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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Another waste of DC taxpayer money was just announced by our amazing mayor. If nobody goes to Chinatown to watch the Mystics, what would make anyone think they would travel to Anacostia.
    Rave: I’m on vacation in 3 weeks from tomorrow!

    • $50 MILLION in taxpayer money going to waste. At what point does the recall campaign start?

      • Actually you have to look at the pot that the money is coming from. Half of it is spending already tagged for improvements to the St E’s campus, the other half is coming from Events DC which is funded by hospitality taxes and whose purpose is projects like this. So basically that money is going to be spent in some shape or form in this way.

        • Accountering

          Actually, that isn’t even remotely correct. First, the money tagged for St Es improvements should be spent on St Es improvements, not on a private basketball practice facility. Second, just because it comes from hospitality TAXES, doesn’t mean it has to go to entertainment facilities. Just like speed camera revenue doesn’t go to road improvements. Money, and tax revenue are fungible.
          Nothing you said negates the fact that this is TAX money, going to waste. Even your last sentence – just because it is going to spent (could have been used for homeless services, or school construction, or any number of things) doesn’t mean it has to be spent on entertainment related items. Zero points and a good candidate for dummy of the day.

          • Yikes, accountering. Harsh. That said, I agree with everything you just said, minus the “dummy of the day” comment.

          • Wow – Just when I thought I was enjoying the Popville chat boards…let me clarify that what I said wasn’t incorrect, you just have a different opinion about it.

            Maybe I shouldn’t have been so vague in my comments. Unless WaPo is misinforming their readers this is what they have to say: “The District would use $23 million from capital improvements already approved for the St. Elizabeths site and combine it with $27 million from Events DC, which is funded with hotel and restaurant taxes.”

            From that, what I said about half of it is already tagged for St. E’s IS CORRECT. $23M is going to to improvements – basketball facility or not.

            EventsDC is the city’s official convention and sports authority – which is funded through hospitality taxes. Paying for schools and homelessness services is not covered under their purview. That being said, you can disagree with the funding of EventsDC and their mission, but claiming the city is choosing funding a facility over a school is misleading.

          • Only because you can’t edit posts here like you can on Facebook, I’ve added some more clarification:
            Re: facility improvements, the Washington Business Journal stated “D.C. would be responsible for providing the site, as well as the infrastructure, including utilities, parking, lighting and road access, according to the agreement.” All of these are infrastructural improvements paid for by the city for the St. E’s campus. I assume these improvements are necessary regardless of what type of facility is built on the site.
            Re: your point about fungible tax revenue- EventsDC is a codified organization (and only quasi-public as well). You can just “funge” (is that a word) the revenue that is acquired by one organization, just like you wouldn’t expect DC Public Schools to pay for the police department. Also re: hospitality taxes, typically these taxes are created with the purpose of funding tourism and other event-related programs in the same way gas taxes are intended to fund road improvements. Yes, you are right that you can move these around…well you can see the point I just made.

            My initial comment was not to disparage anyone from being against the St. E’s facility project–I just think it’s important to understand funding streams and public policy before you start throwing around large numbers and screaming waste.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Do we even have recall laws?

  • Rave: Turned all that negative energy into my highest tourney finish in the second half of the year after playing awful just the night before. Thanks popvillagers!
    Rave: Electric bill down 25%.
    Rave: Downtime at work.
    Rave: So close to closing I can taste it.

  • Rave: Cute guy on the bus this morning. Also, cute guy at the bus stop who tried to let me on the bus first when really I was just trying to get around the line. Sorry for the confusion, and I think you’re cool!
    Unknown: Where are all my co-workers this morning?
    Rant: Kind of want a donut, but Dunkin’ is always disappointing, there’s no other options around, and I really need to stop eating so many carbs or else force myself to go to the gym. I’m gaining weight and it’s only going to get worse as the semester goes on… this didn’t used to happen to me!
    Rave: Half way through the week. Phew.

    • Additional Rant: Can a certain person in my office please stop asking if I’m tired just because I’m not leaping with joy?! Of course I’m tired! There was a pity party yesterday for the person who has been working from 9am-10pm several days the past few weeks, but I’ve been having two 6:45am-9pm days every week for the past two years and I’m not asking for a pity party. Stop asking me if I’m tired! Gah!

  • Rave: good times with my roommate last night serving as her “wingman.”
    Rant: Too much high alch beer on an empty stomach and not enough water. I have not felt this hungover in years. Ugh.
    Rave: Making progress on some things at work
    Rant: Not making much progress on some other things at work. Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.
    Rant: Despite my recent clean bill of health, feeling a bit like I did a number of months ago when I had to make an urgent visit to a doctor. Despite extensive testing, we never figured out what it was or why, but I’m feeling that way again, and from what I can see the common factor in both cases seems to be stress. I’m getting stressed out by stress levels that are trying to kill me!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hangover prevention: roasted beets. It doesn’t take much, maybe 1/2 a cup before drinking.
      I have a wingman story that I love to share. Gather round kiddies. Picture it: 1993 at LSU there’s a HUGE crowd between my dorm, the athlete dorm and the cafeteria where I need to go to work. I pass through the Pentagon courtyard and get to work. After work, about 7:45-8, I have to walk this wimp-ass chick home b/c she can’t handle walking 50 yards in the evening by herself. I was head home I notice a limo. then this guy pops out and greets her. He saw her earlier during the crowd and thought she was pretty (impressive since she was in work clothes and not really that pretty). Apparently, he asked her out earlier but she said she had to work. So he’s trying again after work and with his wingman. His wingman is talking to me and inviting me out too. The plan was a nice (NICE) dinner and clubbing. I was so game. She was a wet blanket and said no. No fun night out for me with the wingman. The wingman was SHAQUILLE FUCKING O’NEAL!
      I still hate that bitch.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant/Rave?: When counting out your lucky odd number of Tater Tots at the breakfast hot bar, if four are stuck together does that count as one or four?
    Rave: I’m looking forward to hate-watching the β€œdebate” tonight.

