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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: A little disappointed about not getting to see the Pope in person.
    Rave: This pope is inspiring, even to non-Catholics like me. I never would have anticipated being so interested in a pope’s visit.
    Rave: Teleworking means I can watch his address on TV and listen on the radio.

    • Totally agree about the inspiring pope. I’m inspired by how inspired people are by him.

      • I think that’s what makes him so likable. He seems to identify with people of different religious backgrounds and beliefs rather than just one.

    • Yup, same here – Never thought I would have been so interested, but I’m bummed I didn’t get a chance to try to see him, and since I can’t telework, I’m missing even the live tv/radio stuff. boo.

    • As a former Catholic, this Pope really embodies everything that made me a Catholic in the first place. I wish more of his Church would follow his lead, then I might just still consider myself Catholic!

    • That One Guy

      I wonder what would happen if the Pope and Dalai Lama were to do a public event together. Would it even be in the realm of possibility?

      • Rant: I don’t get all the Pope worship. Here’s a guy who took the time yesterday to visit nuns in support of their lawsuit against Obamacare’s contraception mandate. How is his support of denying women access to contraception and abortion any different from that of those crazy Republicans?

        Rant: The Dalai Lama’s comment yesterday that a female Dalai Lama would have to be “very, very attractive,” otherwise of “not much use.”

        • justinbc

          If he ever advocates for an investigation and real punishment for all the men over the years in high up positions in the Church who have taken advantage of little boys, then I might start to care. Telling us how to fix our problems without first tackling his own is rather hypocritical.

          • +1 re: the abuse scandal. Saying it shouldn’t happen again without actually punishing the perpetrators is pretty weak. And about the contraception mandate, the Pope has said that women who don’t have children are selfish, so it’s no surprise that he’s not for BC. People are excited that he’s progressive *for a Pope,* but that doesn’t make the church as a whole any less regressive of an organization.

        • That One Guy

          In an attempt to have a broader knowledge base can anyone chime in and inform me on the Jewish and Muslim views on abortions and contraception? Wondering if the Abrahamic religions have similar views here.

          • depends on what type of Jew. Orthos are anti abortion (generally) and definitely anti contraception. Moderates and moderns, pro choice. This is obviously a generalization but I think pretty typical for my peeps.

          • Jewish views are going to vary based on which movement of Judaism and/or the Rabbi you ask. Generally speaking, health of the mother comes first. But the interpretation of that notion for a particular situation may depend on Reform/Conservative/Orthodox/etc.

        • I don’t get this black and white attitude. One has to ask oneself, Is the Pope Catholic? Yes. Yes he is. And so of course he’s not going to get on board with the positions of the educated liberals who populate this site. You’d have to be terribly naive (at best) to think that any Pope is ever going to advocate for women’s health (because women’s health involves managing fertility) or full civil rights (because gays.) But we can appreciate that he has come out of the 18th century on other social issues without “worshipping” him.

          • Well, I appreciate that the Catholic Church finally stopped the Inquisition, even if it took them into the early 20th century to do it.

            And I agree that he’s never going to advocate for women’s health or civil rights. I just don’t get why people are having “warm fuzzies” about a guy who represents an organization that’s anti-woman, anti-gay people, anti-condoms-for-AIDS-prevention, and so on. So he’s against global warming. So what?

  • Rave: Home in this beautiful city.
    Rave: Flight only had 50 people so I actually got some pretty good sleep.
    Rant: Heading into the office.
    Rave: Back on my bike and so excited to wave hi to the monuments.

    • Yes! Waving hi to the monuments is the best πŸ˜€

    • Welcome back! And I’m very jealous about the exchange rate you got to enjoy while in Brazil!

    • Agreed. There are paintings in the National Gallery that I go and say “hi” to, if I haven’t been there in a while. (And it’s getting to be time – since we’re past Labor Day, the museums are fair game again.)

  • Rant: Entering the “angry” stage of break-up grief — I am furious about how he treated me, but also furious with myself for staying with someone for so many years who regularly disregarded what I needed
    Rave: The “angry” stage is progress!
    Rave: Met a guy online, went on two dates, third one planned for this weekend. Wonderful to be reminded that fun and interesting people who like me exist AND are not ex.
    Rant: Guy does not know about recent break-up… not sure how to tell. Terrified of moving too fast and getting into the same situation as last time. Still can’t get over the feeling like I’m “cheating,” even though that is ridiculous. Old habits die hard.

    Rave: Fall weather, while it lasts!

    tldr: relationships are dumb

    • Does anyone know what happened yesterday evening around 6:30 at the corner of 14th and Spring Road? A young woman talking to police had some fresh abrasions on her face. The police presence increased significantly over about a half hour, which makes me think assault rather than bike wreck. But I don’t actually know. At one point, an officer had her stand against the wall and he took pictures of her face. (Seems strange to do that on the scene, doesn’t it?)

