Stetson’s Sold on U Street – Reader Reports Closing at End of October – Property Advertised for Lease by Douglas Development

1610 U Street, NW

Dean Clark tweets us:

“@PoPville Was at Stetson’s last night. Told the sale went through and they are closing end of September October. No word on replacement.”

Back in June we posted the devastating news, for some, that Stetson’s was for sale. At that time some protested vociferously that this was simply not true and I was told by many, many people on twitter that I was idiot (and worse.) As I said originally I love Stetson’s. I and my friends spent much of our 20s here – with nothing but fond memories, from what I can remember. It genuinely pains me to pass on news of the sale. There is now a leasing flyer from Douglas Development:


Updates when an exact closing date is known. All I can say is – I am sad.

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  • Too bad Jemal bought it. Nothing will open there before 2024.

  • Oh, that’s a bummer. Lots of good memories at Stetson’s.

  • Egad

    It seems like only yesterday that the underage Bush twins were sneaking into Stetsons to smoke cigarettes and drink pitchers of Bud Light. Man, I feel old right now!

  • I met my husband at Stetson’s! I guess it’s time for a date night.

  • Stetsons was one of the first places my husband and I hung out before we started dating…we just drove by a few days ago and reminisced about the rats/mice we saw on the back patio. While I havent been back to Stetsons in years, it will be missed.

  • Aw, this is sad. I too spent a solid number of my weekends here in my 20’s…when we were on the “fringe”‘ of U Street where most people didn’t know or want to hang.

    The Bush twins, the rats on the patio and those bathrooms…yikes.

    • Awww I have such fond memories of puking one of my first Ben’s experiences into those toilets (granted this was after a generous amount of gin during our pre-graming…back when I pre-gamed).

  • I must have missed the glory days of Stetsons. I went there to grab a beer a couple times over the last year and to be honest the place was pretty foul. I’m all for dive bars and what not but it looked like the people running the show just stopped caring. Maybe they knew they were on the way out anyway.

    The place has a ton of potential that’s for sure. Hopefully we get something good.

  • LOL at “I and my friends spent much of our 20s here – with nothing but fond memories, from what I can remember.”

  • My “favorite” memory was watching the US/Germany quarterfinal game in the 2002 WC. Bar opened early for the game but couldn’t sell beer till 8 a.m. A cheer went up through the place when the clock struck 8. The sad part was though that pretty quickly those of us sitting downstairs realized that our TV feed was a couple of seconds behind the upstairs feed so we knew about the goal before we saw the goal.

  • a) like many others, will missed the memories (except for the one when I got dumped there), but haven’t been in a long time. b) does the marketing brochure really have a picture of a guy with a man bun in it?

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