Silky Smooth coming to Dupont in former Human Rights Campaign Store

1633 Connecticut Ave, NW

The Human Rights Campaign store closed back in April above Larry’s Ice Cream. Silky Smooth is coming soon. What the Helen of Troy is Sugaring?!?! Well how ’bout that:

“Sugaring, sugar waxing or Persian waxing is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC.”

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  • Firecub1

    I hope they quickly learn how to order at Larry’s before getting yelled at by him lol

  • *Insert Zohan joke here*

  • Does anyone know if something happened to Jimmy’s wife, Essan (sp?). She hasn’t been in the store the handful of times I’ve been there in the past couple years, but was always there when I lived in that ‘hood. Was afraid to ask Jimmy.

  • I hope they have decent prices. I majorly miss Miami waxing prices. And kind of OT, but I never quite understood why DC doesn’t really have many standalone waxing places (I think just Sugar Baby which opened somewhat recently). There are definitely salons where people pretty much only go for their waxing, just own up to it and call yourself a waxing place.

  • After seeing this post I decided to try the place out. Just got threaded here and it was super speedy, clean, and well priced! Not to mention it was way less painful than past threading experiences. I’ve already made an appointment for further services. Highly recommend.

    • Thank you so much Sarah for for lovely review. I am glad that you liked our salon and the services. Looking forward to serve you again . Please spread the word to your friends & Family.

  • silkysmoothdc

    Silky Smooth DC is Open for Public. Try us out and Get 20% OFF on your First Visit. Check us out on FB for more updates.

  • silkysmoothdc

    Silky Smmoth DC Brow Threading & Sugaring is NOW OPEN.

    Double dipping is commonly practiced in unethical salons. They dip used waxing sticks repeatedly. This contaminates the entire wax container with harmful bacteria!!! Its a BIG NO at Silky Smooth! Our sticks are dipped once into sterile wax, applied to the client once and then immediately discarded, to protect you from harmful bacteria and diseases. During one single wax session we may go through as many as 20 wax sticks. Whether it’s a Bikini Underarm or Leg Wax, We are very proud to say…

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