    • Anger is good! Just don’t beat yourself up and don’t dwell for too long on it. Long term, anger does nothing positive for you and invites negativity. But, you are right, it is progress!
      As far as the new guy goes…. I would exercise caution. There are instances where a new relationship shortly after a break up aren’t necessarily doomed to fail. My BF and I met (on Tinder) about a month after his official separation. Their marriage had been well over for a while, but I think if I had really gone into it looking for a relationship this would have scared me off big time. As it happens, I wasn’t looking for a relationship and neither was he, it just developed. Neither of us had any expectations and it is probably the least-pressured relationship I have ever had. So, it can work!

      • Lovely story! Yes, trying to be as cautious as possible — baby steps. I just keep telling myself that if he doesn’t like the pace he’s free to walk.

    • That One Guy

      Someone said that anger is love disappointed. I tend to give it some credence and believe you have to let some of it out before it festers.
      The ex is yours to tell, if you so wish, new guy doesn’t have any right or privilege to know.

    • Perhaps none of my business, but if you’re in the “angry” stage of a breakup then it’s probably not a good time to be dating. At the very least, it’s not really fair to the new guy.

      • I would respectfully disagree with That One Guy — if you’re dating and expecting to continue to consider engaging with his affections, he has a right to disclosure in this regard. You’re likely better off, as well, knowing his response (and not dealing with the hassle of “hiding” something). I might respectfully disagree with Krampus as well — if the guy is informed, he can make his own decisions and the revelation might well benefit you both in forcing him to make a decision: if he’s willing to take the chance, he probably sees some potential. If not, everyone’s cut their losses.
        Admittedly, I am reckless in these matters.

        • I agree to some extent, but I think 3 dates is too soon to have that discussion. I wouldn’t lie if asked, but I think waiting awhile to see if there is long-term potential is advisable. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and let your wounds heal a bit.

        • Agreeing with Irving Street and Anon Spock. On the one hand, I think honesty is the best policy. On the other hand, it’s up to you to disclose whatever you want, whenever you want. Thinking back in my own relationship, I knew he was freshly separated, but didn’t know until about 6 weeks in (when things started going from “fun” to “oh wait, were those feelings I just tripped into?”) just how fresh. It really didn’t change matters.

        • Yeah… very good advice, you guys. I will definitely let him know if things look like they are moving forward into relationship-land. For now, I think things are still too casual. I just have lots of what-if anxiety and this is a symptom of that, probably. I wasn’t expecting to go on more than one date with anyone so soon, so I never planned this far ahead.

      • Yeah, I think it’s probably smart to say something sooner rather than later. Not because I feel like he has to know, but because eventually you have to start being honest about where you’re at if you want to develop a good relationship. At the same time, it’s probably a little early to be worrying. While you’re in a stage where the expectation is that both parties are dating around, no one owes anyone anything other than courtesy and respect.

    • Emmaleigh504

      clearly I fail relationships b/c why does the new one need to know about the old one? Should I be disclosing all my past relationships to every new one? we may never get to the bedroom portion of the night!

    • Unsolicited advice: please please please continue to see other people, even if things with this new guy are going well. I see too many friends jump from one “serious” relationship to the next one with the first person they meet after the break up. It’s pretty obvious to neutral 3rd parties that none of these partners are right for their needs, but they just can’t stand to be alone. When it inevitably ends up not working out after a year or two, and they are disappointed that they are back at Square One.
      Get out there and meet new people. Go on dates with people who normally would not be “your type.” Don’t get tied down immediately in another relationship. If you’re still angry and focused on the ex, you’re not in a place to be thinking about another relationship, IMHO.

      • agreed, so many of my girl friends jump from one relationship to another and never really get to figure themselves out between relationships. I know you aren’t signing up for marriage yet, but great advice. Figure you out without the ex.

      • I dunno, my friend ended up long distance dating/sticking with/moving in with/getting engaged to “rebound guy.” She was pretty mad at her ex, too, he let her down BIG time. We were all surprised that Mr. Internet long distance booty call guy turned into Mr. Right. And he was so different from her ex.

      • I appreciate your unsolicited advice, and promise-promise-promise to do this. I am convinced a new exclusive relationship right now would be bad for me… I actually am doing less of the dating thing, as it’s become more apparent to me where I am with this… I thought i had my feelings completely handled/resolved/packaged because the relationship was so bad for so long… but so bad for so long doesn’t mean over, which is what I think I needed to start getting over it.

        I just don’t want to stop seeing this one person because he’s fun and nice — but will keep seeing him with his feelings and interests in mind as well, and make sure I’m not leading somewhere I can’t go yet.

  • justinbc

    Rave: I really don’t care about this Pope visit whatsoever, but it has been nice with everyone being forced to telework that driving around DC to do errands the last two days has been a breeze!

