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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • That One Guy

    I was just at St. Matthews. This is freak.

  • Rave: In rainy Porto Alegre working with our awesome team. Skype and internet is fabulous but working in a room with great people cannot be beat.
    Rant: Returning home tomorrow evening to a LONG list of to-do. Moving half our home to NYC in a week and a half.
    Rant/Rave: Triathlon relay this weekend with friends – haven’t trained all that much but should be fun!
    Rave: Finished some awesome books on this trip. Looking forward to getting back to the land of Overdrive though!

  • It feels like metro was more packed than usual this morning, maybe I overestimated how many people would have telework as an option.

    • Ugh. Yeah, I’m not looking forward to this tomorrow when my bus from U St. is completely cancelled. Despite the Feds sending literally 10 different reminder emails about telework, my office refuses to let anyone telework this week.

    • Well there’s not too much Pope impact today, so I would guess it was business as usual for most folks today (especially non-federal). Maybe slightly more commuters on trains/buses due to preemptive road closures.

    • Exact opposite for me. Metro was emptier than usual, and downtown seems very quiet.

      • Same here. My metro ride was pretty awesome this morning (green line from columbia heights). 2 minute wait, platform fairly empty, plenty of free seats, no delays.

  • Rant: It’s been a month and my husband hasn’t yet received his leave lump sum pay out. They told him that it would take 30 days. Today is 30 days and there are no transactions pending. I assume it’s appropriate for him to follow up, right? It’s a LOT of money (like 2 months worth of leave).
    Rant: The fact that so many web sites are emailing me about their holiday card selections. Thank you, Paper Source, Minted, Tiny Prints, et al for not encouraging me to enjoy fall!
    Rant: My son tosses and turns all night. I watch the footage summary and I just feel bad for him. He wakes up a few times, and last night he was up every hour (including twice with me). This can’t be healthy
    Rave: I have an office with a window that I can open myself – no facilities folks dictating anything to me! It’s so lovely.

    • I would wait until the end of the week before contacting them.

      • …is there a reason? They told him it would take at most 30 days. is it because Friday is a pay day?

        • Well, you have a point in calling b/c today is the 30 day mark, and since it’s only Tuesday they can maybe get something out to him before the week is over. In a situation like this, I would give them an extra day or two and then contact them.

    • Have you asked the pediatrician about the restless sleep? Perhaps it’s something fixable in case something is bothering him when he’s laying down.

      • yeah I’m going to bring it to our new peds attention at his 2 year. I am concerned it’s apnea, which is difficult to treat in kids. Though, if he needs his tonsils out ect I’d rather he do it now than 25 like I had done!

        • Yeah, that’s the kind of thing that I had in mind. I hope there’s something they can do to help!

        • I was a very, very restless sleeper. Blankets on the floor, tossing and turning all the time. Constantly tired. It was sleep apnea and I had my tonsils and adenoids out at 11 going on 12 and it transformed my sleep and health. I was down and out for a few days after the surgery and then was good as new! I am 37 now and am so glad my mom insisted. Best of luck!

          • thanks for your experience – I think it’s just difficult to overcome the hurdle of “your a worrying mom, he’s fine”. I definitely know that kids roll around in their cribs, but he will get up, stand, jump around, then go back down. Last night it was almost every hour that he was moving an amount noticeable enough for the Dropcam to pick it up!

          • Does he seem overtired during the day too?

    • Ally

      Not sure how old your son is, but if he’s 9 months or younger, highly recommend Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. Kept our little guy from tossing and turning when his muscles had a mind of their own and kept waking it up. Worked well… sometimes at least.

    • It’s probably 30 days from notice + any add-on time to reach the next regular pay cycle. So it depends on when he’s paid (15th and 30th? Every other Wednesday or Friday? etc.)

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I have this almost constant feeling that I want to burst into tears. I think it’s stress or anxiety. This is no fun.
    Rant: Trying to find a place for brunch with Eldest Zelda in NYC. I love The Breslin for brunch, but she won’t. Any recs.? She doesn’t really like food with flavor…
    Rave: Found cheapish flights for Christmas (nothing is truly cheap when there are 5 of us flying). Mr. Zelda will be pleased.

    • Emmaleigh504

      being tired makes me cry all the freaking time.

    • Balthazar and Sarabeth’s both do great brunch.

    • phl2dc

      Your first rant sounds like me at my previous job.

    • Sarabeths. amazing bloody marys. And there’s one by central park which is just lovely.

    • Blithe

      I would add another vote for Sarabeth’s — unless you think that Eldest Zelda might prefer something along the lines of a traditional diner — grittier vs fluffier. FWIW, my favorite “brunch” is grabbing the bagel and lox with orange juice combo at Zabars and eating in the park nearby, but I get that that’s not most people’s idea of brunch.

      • Emmaleigh504

        hahahaha a bagel and lox with orange juice is eldest Zelda’s idea of torture. Sounds good to me though!

        QZ, has Cricket seen The Lost Boys recently? I feel like there’s a rice seen she needs to see πŸ™‚

        • Quotia Zelda

          So true. The only thing she would eat is the bagel, and then only if it were plain and dry. It’s hard to overstate the severity of her food issues.

          • Blithe

            Sadly, I just learned that Popover Cafe ( think popovers — either plain or with strawberry butter) is closed. Finding food without flavor, well, good food without flavor — crumpets? pasta? — sounds like a major a challenge.

    • I wonder if she might like a trip to the Chelsea Market, followed by the High Line. There’s actually a Sarabeth’s outpost in the Chelsea Market, if that sounds appealing, but if it doesn’t you could always forage for your own food in the many shops there, then take it to the High Line to eat. And you wouldn’t have to worry about reservations.

    • How about The Smith?

    • Quotia Zelda

      Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I’ll check them all out.

