Soapy Joe’s Closure and “Many of us bought credits and now have nothing”

3106 Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Not sure if this news has made it to you, but the Soapy Joe’s location at 3106 Georgia Ave NW abruptly (and permanently) closed this week, leaving a multitude of customers (including myself) without access to our dry cleaning. Apparently, the proprietors just skipped town, essentially abandoning the location.

There is literally just a 9×11 sign at the location saying permanently closed, with a contact number.

However, after reaching out to the contact, I found out that all dry cleaning has been moved to an unaffiliated dry cleaner located at 4408 Arkansas AVE NW, which can be reached at (202) 723-0074. Hopefully this info can help others, like myself, who are currently running dangerously low on clean shirts, etc.”


Another reader writes:

“It’s a scam. The new company announced, did a buy xxx number of credits/get free ones and took the money and split – closed down.
Classic scam.

Here’s the emails I got from 24 August.”


First we would like to thank everyone who voted for our name. The votes are in and we are now Fetch Cleaner’s. You can visit our new site Your account information is not live yet (you will not be able to login until Monday of next week).

We are celebrating by offering two of our most popular promotions. Double and Triple credits. You can receive double credits by purchasing up to $250 in credits. If you purchase more than $250 receive triple credits. (i.e. If you buy $250 receive $250 in double credits for a total of $500 or if you buy $100 you receive $100 in double credits for a total of $200. If you buy $300 or more you receive triple credits.)

Credit purchase are available in denominations of $100, $200, $250, $300, $400, $500, and $1000.

This offer will only be available until Tonight at Midnight so please get your orders in today. To redeem this offer please click on the link below and fill out the form.

We will charge your card on file and automatically update your account with the credits you purchase to start using immediately. Don’t wait as this offer will expire.

Thanks for being a valued customer and we hope you take advantage of our summer promotions.


The Fetch Cleaner’s Team

And then from this week:

Good Afternoon Residents,
To all the residents that associate with Soapy Joes, I’m sorry to say that they went out of business on Monday. Another company has picked up where they left off, Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners. If you have any questions or comments here’s the contact information (202)785-1444 and speak with Mary-Ann, the assistant manager.

Soapy Joes was ALL OVER the city servicing residential buildings. Many of us bought credits and now have nothing. Not even the clothes we had sitting at the cleaners.

I called Imperial and was told that zero money transferred over to them.


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  • KRAMER: It was all an act, Jerry. They conned us, and they scored, big time.

    ELAINE (amused): So. Mom and Pop’s plan was to move into the neighborhood…establish trust…for 48 years. And then, run off with Jerry’s sneakers.

    KRAMER: Apparently.

  • If I remember correctly, Soapy Joe’s was founded around 2003 by a GW student/alum. I used it when I was in college for $250/semester. In the beginning, the owner would often do the pick-up/delivery. Same owner? Same business?

  • Obviously if they’re out of money, you’re screwed. But just because they skipped town doesn’t’ mean a law suit can’t be filed against them for damages.

  • You really got taken to the cleaners on that one.

    Too soon?

  • Assuming you had a credit card on file that got charged, just file a dispute. You’ll almost certainly win.

  • I paid them $300 like a sucker. But I got my money back immediately when I called my credit card company and reported it a fraudulent charge.

  • Total scam! i got a fraud alert from my credit card – Sterling Cleaners tried to charge my card. They must have had my number on file from Soapy Joe’s, but I haven’t used that service in years.

  • The mere idea of college kids dry cleaning their clothes pretty much blows my mind.


    I was one of those affected by the shutdown, and I have since successfully retrieved my clothes from the dry cleaner on Arkansas Ave. referenced in original post.

    That being said, when I went to retrieve my dry cleaning the operator actually asked me to pay for it, ignoring the fact that it’d been 19 days and a whole lot of hassle since i’d dropped off my clothes. I respectfully but firmly declined to pay and they did not offer much resistance when i left.

    • Thanks – I’ll try that today. My building used Soapy Joe’s and I had put a bag out (for Revolt, or Fetch, or whatever they were calling themselves that week) about two Fridays ago, with a sweater and about four shirts. Last Monday, I got the sweater back, and the name of the company was neither Revolt nor Fetch. It may have been this Imperial Valet; that rings a bell. But my shirts never made it back.

      I called Revolt/Fetch last evening, but their mailbox is full. (I emailed them, too.) So hopefully the folks at Imperial Valet have my shirts.

      • OK, I’d echo the sentiment to call them on (202)785-1444 … I’m not sure if I talked to Mary Ann, but whoever answered my call was super friendly and helpful. She found my record (and my shirts!) and they’re being delivered. Whew.

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