  • Pablo Raw

    Ravent: Witnessed the most ridiculous protest/counterprotest ever yesterday; evangelicals protesting catholics by asking them to accept Jesus, Catholics responding in singing that Christ rose from the grave.
    Rantve: There was a third group of protesters telling people that the end of the world is happening on Oct. 7
    Rave: The blade now fits my new circular saw; renovation progress continues. I feel like an episode of “Tool Time”
    Rave: Can’t wait to hear the Pope’s address to Congress

  • Rave: Migraine finally almost gone.
    Rave: Called into work today to sleep more, relax, and let it finish going away. Was already staying home tomorrow, so four day weekend for me! Lots of work to do and fun to be had.
    Rave: This weather! Going to do some work outdoors today to enjoy it before it disappears this weekend.
    Rave: Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Today is a good day.

  • skj84

    Rave: Metro wasn’t terrible yesterday. Or today so far. I had to take the redline evening and feared the worst. It wasn’t too crowded, though there was a woman who didn’t get the memo that headphones are required on music devices. She seemed shocked when another passenger asked her to turn her music off.

    Rant: I can feel a cheast cold coming. Itchy throat, slight congestion, some coughing. I need to nip it in the bud.

    Rave: Fall TV is back! Doctor Who on Sat, Empire last night, and HTGAWM tonight. Going to put my Hulu Plus account to good work.

    • I’m already behind on Doctor Who and it’s killing me! Mr. Eggs is out of town on a work trip and that’s absolutely a show we watch together so I have to wait for him to get back.

    • love/hate that rave and good on the passenger who asked her to turn it off. i was on the green line this morning and there were dueling playlists happening. i didn’t say anything but that story might inspire me to next time.

    • I just got over that same chest cold – took a couple days to fully affect me and took a good week to kick. Know about five other people at work who had it or have it. It sucks, but it’s not all that bad that you can enjoy a good book in bed!

  • Rave: Wonderful NYC weekend commences tomorrow with museum stop and swank dinner (fingers crossed for Grammercy Tavern) with a progressive billionairess donor to Girfriend’s company, hiking the Giraffe Trail, dinner at Beard Award “Best New Restaurant” Batard, tickets to Hamilton, VIP tickets to the Tonight Show. Usually I like to play all jaded about my NYC jaunts — “Oh, I’m so over Williamsburg” — but this trip is going to be pretty darn sweet.
    Rave: Beautiful mornings on the water and sunrises like the one documented below.

    • Andie302

      May I ask how you came by the tonight show tickets? I’ve been trying for months. My mom doesn’t like anything regarding pop culture, but she’s obsessed with Jimmy Fallon. So far we haven’t had any luck paying attention to when they’re released. I seriously thought about writing a funny letter and seeing if that worked.

      • skj84

        I believe you need to follow The Tonight Shows twitter account? My brother and sister in law got tickets earlier this year. There is a big social media component to to learning when they are released. I think they only release tickets monthly. So if you want to attend in November you apply at the beginning of October. I’ll have to ask.

      • Girlfriend and I have an old and dear friend whose nephew is a honcho on the show, so I don’t have any larger strategy to offer, unfortunately..

    • I am so jealous that you get to see Hamilton. I’ve streamed the cast recording twice this week and I’m in love. Lyn Manual Miranda is a genious. Everything about the concept shouldn’t work, and yet it’s perfect. I need to see this show. And read the book it’s based on. I’m hoping I can make a trip up to NYC and attempt the ticket lottery.

  • Rave: Weekend is fast approaching. Many fun plans!
    Rant: Weekend is fast approaching – soooo much to do before then!
    Rant: Headache and stress.
    Rant: echoing what textdoc said about being a little sad to not have been able to see the Pope while he’s in town. I’m not catholic or even particularly religious, but it would have been nice, especially to just be outside in such glorious weather!
    Rave: Gave up on trying to do anything last night and just went to bed at a decent time – it’s amazing how a solid 8-ish hours of sleep can improve one’s outlook on life and everything in general!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Work at home today and work event in Baltimore tomorrow mean I don’t have do deal with Metro again until Monday.
    Rave: Eldest Zelda made me pancakes for breakfast. Well, she made too many for herself and let me have the extras. But still, pancakes!
    Rant: Our stupid remote access system for telework runs on Java, which means that fewer and fewer browsers support it. AND Java seems to need constant updating. Stupid Java.

  • Rant: Youngest Anonachild decided it would be a good idea to draw himself some abs with a marker. I did not notice until getting him dressed this morning. So said child was off to school with marker abs this morning.
    Rave: Better than a marker moustache?
    Rant: Officially guilted in to a visit in BFE to attend a County Fair this weekend with my parents. I had considered bringing my flask and taking a shot for every Confederate Flag I see, however, I realize this may lead to me being so drunk that I will be unable to drive and thus escape redneck hell. Further on the downside, it is supposed to rain. All I can think of is mud + farm animal shit.
    Rave: This visit should get me out of another visit until at least Thanksgiving.

    • Hahahaha, sorry but that’s so cute and hilarious!!! Drawing abs on himself!