  • Rant: I was having a great day until my mom ruined it with her passive aggressive BS. I have long ago learned to put boundaries in place and to not manage her, but manage my reaction to her. However, I am not immune to guilt trips, and her passive aggressiveness drives me bat shit.
    Rave: Friends who get it and who back me up. Validation is an amazing thing.

    • hammers

      no real advice, but just saying I know exactly what it is like to have a mom full of passive agressive BS. hoping I can learn to manage my reaction to her someday. Right now it is incident–> months of avoidance. hang in there.

      • Yeah, that’s our old pattern, and it comes in very handy sometimes! Today, I chose the path of calling her out and letting her have the option of A or B, but not C, which is guilt trip me into doing what she wants me to do. (TL;DR – they live about 2 hours away and want me to come over and stay the weekend. One, I am not working a full day and turning around to drive two hours (more with traffic) on Friday, it’s not fair to me or my kids. Two, I’m not staying the weekend, I value my mental health more than that. Three, we have pre-existing plans that she basically wants me to cancel in order to do what she wants to do. So I offered to come down earlier Saturday to maximize time spent with them before our plans, and she then does her “well fine we’ll just have breakfast.” I pointed out all the reasoning minus the not wanting to spend the weekend, and said basically that her getting pissy does nothing for her cause and that it’s passive aggressive.)

        • Your mom and my mom went to the same mom school. Adding insult to injury, my parents are retired. They fill their days with hobbies and church stuff. And still she expects me to leave my full-time job early, pack up my kids, and haul four hours down crowded highways to spend random weekends with them in their boring-ass tiny redneck town.

          • LOL – Yep, same school! In fact, her whole deal this weekend is so we can attend the County Fair and watch horse pulls.

        • hammers

          my mom blames all of her mood swings and inappropriate behavior on medical problems- then sends me passive aggressive pictures of sad dogs with quotes like “don’t get angry with [people who suffer chronic pain], it’s not their fault and it will make them feel worse. Please be patient” Sigh, I guess 20 or 40 years of patience is in order. I’m not heartless. just. this is hard.

          • Hmm, that’s a tough situation. Presumably some of her behavior _is_ in fact the result of medical problems… but with people who are physically or mentally ill, behavior that’s not really related to the illness sometimes gets attributed to it (either by the ill person or by others excusing their behavior).
            The sending of photos sounds like manipulative guilt-trip stuff.

          • hammers

            yes, it’s exactly that. she’s been mean and awful for as long as I can remember, but now, it’s because she’s sick, so I can’t be upset at slights. And pulling away means I’m not supporting her through her illness. starting to get stressed about the holidays now. it’s that time of year. sigh.

          • Holy shit… yeah, that’s bad. I hope my mom doesn’t up her game to that level!

          • Hammers – I also suffer holiday anxiety. Our holidays are tough to schedule because of having a blended family. The BF and I have to work with our schedule, the kids’ other families’ schedules, and family schedules. Last year we hosted Thanksgiving, which would have worked out great, except my family didn’t show up (they cancelled two days before). For Christmas, they refused to schedule something that would work with the kids’ schedule, so when I didn’t go down at any point, I was met with a huge guilt trip, and the fact that I was in the midst of a bout of depression just wasn’t a good enough answer. I have no clue what we will do this year, and I don’t even want to think about it.

          • hammers

            Venting is helping me deal with the anxiety a teensy bit. Example: I went home to visit my 3 year old half brother for his birthday (my father had another child) and also to introduce S.O. to folks for first time. Made sure to see mother first because if I visited my dad first and she found out, she would probably refuse to let me in the house. After visiting with her, we go see my baby bro and father. We took my father, who doesn’t get out much, mini golfing. We left plenty of time to visit with Mama hammers in the garden again for a few hours after dropping dad off; but she freaked out about not being the fun parent, threw a tantrum for my older brother (who lives at home) which included shouting and slamming things. …I’m almost 30; I don’t care about the “fun” parent, and she always refuses to do anything but sit at home. She then faked a headache (or quite possibly gave herself one) and refused to spend time with us or even say goodbye to my S.O. (I only knew about the tantrum because brother told me; she never mentioned she was upset to me) So back to DC go we.

          • Hammers, Anonamom, anon and other with similar mothers, I want to give you big hugs right now reading through this. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one with a mom like this and it’s great to know I’m in good company here.

        • Add me to the list of people with a mom like this. It’s totally exhausting and I’m already stressing out about how to deal with these issues when I’m a mom. The last thing I want on top of the stress of twin parenthood is having to manage my mom’s stresses on top of it all.

          • Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. And her stress doesn’t have to be your stress. Try not to internalize it. Tough to implement, but it should help if you can.

          • I’m all about setting healthy boundaries. She’s all about trying to find ways to push them over (example: frantic-sounding email on a random Thursday morning after we had spoken three days before saying “Call me! I am having mother’s intuition that something is terribly wrong and need you to tell me what’s going on with you.”).
            Somehow the fact of my having kids is amplifying her need to do that. I actually had to firmly tell her last weekend that it was NOT okay to send emails like that and it wasn’t a pleasant conversation for either of us. I think I have the right approach, but it just requires a lot of time and patience. Sometimes it would be nice to have a mom who could take care of me for a change.

          • Wow, that’s insane. If she doesn’t stop, I might tell her you won’t respond to those types of emails. And then don’t.
            And yeah, I hear you on the last sentence. My mom is the type of person who easily gets wrapped up in stress–so anytime that happens, forget about getting any kind of emotional support. I make the mistake of calling to vent when she’s got too much going on occasionally and always regret it because I feel worse afterwards instead of better. Blargh.

