. On Sunday (9/13) at 6:30pm, I reported the cone to the station manager because I was worried that it would catch fire or get a train jammed. It’s now Tuesday and the orange cone is still there in the tracks. The attached picture was taken 10 mins ago. For some reason, this reminds me of when a doctor leaves a sponge in the patient’s body…. The metro repair workers just left a big orange cone laying in the middle of the train tracks! If nothing else, it’s symptomatic of a lack of care and irresponsibility.”

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  • This is scary. Another example of how no one at WMATA cares about something until an incident forces them to.

  • Yeah, best of luck. Not on the same scale, but I’ve complained to three different DC authorities about shattered glass in the bike lane for days now to no avail.

  • Thought this the appropriate place to vent about this morning, when a Metro transit worker very deliberately stopped the doors on my train at the Shaw station from closing with his foot and waited patiently for them to open back up so that he could board. #SettingGoodExample

  • That’s nothing. The lines near Easr Falls Church are litered for several stations with broken walkways, rotting wood, huge pieces of rusted metal, upturned storm drains, and construction debris. I counted 60 missing or misplaced boards along the side of tracks during a recent “holding for a few minutes” nightmare. I think they are used as a walkway or something near the tracks, but basically the top boards are intermittently missing, cast aside on the ground, or haphazardly stacked atop each other, leaving huge gaping spaces.

    • Can you take pictures of the debris and rotting wood? This is serious! You can also post on the Facebook page for “Unsuck metro” (or post to the forum on this website or email to POP).

  • Probably got dragged or thrown there. Makes no sense that even WMATA, would put up cones on their tracks. What would that mean? Stop? Caution? Detour? Still should be removed, and no surprise that it hasn’t been done and/or the “station manager” bothered to act with any sense of urgency.

  • I was on the red line this morning and every 3-4 minutes there would be a blood curdling power saw-like sound throughout the car. So many rides now come with one or more terrifying moments during which you wonder if you’ll be in the inevitable next Metro disaster. The whole system is falling apart at the seams.

    • Yeah, I really try to avoid the metro but I feel like my blood pressure goes up when I do because there seems to always be some small thing that isn’t quite right. When I first came to DC in 2011, I took the metro every day and never remember feeling as worried or unsafe. I feel kind of bad for the drivers who have to work down there…

    • retropean

      Hah, I was in that car! I thought it was some intense feedback caused by the intercom unlike I had never heard before, especially since it went off in intervals in which the train operator may have spoke.. but then a few stations later I finally heard his voice, so it’s hard to say.

  • I doubt Metro left a cone on the tracks, there’s no reason for them to put cones on the tracks. It was probably tossed on there by teens – but Metro’s lack of taking it OFF the track is definitely a problem.

    • There were no Shady Grove trains listed on the board at MoMa this morning, so I attempted to ask the station “manager” about it. He had the audacity to roll his ryes at me and told me to read the list on the board to him. Ireally wanted to smack him. So sick of the pervasive bad attitude at Metro

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