      • It is quite hilarious. What was funniest was when I questioned him…
        Me: Anonachild, what on earth did you do to your stomach?
        Anonachild, matter-of-factly: Oh, Mommy, those are just my abs.
        Well alrighty then!
        Youngest Anonachild is also the most precocious. And the messiest.

    • Additional Rant: Gospel Girl is in full effect. Gospel playing through the computer speakers, and she has her headphones in listening to music and SINGING ALONG. Kinda hoping for the rapture….

    • That’s hilarious. I love it. At least it’s not visible unless he lifts his shirt up? Definitely a story to embarrass him with when he gets older. Take photos!

    • HAHA that’s priceless. I hope the pictures show up at a later, unfortunate time to remind him of the event πŸ™‚

    • Now I’m wondering: can a child who works out obtain an actual sixpack, or is it physically impossible due to hormones or something?

      • Emmaleigh504

        There’s this kid in some state that has this disease that makes it impossilble for him to store fat. He’s got mad abs. but he also has to eat all the time since his body can’t store food.

      • depends on age – I’ve seen per-pubescent males with “6 packs”. it’s not intentional – some just have very serious core strength. I think my son will be one of them (“how do American Ninja Warriors get their start”, that’s my kid). But the “baby/toddler tummy” doesn’t go away until like age 3/4

      • It’s just a body fat thing. My daughter has visible abs, because there’s nothing between her skin and her muscles.

    • Emmaleigh504

      hahahahaha love marker abs! I took a nap once and middle zelda aged 2-3 decided I needed more tattoos. covered 1 arm and part of another. Did not wake up until it was time to go to class, covered in tattoos.

      • Ah, tattoos!! Middle Anonachild had a penchant for drawing tattoos on herself in order to be more like auntie and mommy. The best story for her though is the time that she drew a mural in sharpie on the bathroom wall while I was nursing. There is definite photographic evidence of that one!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I had a classmate in 2nd grade who got his markers taken away b/c he would not stop giving himself tattoos. It was a think in our class for about a week and then the teacher said no more. This kid DNGAF. Tattoos ahoy! (they were always anchors)

          • Last year’s teachers were completely in the NFG category when it cam to little Anonachild’s penchant for self-decoration last year. He was constantly coming home covered in paint, marker, or whatever else (I once found a sticker on his ass). To be fair, I really don’t care, that’s what soap and water is for, and at least it’s not the wall! This year’s teachers seem to be keeping him cleaner, however, he enjoys school far less this year too.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Of course they were anchors! πŸ˜‰

          • Emmaleigh504

            ” (I once found a sticker on his ass).” hahahaha kids are weird and A+ to you for using ass. Even kids have asses (and sometimes they are asses!) πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Having a hard time agreeing my real estate agent on what to list our property for. The sq ft average in our area is much higher. We love our agent, but wonder if, since we’re not local anymore, she just wants to sell it quickly and above asking, even if she could have gotten more. A less nice unit in our building (overlooks parking lot, is smaller, lower floor) is contracted at over $670/sq foot and she’s saying we should list for around $590. Am I wrong in thinking that’s off?

    Rave: 3 day weekend!
    Rant: 5 day weekend for my kid.
    Rave: My parents leave for their Viking River Cruise next week. We could use the break from each other – and we should be moved when they return!

    • Talk to Heather Davenport with WFP! Can’t hurt to get a second opinion.

    • Andie302

      Has she talked to you about the strategy and why she’s using it? I tend to think the market is only going to bear so much, and if your listing price is slightly low then you’ll get some additional attention. Without knowing the list price, she may be dropping you down in to a slightly lower search category so that those buyers get your property in their search results. Any buyer-agent is going to look at that comp in your building, tell their buyer that they need to be more competitive, and that your property is underpriced and should get multiple bids. Your sense of urgency in selling (do you want multiple offers quickly, or would you rather wait for a higher offer if it mean 45-90 days sitting on the market), your tolerance for risk (what if only one offer comes in, will you be upset with a full priced offer) are also factors. You could get a second opinion, just make sure it’s from someone that’s not trying to tell you a higher price just to get your listing. I appreciate that your agent is being straightforward, and it sounds like you’ve had a good experience in the past.

      • I think her strategy is the under a certain price point search results. However, that’s a significant difference in price per square foot. I don’t think it will sit because inventory is still low and the people wanting to buy is still high – we are at 11th and P with a parking space, large unit, 1.5 bathrooms, laundry, pet friendly, small building. I have no doubt that we will get offers quickly, but worry that listing it below a certain price will get us offers that will not be able to bid to what it really should be going for. If that makes sense (“our search is set to below ______, we can’t go over that” and our price is at the top of that search)

        • Why not try to split the difference in price/sf between what you’d like to see and what your realtor suggests? It seems like you’re not in a particular hurry to sell, so why not take the risk that it will sit for some time? I don’t think you’d actually have any trouble selling the property at 11/P if you’re willing to drop the price to a certain point.