          • hammers

            at least you get practice dealing with a lot of interpersonal issues #brightside

          • Shawess – I really, really sympathize. My mo had a tendency to make my pregnancies about her, though thankfully I never got a “mother’s intuition” message. I did, however, get an endless guilt trip *while in labor* with my first child because she did not have pain relief when she had me, and I got an epidural, because I had the audacity to be born on my brother’s birthday and I was scheduling my induction, etc, etc, etc. It was so incredibly stressful to me that she was not invited to be present at my second or third children’s births. She was also so incredibly critical of me having more children (because 2 is the perfect amount, because that’s what she had), that I did not even tell her I was pregnant until I was 14 weeks, and only then it was because my oldest son spilled the beans! She takes it as a personal affront that I don’t do thing exactly like she did as a mother, to the extent that even the fact that I chose to breastfeed was offensive to her, because apparently I thought that I was better than her because she formula fed us (because boobs are gross, obvs). Sigh. And this is why we are not close.
            However, on the plus side! I think dealing with a mom like that has made me a better mom. So think of it this way, you know exactly what not to do with your girls.

          • Anonamom, it sounds like we have the same mom. Seriously. My mom wants to come to SF for the birth and stay a MONTH afterward to “help,” but I’m already imagining how she will just use that time to criticize every decision I make and make the whole thing about “her grandchildren.” (Which means it’s actually about her.) I’ve spent way too much of my time lately trying to figure out how to appropriately address this desire without being the “terrible daughter” who doesn’t want her mom’s help. It’s especially tricky because my MIL has made the same offer, and I actually want her here because she -will- help. Ooof. And yes, Hammers, this definitely is interpersonal issues bootcamp, for sure!

          • Oh man, that is a tough situation. It’s hard because you can’t say “no, no visitors” and then have MIL there. I guess you could try honesty? With my second labor, I purposefully scheduled it on the same day that she was having an in and out procedure. For the third, I just straight up told her that I didn’t want her there and gave her examples as to why. She instead got the “help” by keeping the older kids for me, though this did mean that I actually came home to a house that had basically been trashed in my absence because “watching the kids does not equal me cleaning your house” (after feverishly cleaning the night before my induction knowing the last thing I would want to do when I got home was clean). Telling the truth certainly made me feel better, but it didn’t help with the spitefulness. Can you at least make her stay at a hotel for that time?

          • I’ve got a difficult selfish mother who makes things all about herself, and then gets huffy when I stand up for myself and my family. (She offered to buy the baby’s crib, then tried to get me to go pick up a used dropside she found on craigslist in Leesburg. I kid you not. “Well you SAID you needed a crib!”) Due to years of experience, I declined to have her present at the birth of my first child. She was offended, of course. But after a rough birth and a rough post-birth, being faced with my husband going back to work and being left all alone with a needy little grub and an infected incision and no breastmilk… I cried for my mom, and she came running, and she was wonderful.
            It was an exception; she went back to her old ways. But maybe you can hope for the same from your mom.

    • It only gets harder as she gets older. it is only September, but my sister as already asked me if I can go spend Thanksgiving with my very elderly mom, as none of my numerous other siblings wants to. In theory, I would love to be there an not have her spend Thanksgiving alone. But I like to have a nice Thanksgiving myself. And having her tell me repeatedly that I’m wasting money by buying good food, cooking things wrong, screaming at me for doing the dishes “wrong,” and picking up the phone and threatening to call the police and tell them I am abusing her (because of doing said dishes “wrong”) just doesn’t sound like something I should be willing to put myself through yet again, however old she is.

      • Anon, it sounds like your mom must have some degree of dementia if she’s threatening to call the police because you did the dishes “wrong.” Is she on the radar of geriatric social services in her area?

        • No, she was doing this to my father when I was child decades ago when they argued – I always waited anxiously to see if the cops would come. To this day, I don’t know if they ignored her, or if she was just pretending to talk to them on the phone. Not dementia, just her personality, though that probably always involved some undiagnosed mental illness/personality disorder. Though she does also have some dementia now – forgetfulness, etc. – but that isn’t making her mean or crazy – she always was that.

          • Yikes. This is terribly abusive. I’m sorry anon. If you need it, consider this permission to not go. I don’t care how old she is or how you are, this sounds like a pattern of abuse. You couldn’t protect little you, but you can protect adult you.

          • hammers

            wow that’s so hard. It’s not a nice happy family moment, it’s more of a terrible job. whatever you chose to do just know that it has nothing to do with you. Is she still living on her own?

    • This is late, and I love my mom to death, but she is also driving me crazy. Not to the same extent as some of you, but… asldkalghasdklgjaslkdfjas. That’s how I feel today. That is all.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Not Catholic, but busted out my Saint Catherine of Alexandria (one of the patron saints of librarians) for the papal visit. I really like saint medals, I wish mine were nicer.
    Rant: When my Awful Offie says, “you can just pull that chair around.” It’s like nails on a chalk board. It’s not like our clients show up unexpectedly, pull the chair around for them! I managed to have a chair for my clients at that desk, not sure why she can’t fit one. The southern hostess in me just cringes.
    Rave: Feeling tired, but no longer sick.

    • That’s my patron saint!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Most people use Saint Jerome or Saint Lawrence as the librarian patron saints, but I like her better.

        • If she was associated with the great library of Alexandria, then she sure seems like the prime candidate for that spot!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t know that she did. She was a scholar and of high birth. And she was a BFD in Medieval Europe, had her own cult. Gotta love a woman who gets a cult hundreds of years after her death.
            I think I love saints for all the wrong reasons ._.

          • Putting my Catechist hat on for a minute… Legend has it that she was a convert to Catholicism, the child of a wealthy Roman. She was imprisoned several times for being a Christian, and each time she converted her jailers and others (including the Roman Governor’s wife) using her incredible intellect and logic. She refused to marry the governor, so he had her put to death. She’s where the Catherine Wheel came from. Also, we don’t know she actually existed. She’s what known as an “historical” saint, basically there’s zero proof of her life, and her story is the same as many early Christians, so she’s kind of a symbol for those early Christians who were martyred.
            *takes Catechist hat off, puts agnostic/humanist hat back on*

          • Emmaleigh504

            She’s also a generic role model for good, chaste girls, but I’m over looking that b/c she had a cult πŸ™‚

    • Blithe

      Your post reminds me that I — also not a Catholic — managed to find a patron saint of paperwork during an audit once. I’ll have to look her up again — she came through nicely for me/us!

