Reader Reports Shots Fired in Columbia Heights just before 2:30pm


A reader reports:

“I am working from home and at the corner of 13th and Fairmont there were between 6-10 shots fired in broad daylight at 2pm today. Police here and Fairmont taped off. Shell casings found.”

via google maps

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  • More photos here-
    one car window shot out, another car with a bullet hole in the front door. No apparent victims.

  • That picture was taken on my porch. What the actual F is going on in this city?

  • I took this picture from my front porch. The crime in this city is out of control.

  • I absolutely heard it as well. Counted 8 shots, thought it was further away though (I’m near 13th/Euclid)!!

  • What the hell is going on in this city? I have lived downtown for more than a decade and it seems that there are more shootings now than there have been in a long, long time. It seems even worse when you get away from DC for a few weeks and realize that not everybody in other parts of the States lives like this.

  • What a scary work-from-home day.

  • I am also WFH and heard approximately 7 shots. The police arrived in less than a minute. Once the neighbors and cops were mingling, I ventured out. Many of us saw two people briskly leaving the scene and headed to the corner of 11th and Fairmont right after the shots: one tall black man with a bright blue t-shirt and a black woman with a tight gray tank top and matching tight gray leggings. Some say the man had dreads; I didn’t notice his hair. I had never seen either person before. Seems like the shots were fired into a parked gray car. Not sure what was going on. Definitely scary. Middle of the day, on a nice quiet block that hasn’t seen gunshots in a while.

    • Oops, they were headed to the corner of 13th and Fairmont (not 11th). No one I talked to knew if the people had kept straight on Fairmont or turned onto 13th.

  • I just walked by. Saw at least 13 casings marked on the ground. Pastor Ridley from the church on that corner also walked by as well as other neighbors. We discussed holding a town hall meeting at the church to try and develop solutions to the violence in the community. Will let the Board know if it comes to pass.

  • Yep. I live on 13th, smack-dab between Fairmont and Euclid, and I counted eight, evenly spaced shots. I ran to the window to see if there was any activity and didn’t see or hear (i.e., shouting) anything. I just saw regular activity – some guy with earbuds on his mid-day run, a girl with a yoga mat – and initially wrote it off as construction noise (there’s an impressive amount of construction – both roadwork and home renovations/flips – in the area). When I heard a series of police sirens a few minutes later, I suspected it actually was gunshots. After happening to leave the YMCA last night only 10 minutes after the shooting incident at 14th and V … well, I don’t know.

    Regardless, I’m glad that no one was apparently hurt in this latest incident.

  • What’s with all the panic? If you’re not dealing or buying, you’re much more likely to perish in a car accident than die from inner-city firefights.

    • This. The uptick in crime is no doubt troubling, but people act as if a drive by two blocks from their house somehow put them in mortal danger.

    • Good on you for crowing the facts! Statistics have nothing to do with the perception of quality of life.

    • No panic from me. I unequivocally understand there is a higher risk of injury or death from riding a bike or driving a car. But I also understand that, as Anon 4:55 says, the uptick in crime is troubling. And right or wrong, sometimes it’s even troubling when it’s four houses down at 2:30 in the afternoon. Acknowledgement of an event – or heck, even concern – is not the same as panic.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Last time this was debated back and forth ad nauseum, Matthew Shlonsky was shot dead as he stepped out of a taxi at 4:50 in the afternoon the next day. Yes, you are more likely to die from other things than from stray bullets, but you are certainly more likely to die from a stray bullet when there are lots of bullets flying than when there aren’t. I really wish there were fewer bullets flying.

        • Thank you – much better said!

        • .0001762 percent of the District’s population has been a victim of homicide so far this year. If you’re really worried, buy some PPE, throw it on when you leave the house, and keep your head down.

          • Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion; however, as someone who owns property less than a block away, my standards may be a bit higher (e.g., expect/demand to feel save in the neighborhood), and find the gunshots unacceptable. Anyone know of any actionable tasks we can take to address it and hold our elected officials accountable?

    • Yeah, seriously. It’s just gunshots!

    • True to an extent, but you’re assuming these shooters are marksmen. A shooting on 15th street this summer sent bullets into some (very nice) houses on 15th street. Fortunately no bystanders were hit–but that was chance.

      Not to mention, a messy crime map isn’t helping anyone’s property values.

  • It was a day off from school and a beautiful day.. The neighborhood was full of kids. If we had made our move to walk to the playground a few minutes earlier we would have been right there with four little kids when the shots were fired We got lucky heard the shots before we walked out. So our lucky kids got to play inside instead on a beautiful day. Awesome, right?

    Mayor Bowser and Councilwoman Nadeau, you need to act and act now to address this. Another “town hall” or “street walk” is not going to fix the problem.

    PS: don’t tell me to move to the suburbs… we have lived here 15 years. And there were kids in the neighborhood long before we got here and I’m sure their parents don’t enjoy this either.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’m not entertaining any thoughts of moving to the suburbs, but am very open to the idea of moving to another city. There are actually lots of walkable places with almost all of the amenities of DC (minus fed govt jobs and Smithsonian) where you can buy a house for way less than half a million dollars *and* have neighbors that shoot at each other substantially less often.

      • I’m having a hard time really coming up with cities that fit the criteria you outlined in relation to DC:

        1) Have similar amenities.
        2) Have cheaper real estate.
        3) Are walkable/have good public transit.
        4) Don’t have issues with violent crime.

        I can certainly come up with that meet some subset of that criteria, but would struggle to come up with a list that meets all of four.

  • I live at this intersection and I am often in the area during the day to drop off my car at home then walk to places for work. I am feeling lucky that I was working in Montgomery County that day to avoid traffic in the city due to the Pope being in town. I moved to this part of the neighborhood (because I could actually afford the pace I purchased) and because it is a quiet and relatively safe part of the neighborhood, but I am still able to easily walk to everything. The fact that there was a shooting just steps from my door is disturbing to me. Yes, I understand that the probability of me actually getting shot is low, but that wouldn’t comfort you if this happened right outside your front door. Violence has gotten out of control in the city this year and something needs to be done to bring the amount of gun violence down.

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