          • she wants to list it below a certain level – less than it appraised for, less per sq foot than any other unit sold for in our building since we bought, I believe, and let people bid higher. My husband is concerned – and somewhat rightly so – that it will cause us to get a lower overall price, but make her job easier.

          • Do agents get bragging rights or other benefits for the $ over list they can command? If so, I wonder if she’s intentionally trying to set the price low so she can say that your property got a large number of offers and sold for XX% over list. Either way, I don’t think it will really impact your final price for the reasons that Andie mentioned (11:47). If anything, your agent may be creating more work for herself if she’s preparing to get a lot of offers.

        • Andie302

          Some people might, but others set their search criteria knowing that things that are competitively price go above asking (or being fiscally conservative, etc.). I recently had a client in the $600k range escalate to $675k for a property they loved. Out of their comfort zone: a little; out of their ability to qualify: no. You’ll get some of both, but you have all the leverage and I suspect you’ll end up where you want to be. What’s the spread on the purchase price, not the $/SF? I’d be concerned if it was more than $50k.

          • can you clarify? We purchased many years ago before the area was as desirable. My husband thinks, with the comps, we should be GETTING 50k or so over what the agent wants to list for, he wants to list in the middle of that. She says she’ll do what we want, but seems hesitant. He is worried that it will be another “sold property fast over asking” for her, but less money than we should be getting for the desirable area/quality of the condo, especially with parking (in short supply over there). I can see both sides and hate being in the middle.

          • Accountering

            This thing is going to sell like hotcakes based on your description. Raise the price. The low list price and hoping for a bidding war is crappy, and I am not certain that it even gets you best value. If another unit in your building sold for $670/sq foot, then you should be listing around that range. Not sure if the other unit had parking, if not add about $35k or so at 11th and P.

          • Andie302

            I meant that if you thought what you should get is $50k or more higher than what she wants to list at, you may want to consider a higher list price. That being said, I’ve seen offers escalate and close $100k over list price recently, so if it’s right at $50k it wouldn’t stress me out. If the place is staged and it’s desirable, it’s going to sell. I’m with the person below, I’d rather be listed lower and get more traffic in the door. I think whether you list it at $50/sf below the market, or what your agent is asking, you’re going to get a higher number either way. And there’s no way to tell if you used a different strategy if you’d get a different number. If you’ve had success with this agent in the past and trust her, then I would continue to do so. The comps are the comps, and your unit is your unit. With the staging, parking, location, etc…you’re not going to have an issue at all. You will have more uncertainty and frustration if you list high and have to wait on an offer. I doubt you’ll be doing that either way.

    • Is her thinking about the timing (later in the year) or wanting to initiate a bidding war?
      How long has the other place been under contract? I ask because it could always go for lower after appraisal, but it may be worth waiting for it to close to use it as a comp thereby justifying the increased list price.

      • the other place in the building was under contract for 4 days, I think. No units in our building sat for longer than a week in the time we’ve owned there. The other unit is closing before we list ours.

      • I think it’s due to market timing. Value seekers are buying in the fall. If you want top dollar, list in the spring.

        • I think that’s a traditional view, and not a DC view. The DC market hasn’t slowed down and our agent has said she sees no significant difference in recent years between DC spring/fall unless you’re talking about SFHs and you’re contending with a new school year.

          • +1. I was going to say the same.

          • So this is the opposite issue I had with my agent – he wanted to list for more than I thought was possible and my condo ended up sitting for 30 days. I told him I would try his way for 30 days, then we would do mine. I got an offer 10 days later (less desirable area than DC, mine actually sat for less time than others in my complex).
            Have you discussed using a different agent in the group? I thought contracts were usually with a company, so if you weren’t happy with the agent, then you could talk to someone else. I would also be leery of the bidding war concept. Frankly, when I was looking I walked away from those scenarios.

        • I actually think Fall would be the time for buyers who weren’t successful in the Spring and Summer and are starting to get desperate. They’d be willing to pay more just to get it over with.

          • Accountering

            Both the frustration thing, and the necessity thing. People move in the fall/winter because they HAVE too (new job etc) not because they want too (bigger place, different location etc)

        • Accountering

          The facts do not bear this out to be true. Their are +/- to both. Fall/winter has more serious buyers, and less inventory. Spring/Summer has the inverse. In a market like DC, you are not going to see any difference in sales price based on the season.

    • I had a certain well known selling agent who wanted to list my property for way less than I thought we should. Much argument ensued. I dug in my heels and insisted on pricing it myself. It ended up selling for about $60k more than his suggestion.

      • Same. We ended up listing splitting the difference between what we thought we should list at and what he thought. Had an offer well over listing the first day of the open house if we could close quickly. We did, though I do wonder whether we could have gotten even more if we had been willing taken offers for a week or two rather than jumping at the first.