      • LOL; I love that!
        If you can locate that information, please share it with us.

        • Blithe

          This may — or may not — be universally helpful, but I just skimmed a list, and saw that the saint I picked was St. Dymphna — who is the patron saint of the mentally ill. She came through for us!!!! And covered both the focus of the audit AND those of us who were scrambling to get our paperwork in order. Yay for St. Dymphna!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Head still hurts…
    Rave: But most of my office is running around for an event today and I am not. So that’s cool.
    Rant: Work won’t let me telework tomorrow, so I’m debating whether to be THAT person who calls in sick when they’re told ‘no.’ But I’m thinking I’d rather take a mental health day on Friday, do some homework, and hang out with the new guy because…
    Rant: He got looped into working on Saturday, but is off Friday.

    • phl2dc

      Do you have headache problems? Migraines?

    • Is this the fed job still, that was kind of jackassy? Are you normally allowed to telework? It’s a shame you look like you’re coming down with something that takes you out twice in one week…

      • Yup. Same job. They arranged telework for me but never let me use it. I’ll just take one day off this week, the question is whether I want to avoid the Pope ridiculousness, or whether I want to rest up and have some extra time for school work over a long weekend (which I wouldn’t have thought of if they had let me telework in the first place). I have a million sick hours but no annual leave…

  • Rant: My bus good fortune did not spread to my commute home yesterday. It took me a hour to ride from Foggy Bottom to Eastern Market. I was two stops away at that point, but couldn’t handle being on the train anymore. I ended ubering the rest of the ride.

    Rave: I can telework the next few days.

    • Ugh at your rant! Anyone know if the metro is still as bad as yesterday? I’m going to have to do that TWICE tomorrow because both my bus to work and my bus to class are disrupted.

    • hammers

      ditto- 40 minutes to go three stops

    • SouthwestDC

      If I had known they were going to stop 10 minutes at each stop I would have just walked from L’Enfant to Eastern Market. πŸ™

    • Even at 8:15 pm, yesterday . . . . the madness continued. Worst, that it took me from Foggy Bottom to Metro Center to get off and Uber to Southwest Waterfront.

      DangerRail continues to deteriorate.

  • Rant: My non-nursing small clothes are all falling apart. C’mon–just need to make it four more weeks (give or take?)! Don’t want to buy new ones until I’m done with this round of pregnancy/nursing.
    Rave: Chipper toddler made for a pleasant morning.
    Rant? Rave? Kiddo was dead asleep when it was time to get her up, but had clearly woken up at some point and read some books (strewn all over her bed) and then fallen back asleep again. Better to get solid sleep, but at least she amused herself and fell back asleep whenever it happened.
    Rave: Digging the cooler weather.
    Rave: Folks on the rather full bus yesterday being very patient & getting out of the way to allow a woman to board the bus in a wheelchair and get out of the rain. Rave also for the bus driver for facilitating.

    • Have you checked out the Listservs? I’m always seeing people give away their old nursing tops.

      • I should be good on the nursing tops–it’s my regular bras that are falling apart. And now is not the time to buy new ones! (I do have a shopping spree planned for those and regular clothes once size & shape have settled post-pregnancy & nursing though)

  • Rant: My allergies are killing me. There’s not enough Claritin in the world to make me comfortable.
    Rave: The neti pot is my friend.
    Rave: Amazing, loving, supportive family and friends.
    Rant: Stepmom’s boundaries are porous some times. I’m having to set some limits so she doesn’t drive me batty for the next six months. No, you don’t get a veto on baby names.

  • Rant: My coworker, that I was complaining about last week? Was over 2 hours late yesterday. My office admin spoke to the head of my firm and that person said “Give him one more heart to heart, and you can’t reprimand him about today’s lateness” (even though he texted my boss at 7:30 to tell her about the metro screw up, and she said get off the train, find a cab or an Uber and we’ll reimburse you”) and also we were totally out of many supplies that didn’t arrive until yesterday afternoon. How will “one more heart to heart” make this person improve? I’m seriously asking this — he’s been given so many chances to change/improve, why should this time be different?

    Rave: Good sleeping weather

    Rant: My (and everyone’s) commute over the next couple of days is going to be a giant pain.

    Rave: Going to make homemade butternut squash and white bean soup tonight (pureed). YUM.

    • So glad that I don’t have to work at a place where I don’t have to be at work by any set time, or where someone is monitoring my coming and going. If they are not missing a meeting etc, why does it matter if they are 2hrs late? It’s one thing if it’s constant- and a bigger problem if they are leaving at normal time, yet billing the full hours. Otherwise don’t see why people interfere with others.

      • let me tell you – it has been REVOLUTIONARY for me to be at a job where I am not micromanaged. My stress levels, though I still have very bad anxiety, are much lower. It’s amazing. My boss is like “whatever, do what you need to do, as long as I see results”. It’s amazing. I recommend it for everyone!

        • I promise myself I will never work in an environment like that ever again. And as a manager I will never set mandatory start/end time. I will have a “these are our hours of operations- with between X- Y hours being the core. Leave if up to the team to figure out the coverage. It’s such a positive to have a flexible work schedule.

        • I would kill for a job like that. But no, part of him being here when the rest of us are here is so that he can pull files, set up the IT for meetings, etc. And he doesn’t stay late when he’s late to work.

          • I was just going to say that — If you knowingly work in a job where you work FOR other people and need to be there during their hours, that’s… well, he should know better. Maybe he wants to be fired?

