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  • That would most certainly be a Lincoln not a Cadillac. Continental Mark II, 1956 or 57. These were fantastically expensive in their day. No way in bloody hell I’d drive it on a DC street much less park it.

  • On second thought, it’s probably technically not a Lincoln either. Continental was briefly split off from Lincoln and was a separate division within the Ford Motor Company.

    • You are right. Definitely not a Cadillac. The Continental brand was by itself but it used many Lincoln parts. Each car was hand built and cost about $10,000. They actually lost money on each car but accepted it for the prestige factor. Until Ford went public – then they used many more Lincoln parts to bring the cost down and eventually the Continental name was absorbed into Lincoln.

  • Don’tcha know son you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop drivin’ that… Hot. Rod. Lincoln.

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