    • I would list under rather than over. On our block we have seen both tactics used and the under listed homes are selling faster and for much more then sellers had hoped, while the over listed homes are still on the market or being relisted with price reductions. To sell a home you need traffic, and the more affordable the home the more traffic it will get. If the home is worth it, and listed for the right price a bidding war will ensue. It’s easier for a buyer to cough up extra cash in increments after they have become attached to the home and if they are competing with others. People can’t get attached or see themselves living in a home if at first glance think they can’t afford it.

      • I see your side AND accountering’s side. That’s my conflict. We haven’t lived there for a bit and will cash out serious equity anyway, but we are having a difficult time seeing now we can get to what we think it should go for (even if it’s listed at $50/sq ft less, we’re $15k over her desired list price). If we list it at what my husband wants, and it doesn’t go under contract and we lower it, we also risk getting less than what she wants to list it for. so there’s that. Bah!

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Spending time with niece this morning.
    Rave: Chocolate covered orange peels. They’re so good that I ate three last night. The only down side is the cost, which was ridiculously expensive.
    Rave: Cheap parking ($10)!
    Undecided: Having too many lucid dreams lately.

  • Rave: I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of making pie crust from scratch and am quite pleased with that. Chocolate pudding pie FTW.
    Rave: The weather this morning – so lovely.
    Rave: Daughter handling a little boy getting too physical at school really well, using words instead of lashing out like she’s been known to do. Teachers decided to separate them for a while, which is fine by me. Still, proud of her for standing her own.

    • Allison

      Could you please share your pie crust recipe? I’m trying to save money on groceries wherever possible right now (which means no more store-bought pie crust,) and the internet is just replete with bad pie crust recipes.

    • Not blues pie crust recipe, but my sister (the baker/bread maker in the family) uses Smitten Kitchen’s All Butter Really Flaky pie dough. There are also some really helpful spie-dough-making suggestions on the Pie Academy website (including 7 simple ways to buld a better pie)

  • Rave: Thanks Pope. Didn’t have work yesterday because your presence closed all the streets near my workplace.
    Rave: all my new friends!!! dating low match & staying friends was a good decision. his friends are just like me!
    Not sure: some of you who have been following my dating misadventures might recall the first person I ever online dated who we agreed to be friends then had a spat after he suggested something more and then said it was a joke. well out of nowhere this person messaged me apologizing! i guess we’re starting off the Fall with a fresh start.
    Rant: person i was planning a first date with has not responded. i shouldn’t be dating anyway so he’s doing me a favor.
    My dating life is a rollercoaster. I just can’t make this stuff up.

  • Rave: It’s closing day!
    Rant: Security guard yelled at me because I didn’t say hello. Apparently common courtesy doesn’t extend to avoiding senseless arguments.
    Rave: More downtime at work.
    Rave: Chill weekend ahead.

    • “Apparently common courtesy doesn’t extend to avoiding senseless arguments.” — hahahahahahahaha!!!

    • Ugh this happens in my building – not just security guards, but random people. 99% of the time it’s older men upset that the younger women don’t stop to say hi in the halls/cafeteria/etc. So weird. It makes me so ragey, but I try to just be polite.

  • Rant: Exhausted. Haven’t slept decently/enough in days.
    Rave: Anxiously awaiting engagement photos. Can’t wait to see them. Taking them was awkward/fun/entertaining; I’m glad we did them for practice.
    Rave: My professors. They are all fantastic. 1Ls next here have some nice curriculum changes (optional property!) but I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to learn from these people.
    Rant: Miss Tiny Dog!

    • Allison

      Yay — so glad you’re enjoying 1L so far!

      • Thank you! It’s good to hear your insights below. I try to stay a day or so ahead but I’ve found if I read too far ahead, I’m pretty unaware when cold-called. My first memo is due Sunday and that is definitely taking a lot more time than just the readings so I’m sure the writing class will only get more time-consuming as the semester continues. Hope you’re doing well! πŸ™‚

    • ….my husband seems to be a LOT less busy as a 1L than he thought he would be. He is ahead in all of his reading. Can’t help but think he’s doing something wrong (not that I’d say that), but he has said he wonders if there’s something he is missing, or if some people are more geared towards law school than others. Glad you’re enjoying it!

      • Allison

        My experience was that the first half of the fall 1L semester was really easy. I was always ahead on my reading then too. The second half of the semester (when you actually have to start doing more things for your writing class, typically) is when the reading starts to creep up on you. That being said, there are definitely people who do their reading more efficiently and effectively than others.

      • My study group and I have talked about this a lot. We’re all significantly less busy than we thought we would be. I structure my workload into more of a work day type schedule so I have time to workout/decompress later at night. People who went straight through from undergrad or are extreme over-acheivers seem to be a lot busier making briefs 4x longer than the cases, using 85 different color highlighters, etc. I imagine it will get more intensive in the next month or so but I’m pretty happy with how things are going so far. Glad to hear your husband is also having a good experience!