          • And – no one cares if you are within say, 20 minutes of your start time, as long as the time is somehow made up during the week (we’re all required to punch in/out for arrival/departure and lunches, as staff).
            Things happen. Traffic is stupid. Metro is stupider. Etc. But this is an almost daily occurrence with him and he just gets away with it. None of the rest of the staff can just roll in 2 hours late and be all “metro, am I right?” — a number of staff depended on those lines yesterday morning, and some people were a little late, some made it on time because they saw the alert before going to the metro and figured alternate transportation, but he was the only one who was 2 hours late and did not do what my boss told him to (find a taxi/uber/lyft, bring me the receipt for it and I will reimburse you). When one of my two busses I take to get here is late, or doesn’t show up, or rolls past my stop without picking us up, I figure out an alternate way to get here so I get to work on time (or as close to “on time” as possible). We had someone flying here yesterday to train him from our home office and that guy made it here from the airport before my coworker got here. Our firm is being gracious with the debacle that will be tomorrow and Thursday, thankfully.

      • Accountering

        My new boss is micromanaging my arrival time. 9:00-9:30am was working perfectly for me, my team, and my workload. Now if I get in at 9:05, I stress the whole way into the office. Very frustrating, and very unnecessary.

        • Morale at my old job PLUMMETED with that one change. Same as you, we used to arrive between 9 and 9:30. New boss requested that everyone be in BY 9. The team became sullen and disconnected and more inclined to complain about little things. Boss loosened up, things improved. A day that begins with stress rarely recovers.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My MM checks our Lync status so he can see if we are in the bathroom too long (this has become on issue). I keep hoping he will ask me about being in the bathroom too long so I can make up some gross story. So far he’s only asked ME about other people’s bathroom habits!!! wtf dude
          I hate Microsoft and every other company that made a IM status program.

          • Emmaleigh504

            and AND the bathroom issue was stressing one person out so much she quit drinking as much so he wouldn’t bother her about excessive bathroom trips! She got so dehydrated it made her sick. Her doctor straitened her out, and I hope wrote our ass MM a note about how using the bathroom is normal.

          • Jesus Christ, Emmaleigh! That’s terrible!!
            Nobody should be inquiring about length or frequency of bathroom breaks.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yeah, as I wrote it here I realized how bad it is. I sent the info to my boss, but I don’t know what she can do since we are contractors and the MM is a fed. I’ll just continue to document his insanity.

          • Bathroom Breaks? Ugh. I would have invented a very detailed Female Issue immediately.

          • hammers

            ……I was surfing the crimson wave. I had to haul ass to the ladies’.

          • Blithe

            “Well, most people don’t find it pleasant to discuss copious menstruation and concomitant digestive issues, but since you ASKED….!”

            Seriously, this sounds awful. Has anyone in your office consulted HR?

    • Is this a butternut squash soup and a white bean soup? Or a butternut squash-white bean soup?

      • It’s a butternut squash-white bean soup.

        • That sounds delicious.

          • It’s the third time in 3 weeks that I’ve made it. I can post the recipe if you want.

          • Recipe:
            From “How it all Vegan” (Note: I used chicken stock)

            1 small onion, chopped
            1-2 stalks celery chopped
            1.5 c butternut squash, peeled and cubed (Note: I’m lazy, I get pre-cut)
            2 tbsp olive oil
            2 cups of stock (chicken or veggie)
            1 can cannelloni beans
            1 tsp pepper
            1/2 tsp salt
            1/4 to 1/2 cup chives, minced.

            Saute onion, celery, and squash in the olive oil on medium-high heat, until onion is transparent. Add stock, beans, salt, and pepper and let simmer until squash can be easily pierced with a fork.

            Take off heat and blend. Garnish with chives.

    • Ally

      So if your coworker was on the orange, blue, or silver lines yesterday, 2 hours late is not unreasonable. And it’s not exactly easy to just hop off a train and grab an uber when you’re stuck in a tunnel for 30 minutes waiting to move. I’m sure the employee has a bad history, but yesterday shouldn’t be the final straw for any commuter.

  • emvee

    Rant: A good friend lost two grandparents in the same week, which was the same week her sister went to rehab. She lives quite far away, so I’m trying to think of what to do for her from an entirely different part of the country. I’m thinking a massage, and her BF emailed me saying she wants to get back into cooking for herself more regularly. I was going to get her something like Hello Fresh or BlueApron but, having never done either, I don’t know which are any good.
    Rave: Having good friends that you want to love and support.

  • hammers

    Rant: When people think that just twisting their legs is acceptable to let a person out of the inner seat on the metro.
    Rant: Any and all headlines/clickbait that include phrases like “​The moment that….” ; “…And so and so responded perfectly” ; “…. explained perfectly” ; “Number 15 will shock you” ; anything “brilliant” Not only will I not read them, I won’t respect any journalist who would use them.
    Rave/Rant: 6:15 AM workouts
    Rave: Chicago visit in >10 days! Any and all recomendations for things to do and see are welcome.

    • phl2dc

      “Rant: When people think that just twisting their legs is acceptable to let a person out of the inner seat on the metro.”


    • Don’t miss an architectural tour from the river! While many companies give them, the absolute best are the ones not with paid tour guides, but rather volunteer docents certified by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. They are incredible and really fascinating. Also, if you enjoy comedy, especially improv, there’s no better place on the planet.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I accidentally on purpose fall on the leg twisters. Sometimes it’s not on purpose! Move your asses people!

    • Your first rant drives me crazy. I was once sitting next to a really fat guy on the bus, who just twisted his legs to the side when I needed to get out… And that got really angry and swore at me when I told him I couldn’t get by. Grrr.

    • emvee

      I “accidentally” hit them with my giant purse.
      “Oh gosh I’m so sorry I just didn’t have any space!”