        • I think that might be similar to my husband – and he is an efficient reader (and likes the subject matter….zzzzz). Hopefully it gets more intense but I wonder if he’s now assuming it’s easy and will then suck at it lol. Trying to stay out of it though

        • Allison

          Structuring your day like a full workday (and avoiding goofing off in the lounges instead of actually reading) will really pay off! That was my strategy in school as well, and I think even though I took on a lot of work in school, I was able to spend less time doing my schoolwork than some of my peers.

    • Was just wondering how you were settling in! Glad you’re enjoying it.

  • Revel: had a meaningful fast yesterday and got to see Justice Ginsburg speak at my synagogue yesterday.
    Revel: excited for the weekend. I’m going to a wedding and a small sukkah party
    Revel: while I still feel anxious, I’m finding that I’ve been more able to keep my emotions in check lately (the last couple days). Perhaps I hit rock bottom? Still looking forward to counseling sessions and possibly maybe more?
    Also, that DC water post was not mine but its interesting how other people have similar stories
    No real rants today!

    • Very cool on your first rave–both parts! It’s so weird going through the high holidays with a little one–particularly being pregnant on top of it. The details of the day are so different from what I’m used to that it’s harder to get meaning from it. But it’ll improve as kids get older and we can re-incorporate traditions a little more.

      • This year we opted to go to kid-friendly services with our daughter on Rosh Hashanah but kept her in school on Yom Kippur so we could go to a more meaningful adult service. Definitely want to incorporate more religious traditions into her life, but just felt this wasn’t the year.

        • That’s an idea. Though I’m not sure it feels quite right either. Her day care was closed yesterday because of proximity to the White House & the pope visit, so it was a moot point. I have another year to contemplate.

    • So jealous about your RBG rave! She’s def my pint-sized hero.

  • Rant: Really not in a great place. Suddenly got really sick again last night after not feeling great for most of the day. Starting to get really freaked out about I have to do in the next few weeks and months just to keep life in order. Feeling all of the self pity about having to do this far away from the people I love without a lot of support.
    Rant: (Well-intentioned) people who want to remind me at every turn that taking care of twins is a lot of work. Not helpful!
    Rave: Maybe tomorrow I’ll have some.

    • Oh, I’m so sorry. Sending you a hug from afar. Have you tried giving your OB/midwife a call to check in? Dunno if there’s anything they can do, but they may be able to at least offer reassurance of some kind. One way or another, you’ll get through this. And yes, taking care of twins is a lot of work, but has a lot of joy too. Just think of the photo ops! And they’ll amuse each other and you so much along the way. One day at a time.
      As for getting things in order life-wise, do what you can and go from there. Same with work stuff. It won’t help to overdo it, since you’ll just feel worse.
      Sending love, support, and lots of hugs. You’ll make it.

    • Sending you good thoughts and feelings through the aether.

    • Shawess, I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well again. I’m sending good vibes your way this morning, and I hope you feel better. Remember, you need to take care of YOU first or else it will be hard to do anything else. You will get through this!

    • sending you hugs. It’s not easy. Do what you can and I hope you can find something enjoyable about this (you never have to pregnant again?!). It falls in to place, and try to delegate/ask for help. Do you have any sort of expectant moms group you are part of? for women due around the same time?

      • Thank you. It’s funny — I know exactly what I need to do to build a support network here and have joined a few of these groups, but am having a hard time taking advantage of them when I feel this crappy. I feel and look like death and it’s not the best time for first impressions.

        • screw 1st impressions! you really will need friends with similar aged kids to be that extra push to get you out of the house when you’re ready. Our group met every week at Union Market, lunch, shopping for groceries. It was essential for me, personally, because of my PPD/PPA. I would mention your feelings to your medical team just so they know – it might not get better once you have your darlings. But it’s easy to be anxious over all that needs to get done – hopefully you can find some enjoyment in all of the prep. big hugs.

    • Hugs. Totally understandable that you are stressed, but (from what I can tell!) you are very strong and have made it this far. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Hope you feel better soon. πŸ™
      Is there anything on your to-do list that you can outsource to your husband? Or anything nonessential?

    • Sorry you aren’t feeling well! I hope it improves very very soon!

    • Perhaps some freshly made and still melty chocolate chip cookies would help?
      Any baby is going to be “work” (isn’t there a better term for this?) but also great joy – and you’ll have twice the amount of joyfulness in your life
      I agree with JformerDC re going out, meeting others and building your support network. Take one step at a time, perhaps by just going to one gathering, and only staying for a short while.

    • Shawess, I feel terrible that you feel so terrible and I hope you feel better soon.
      I know that sometimes in life we have to slog through things, but even knowing that there is an end date doesn’t make it any easier. I hope your slog gets easier and even becomes enjoyable!

      • You’re so sweet. Gary is being extra snuggly, husband is stepping up and I haven’t been sick today, so things are already looking up πŸ™‚

  • Rant: was forced to take leave to avoid the traffic mess this week.
    Rave: it’s a beautiful fall day to enjoy and relax.