    • Pablo Raw

      Sears tower (Willys Tower) skydeck

    • I’m from Chicago (the city – not the suburbs – born and raised), but I haven’t lived there in 6 years. All of the advice so far (architecture river boat tour, comedy shows, day game at Wrigley) is all good. I don’t know what’s hot and hip in terms of restaurants/bars/shopping anymore so I’ll just stick to the institutions. If you are not afraid of heights go to the Sears tower… It’s pretty pricey, but totally worth the view and the tour. If you’re not afraid and don’t want to spend money to get a great view go to the Signature Room in the Hancock Building (if you’re a woman, the best view is from the women’s restroom). It’s free to get up there and open to the public. You could get a drink up there. It will be pricey but worth it. (Obviously only do this when it’s not overcast.)
      If it’s rainy or cold you could go to the Art Institute.
      Take a walk/jog/bike ride on the lake front path and maybe hang out on a beach if it’s warm enough.
      Street fairs in Chicago are always a good time. You can find out if there are going to be any going on during your trip by doing a quick Google search.
      I would avoid Navy Pier at all costs (although it does have a good view at the very end… you just have to walk through a lot of touristy BS to get there).
      Take in a blues show at Buddy Guy’s Legends, B.L.U.E.S. or Kingston Mines.
      Chicago is full of a ton of great neighborhoods, so I would definitely try to check some of them out and not make your stay too downtown-centric.
      Public transportation there is very good (much better than here for sure) and they have a bikeshare system that works much like Capital Bikeshare. Chicago is a grid and totally flat, so bike riding there is fun and easy.
      You may find the Chicago section of Thrillist or DNAinfo useful to find out what’s happening now that may be of interest to you.
      I hope you have fun and that the weather isn’t too bad during your trip!
      (I may come back with more suggestions later in the day if I think of any)

    • Have pancakes (or other delicious food) at the Bongo Room:
      For clubs, look into Smart Bar:

  • Rant: How is it already 10 a.m.?! I have soooo much to do! Ack!
    Rave: Enjoying this fall weather, for the most part
    Rant: I don’t know if it’s a cold or allergies or what, but my head is trying to kill me. I battled a migraine most of the day Saturday, Sunday it was a lot better, but then yesterday it all came back in full force. Had to take zofran, 2 different prescription migraine pills, 2 zyrtec and an allegra last night. I’m kind of amazed I got out of bed this morning. Feeling pretty good comparatively, but I still can’t get rid of this runny nose and dull pounding ache on the right side of my head.
    Rave: Free yoga pants after I managed to drag myself out to yoga class last night?! Yes please!
    Rant/Rave – wishing I could telework tomorrow, especially because my work is right on route to Catholic U. But at least I live close enough that I can walk and avoid the metro mess.

    • I’m telling you LBP, the lighting in that place sucks. Remember my eyes were always twitching? And you probably don’t know this, but I was having to take Excedrin every single day. I know the weather also plays a part (and stress!), but I think it would help a lot!
      Also – pro-tip for the walk, try walking Warder down instead of Georgia. It’s a nicer walk.

      • Thanks on all counts! I generally avoid Tylenol-based meds like Excedrin as much as possible (liver concerns), but yeah. I’m going to see if I can get an extra lamp in here….

  • Rave: Realtor came over last night and told us we should list the house for more than we thought we would! Score!
    Rant: God, I hope she’s right.

    • Don’t rely on realtor to price. At least not just one. If you have time, check out what other places similar to yours are selling for yourself online. If your realtor overprices it, it will sit and take longer to sell. Some actually do this – don’t know why. If you truly don’t have time to figure out the best figure to list it at yourself, then poll at least 3 or 4 realtors.

      • Yup. She brought the comps with her and we have another realtor coming over tonight.

      • I agree that it’s good to consider multiple agents and do homework on comps, but some agents are just more capable than others of getting higher prices. Maybe they know great stagers or photographers or are otherwise extra talented at prepping and marketing homes for sale. I wouldn’t rule out a realtor just because they price higher; the higher listing price may be an indication of their confidence to get that price. I was initially surprised by how high our agents wanted to price our house for sale and we ended up selling for above asking price. I give them a lot of credit for a job well done.

        • It goes without saying that you should only hire a realtor who does great staging and photos – that’s one thing that is transparent and easy to figure out from their listings.

  • PSA: “Impacted” =/= “affected.” If you’re talking about the Pope’s visit and you’re not his dentist, you mean “affected.”

    • hammers

      it’s evolved to mean “strongly affected by something”

      • See? The new definition actually contains the correct word. Skip the middle man.
        Also, if “impacted” comes to mean “affected” we lose meaning. The dentist would say “you have an impacted tooth.” And the patient might say “impacted by what? decay? gingivitis?”

        • Emmaleigh504

          language evolves and that’s (mostly) ok.

          • It’s not ok when the reason for its “evolution” is people using it wrong! We should not accept the elevation of ignorance. (Although I recognize that elevation of ignorance is getting certain political parties lots of airtime, and it’s a losing battle…)
            I love seeing what we come up with when a new word is needed for a new or changing idea. But covering for misuse by saying “hey, language evolves” is detrimental to meaning.

          • Emmaleigh504


          • “It’s not ok when the reason for its β€œevolution” is people using it wrong!”
            I could not agree more with this. “Literally” now has an alternative informal meaning of “used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true.” In other words, for years people used “literally” incorrectly, and we have rewarded them by changing the definition to conform to their mistake. No. I refuse.

    • One of my pet language peeves! Teeth are impacted, people are affected.

    • I try to avoid using it myself, but I’ve become kind of inured to other people’s use of it.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Sellers that make repairs appropriately the first time they are asked
    Rave: Heading for a quick trip to New Hampshire with my mom next week courtesy of some very cheap tickets and a weekday off. This will be my new state this year. I think we’ll be in Maine as well! I still really want to go up the Maine coast one summer.
    Rave: Being home a couple weekends in a row. It’s so nice to do something productive at home, then meet up with friends. I get stressed when I stack several weekends away back to back.
    Rave: Best friends husband, who I consider pretty fancy, loved the paint job on the exterior of the house. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it was nice to hear someone else really get excited about it.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Walking through my neighborhood late at night last night (Brookland), it was nice and quiet…
    Rant: The calm before the Francistorm

  • Emmaleigh504

    PSA: Unofficial Popville HH on Oct 15 at Southern Hospitality. There is a rumor that Quoatia Zelda will attend!

  • Thanks for the photo feature, Popville!

  • Rave (bittersweet variety): That picture. I got married in that church (cathedral, actually) 26 years ago next Wednesday. It was a little more elaborate that is really my style but it was actually our parish church when we lived on California and Connecticut. The priest offered to marry us after we showed up as unwed parents to a baby Catholic for baptizing. Years later, I used to sing that bit from the White Stripes’ Hotel Yorba to my wife: “Let’s get married/in a big cathedral by a priest/If I’m the man that you love the most/you can say I do at least.”
    Other days, another life.

  • Rave – Office closing early today and we’re closed tomorrow. Thank you Pope Francis for the much needed time off! My plans include sleeping, baking, yoga, coloring books, and not thinking about wedding planning.
    Rant – Dog ate a bunch of nasty orange-colored Pringles off the sidewalk last night and threw up on the carpet :-/

    • Our pup messed all over her crate yesterday and has continued into today. We can’t keep her from eating feral cat poop when out on walks. Ugh, I really don’t want to have to take her to the vet tomorrow.

      • ” We can’t keep her from eating feral cat poop when out on walks.”
        How come you can’t prevent this? When I walk my dog- if she focuses on any one thing- I pull her away before she has any opportunity to put whatever in her mouth. My dog has the tendency to rub her head in “dead” stuff with the worse smell ever, so I am very alert and cautious when walking her.

        • I’m not super experienced yet, but my dog sniffs in grass and sometimes I can’t tell if it’s an “I found street food!!! freakout!!!” sniff or an “omg, someone else peed here, I need to pee here toooo!” kind of sniff. Sometimes he gets something he shouldn’t even if I’m looking and the leave it command doesn’t work on everything yet. Getting out a blockbuster treat isn’t always fast enough either.
          I also tend to intermittently zone out on long walks. I was thinking about something and my dog peed on a sandwich sign. I was so embarrassed.

        • I’m pretty good with pulling her away or telling her “leave it” when there’s street food around. But she’s small and close to the ground so sometimes she’ll grab something before I even see it. Or it’s dark and I can’t see what’s going on, which was the case with the street Pringles last night. Her “drop it” command isn’t that great yet, especially when I’m asking her to drop a chicken bone, the jackpot of dog street food, but we’re working on it.

          • When walking, it’s hard to tell when she’s just sniffing or slipping some poop into her mouth. Sniffing is her treat, the poop is our enemy. It only takes one slight slip of the tongue. And it’s poop, so before we can even give her the leave it command, it’s gone. Also, didn’t mention this, but the f—ing feral cats poop in our landscaping and it’s impossible to keep up with it. Critter Ridder is no match to the NW DC feral cat army.

  • Rant: Boss: “The roads were fine this morning, didn’t have any trouble getting in.” Yes, because they weren’t closing the road by us until 9:30… sigh. I feel like they think we’re exaggerating how bad it will be. At least they’re giving us two hours’ leeway in getting in tomorrow and Thursday if necessary.
    Rave: Coworkers who make me laugh.
    Rant: My sister met a guy that she was really interested in for the first time. She’s been so cute and nervous about it and we’ve been doing a lot of bonding. He sent her a couple ominous texts last night, saying he heard something from his ex and he needs to talk to her in person, but can’t until tonight. She’s pretty sure he’s going to end it and say he’s not over his ex or something. I want to kick him for sending ominous texts when he can’t talk for a while, because now she’s just feeling like crap. Grrrrrr. Idiot boy no hurting my little sister!

  • Revel: signed up for a counseling session through EAP. This is something I wish I had done ages ago
    Rant: no planning period today and meetings after school right before Yom Kippur. This will be fun.

  • palisades

    Rave: Work from home Wednesday and Thursday. Doesn’t happen nearly enough.
    Rave: Fall weather is upon us. Planning a Harrisonburg trip as well as an apple picking/corn maze/pumpkin patch trip.

  • Rant: my boss has been giving me some of his more visible work as I’m ready for it. It’s great because I agree that it’s the right time and it’s been good for me to take on this stuff. But now my mentee wants to take some of these things, but I haven’t gotten more things, so I feel like I’m being bumped out. I can say no to her or I can give her a timeline, but I’m having a hard time deciding if I think she’s ready and dealing with this change. It was easier when I was the only one working on this stuff.
    Rave: Last minute plans with neighbors!
    Rant: Every day is an adventure with DOG, especially rainy days. I had to leave him outside so I could go up and get one of his many rugs because he wouldn’t come back in the building on the wet, slippery floors. I think he would lived in the courtyard had I not rolled out the red carpet for him.

  • Rant: Co-worker said something about how I look like a “junior high student running around the office.” I know she means it as a joke/weird compliment but I don’t want to be seen as a kid at work!
    Rave: Drinking lots of hot tea the past couple days. Enjoying fall while it’s still “cool” rather than “cold.”
    Rant: Have to go in to work tomorrow. I don’t think it will be too bad for my office but I’m jealous of all the people teleworking.

    • Re your first rant: I’ve gotten several comments at work that I “look like I’m 14.” Not only does it make me feel uncomfortable but it is VERY unprofessional of them.

      • hammers

        Ive gotten asked if it was take your daughter to work day. wtf. also what is worse is men who tell you you look 14, then proceed to hit on you. ….. … … …. … so you like 14 year olds?