  • palisades

    Rant: Working from home for two days and all the cat wants to do is hang out in the windowsill making weird faux bird noises at birds. I was excited for our time together!

    • I love the noises cats make at birds! My cat was going insane this morning really talkative, I go into the bathroom and way up on our tall ceiling I see a small spider. Man she was pissed she couldn’t get to it.

  • Rave: Pope visit was a great excuse to burn some use-or-lose time off.
    Rave: Glorious weather for a long run this morning, went all over the city with hardly any traffic. Running in the street on Independence at 9AM on a Thursday was a trip.
    Rant: The security-industrial complex. Just when I think we couldn’t be any more wasteful convincing ourselves to fear our own shadow (and everyone else’s shadow), we find an even higher cliff to jump off of. The Capitol perimeter was utterly absurd.

  • Rant: Hummingbirds left over the weekend; hope they have a safe journey south
    Rave: Cast iron skillet works just fine for cooking a few cookies from frozen cookie dough. No toaster oven, and I didn’t want to turn the oven for this
    Rave: Three melty chocolate chip cookies – just what I needed yesterday

    • and a rant — ants in my plants! Getting ready to move houseplants back inside after their sumer vacation and have found ant nests in the bottom of four plants so far.
      rave — better to discover now than later when I have ants crawling all over my house

      • That One Guy

        Can’t you dunk the plants in water and drown the ants?

      • I’ve been taking the plants out of the pot and then letting the ants scurry around picking up their eggs and finding a new place to live
        Ants can swim, so putting the plant in water would mean they either swim to safety (but this would take a long time because there are hundreds of them) or they’d climb up into the plant and I’d still have ants in my plants!

  • Rant: So hungry but I just got back from a dental cleaning so I really don’t want to eat for a little while.
    Rave: That was my last appointment for the week. Now I can finally relax….
    Rant: …until early Tuesday morning. I hate having so many medical appointments.
    Rave: No plans for the weekend = cheesy movie date with the wife.

  • Rave: Doggy cuddles this
    Rant: Wish she didn’t shed as much, so I can enjoy more doggy cuddles.
    Question: Does anyone know what is the average height for a typical DC rowhome?

  • Andie302

    Rant: Friend still hasn’t had the baby! She is NOT the poster child for childbirth. She’s been in labor since Tuesday night.
    Rave: PT tomorrow – my back is feeling better, and I am thinking they’ll be providing some variety to the routine exercises I’ve (mostly) been doing twice daily.
    Rave: Pope’s entourage driving by our house last night. I’m with the “not Catholic but enjoying the warm fuzzies of the visit” set.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the MM is determined to stress me out again today. He just HATES that I can telework.
    Rave: I REFUSE to let him stress me out. I will not take on more work b/c there is a list, that’s what the fukng list is for!

  • valentina

    Rant: Along with dealing with depression, I’ve now stared having panic attacks.
    Rant: i walked into work and immediately broke down into tears. I’m really worried about the change in seasons. My depression gets much worse in the fall and winter.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My depression is in over drive and we haven’t even gotten to the no sun days. It may be a rough winter for us, but I hope not!

    • I’m sorry, panic attacks are so terrifying. I hope that you get a break from them soon!

    • Have you tried a SAD light? I have a friend who swears by it and also says the fall and early winter is the worst because the days are shortening.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I have a SAD light and it does help, especially the whole getting out of bed hurdle.

        • Allison

          I recently purchased a SAD light too. I got a clinical grade one with 10,000 lux and a downward 30 degree tilt — the works. You can get them on Amazon for about $140 . I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks (20 minutes every morning) and I feel much better already. I still get anxious when I’m tired, but I find my panic attacks are less likely to occur and when they do they are less severe. The SAD light can’t replace medicine, of course, but it was a good option for me because I wasn’t at the point where I was willing to take medication for my anxiety.

  • Tech-minded iPhone people, can you help me solve a problem? Since I updated my iPhone 6 to the new iOS (pfft), all of my incoming calls have gone straight to voicemail after one ring. My phone is NOT in “do not disturb” mode and I can’t find any other setting in the phone to change. I also don’t see any good advice in online forums. This is making my life pretty frustrating right now. Any help out there?

    • Resolved! FYI, if this happened to you, or happens to you when you update your own phone, install the *newer* update, then restart your phone again. Annoying, but at least Apple helped fix it in a simple chat without taking up too much time.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: WDS announced yesterday that he is Roman Catholic.
    Rant: I got a tuna melt and fries (don’t judge) from the Mediterranean Spot on U Street for lunch. When I got home and opened the box of fries there was a big pool of ketchup in both ends of the box. Yuck!
    Rave: The tuna melt, although somewhat unorthodox was delicious.

  • Rant: Made a 311 request this morning for parking enforcement scooters that are parked in a narrow alley and making it harder to pass through… only for the request to be closed a few hours later with the note “Cannot write a ticket on a scooter.” WTF??

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