        • Not at work, but shortly after graduating college I got those comments a couple times. Two middle-aged guys in the NY subway trying to chat me up asked, “So, you in college?” and another guy on the DC metro said “You look like you’re 13, but would you get dinner with me?” Uhhh… Blech blech blech.

          • Ugh! That’s so creepy! No wonder people don’t like talking to strangers. You never know when you’ll get a weirdo.

  • Blithe

    Rant/Rave: I had a nasty bout of sinus pressure yesterday, which I’ve never had before. I found one last Mucinex pill and two last Allegra tablets and woke up feeling much, much better. I guess I now have Fall allergies as well. πŸ™ But at least the OTC meds work well. Still balking on the neti pot thing….
    Rant: The Washington Home and Hospice will be closing all of there inpatient programs by the end of 2016. AFAIK, this was the only inpatient hospice program available in DC. While many patients do, indeed, prefer in-home hospice services, for patients with complicated medical needs and/or minimal family resources, this will be a huge loss. This is likely to be a huge blow for the patients in the long term care programs as well. I get the financials, but this will be a huge loss for people who need the kinds of services that have been offered here for decades.
    Rant: Last outdoor swim of the season. Summer really is over.
    Rave: Closet cleaning: I found some really nice old photos that I had totally forgotten about. And now I know that T J Maxx has picture frames.

  • Rave: Looks like we found a tenant, and a great one at that! Any tips for getting ready for the DCRA inspection? I looked at the checklist and I think we’re good. I am just worried about failing over something stupid!
    Rant: This Pope visit. I am dreading tomorrow and Thursday. At least I am teleworking Thursday!

  • Revel: 3 of my foster kittens are super social (and of course adorable!) Get ’em while they’re hot!
    Rant: Super social means serious competition for lap space, much sprawling on my desk and stomping on my keyboard. Seriously, if you’ve been thinking of adopting, these guys are perfect! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5210127804.html

    Revel: The two newest fosters – (still quarantined) – one of whom was dropped off skinny and soaked in urine, are starting to not hide behind the toilet all the time! They are even starting to figure out how to play with a feather toy.

    • If someone takes two of the siblings, will HT let the third be adopted solo? Or will they still insist on the two kitten rule?
      I’m beginning to consider getting another cat, but I’m not looking at any of the rescue groups because of this rule. The kids want a kitten (and I do not intend to fight them on this), and we are not getting more than one new pet.

    • Blithe

      They’re adorable! Are you teaching them to read… or are they picking that up on their own?

  • Blithe

    One more Rave: Beautiful picture! I’ll add St. Matthew’s and the Franciscan Monastery to my field trip list.

  • Rave: Up early for a nice run – first run in short sleeves of the season…tights in 3 months?
    Rave: Truffle scrambled eggs for breakfast – getting up extra early has its perks.
    Rave: Skipped the bus and biked to metro – we’ll see if this will work tomorrow.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Within 4 hours of the trash being picked up there are 3 shit bags at the bottom of it. @#%@#$^

    • Your own trash can? Ugh. My SO does this every now and then and I gripe at him for it. Granted, he only does it if the trash HASN’T been picked up yet. But I’d be annoyed too. We don’t even put it in our own, let alone someone else’s. I think he just hates carrying the bag so much that he loses his mind and gets desperate and panics. Seriously, he holds his breath while picking up the poop. He’s basically this guy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/femail/video-1205826/Dad-gags-vomits-changing-daughter-s-nappy.html

      • justinbc

        Yes. Our trash cans go on our back patio too, where we eat dinner often. So it’s even more annoying when they’re filled with other people’s dog shit. I always try to bring them in ASAP to avoid it, but the bastards were out quick this week.

  • Rave: Fancy weather station just delivered, plans to do some actual work put aside while I figure out how to put this together.
    First step, start putting things together
    Second step, open the manual
    Rant: Moths! Why do I have moths in my bedroom? I’ve checked clothes (rugs, other fabric) for any signs of infestation but don’t find anything amiss

    • I was incredibly, ridiculously tired the other night after 6 hrs of painting the house and I attempted to put together a simply laundry hamper. It was so simple that it didn’t come with instructions, just an illustration of the completed project. One hour and 6 attempts later, I nearly cried myself to sleep. Lesson learned.

  • I need to get from the Hill to Georgetown Wednesday and Thursday. I usually take Metro. Should I telework or no? Will it be a mess or fine?

    • Rant: Forgot to phrase the above Q in the form of a R&R. Oops.
      Rave: Um…one day closer to the weekend?

    • CN — If I were you, I’d telework.
      On Wednesday, the Pope will be at the White House, St. Matthew’s, and the Basilica. In between the White House and St. Matthew’s engagements, there will be a parade with the Pope in the Popemobile. (Apparently that’s its official name??) On Thursday, he’ll be at the Capitol and St. Patrick’s Church.

  • Rave: Frozen mini cream puffs.
    Rant: Lack of willpower.
    Rave: Cuddly kittycat.
    Rant: … who woke me up well before my alarm went off. I need to wrap my bedroom door in aluminum foil so she won’t scratch it to get my attention.

    • Emmaleigh504

      omg Donna woke me up 2 hours before my alarm. then she was annoyed that I got up b/c all she wanted was me to let her under the covers. Under the covers is unacceptable to her if I’m not there too. And she’s well equipped to get under those damn covers without waking me up with head butts. She is such a bad, bad weebus.

  • saf

    Who owns that stupid chicken that is making me insane? How is there a chicken living somewhere along my alley? And why won’t it SHUT UP!

  • Blithe

    Late Day Rave: I think the panda has finally moved from “looks not quite done yet” to “awww, so frickin’ cute”!

  • Rant: Crazy traffic coming, metro and bus chaos and non-stop Papal reporting. I mean I’m glad he’s here, but it makes me want to behave like a hermit when I think about logistics.
    Rave: Tele-work, best.thing.ever
    Revel: The weather. I love, love, love Fall!

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