    • one. definitely one.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to hate watching *anything* as much as tonight’s debate! Too exciting!

    • I am really having trouble this week remembering what day it is — I was convinced the debate was LAST night and that I was missing it. (Though I can’t watch it tonight either.)

      • Emmaleigh504

        Me too. Yesterday I sent out several emails that only go out on Wed. Then I tried to go to a Wed meeting.

      • Ditto, I did the same thing (thought the debate was last night….was rushing at work at 630 to GTFO of the office). I also thought the Pope was coming today. My brain is really out-of-wack.

  • Rant: people who fail to realize that they’re the common denominator to very frequent negative interactions with others.
    Rave: meeting with architect today about my rowhome conversion to duplexes.
    Rave: enjoying conversation with this new possible person of interest

    • “people who fail to realize that they’re the common denominator to very frequent negative interactions with others.”
      I always laugh so much when these people tell me “Ugh, I just need to get away from all the people who bring DRAMA into my life!” To be fair, I heard this more in my 20s than I do nowadays. The lack of self-awareness is strong with these folks.

      • Yes, it’s been my experience that people who say that crap are the ones that cause the drama. I have one particular relative who is the queen of creating unnecessary drama and then whining about it.

    • hammers

      what a great way to describe this! Once I said something to a former friend who was going through a rough breakup- something COMPLETELY unrelated to said breakup. The comment I made- stating the friend’s verbal abuse was completely out of line- really struck a nerve (to which I received a crap ton more verbal abuse and dramatics). Apparently I said something almost identical to what a former S.O. said. I’m thinking- if the two most important people in your life are saying the same thing to you in different circumstances- maybe it’s you.

  • Neither a rant nor a rave but just wanted to thank Emmaleigh, Anons, fka Shawess, jeslett, mtpresident, and textdoc for their echoes of support yesterday in the RRR&R! Thanks for “supporting” my comment to Anon Spock yesterday, guys. I think this is a really helpful forum to read different perspectives (especially on dating!) and I thought lending mine to Anon Spock might be better received.
    I looked at yesterday’s responses too late, but to continue the conversation…Anon Spock: you may think my reading skills are sub-par, but then it seems that many others are in my same boat. While there’s value in being right,” there’s also value in being a clear communicator. If you feel you’re consistently being misunderstood, perhaps you should evaluate the common denominator. It’s not as fun to be the smartest person in the room if no one can stand being around you.
    I continued this conversation because you consistently bring up online dating, and communication styles differ a lot there! Whereas you may want to meet immediately, other women may be hesitant because they see that as aggressive. Intentions are hard to convey in two or three messages, and can be easily lost in translation. I also bring this up because you come off very aggressive and defensive (at least on this forum) and because it’s online, the point stands firmer: how you present may be different than your intentions.
    I believe your intentions to be good, but I also recommend objectively evaluating your approach and tone in sending messages and your approach in receiving feedback, both from posts and messages. Best of luck to you.

  • Rant: Horrible nightmare about spiders last night – we had to make a hole in the wall for some reason and thousands of these little black spiders came streaming out to carpet every surface. Woke up in a panic. I think I might be anxious about all of the work we need to do to make our house ready for sale.

    Rave: Talking about our launch date. DC gave us a good ten years, but we’re ready for the next (cheaper, Midwest) adventure.

    • Fr a random site:
      “To see a spider climbing up a wall in your dream denotes that your desires will be soon be realized. To dream that a spider is coming down on you from the ceiling indicates that you are unable to escape from some relationship. If you dream of baby spiders, then it symbolizes a new or recent relationship.”

  • Rant: Am I a heathen for wishing the Pope would have skipped DC?
    Rave: Leftover osso bucco for breakfast πŸ™‚

  • Rave: My kid counts AND knows the alphabet. Which is hilarious because we praise him for it and now he walks around quietly singing the alphabet to himself.
    Rave: He’s not even two! Clearly his parentage should be in question because I’m a dumb dumb!
    Rant: too many days of needing my parents to help with childcare because there are too many Jewish holidays. Or, there are too many Jewish holidays and he goes to a Jewish preschool.
    Rant: Jewish preschool is, for some reason, full of orthodox families which limits our pool of new friends. We aren’t orthodox, I don’t have a kosher home. Hopefully we can meet parent friends through the campus parents group and regular synagogue events once we are settled in.
    Rave: This is like the best weather – cool mornings, not sweaty. love.

    • While there may be some limitations on hosting with orthodox friends, I’m not sure why that would negate the ability to develop friendships at all?

  • Rave: Married!! The wedding wasn’t without its hiccups, but it was a great time and a beautiful evening despite the rain earlier in the day.
    Rave/Rant: Looks like it’s really happening…moving to Toronto in November. So many feelings and emotions about this, but excited for the adventure.

    • Hooray and hooray!

    • Aw! Congrats to you both, and good luck getting everything sorted with your move!

    • Congratulations on your marriage, and on your upcoming move!

    • Congratulations on both counts! Toronto is a great town, I think you’ll really like it.

    • That One Guy


    • HOORAY! Congratulations!

    • Congratulations! And best of luck with preparing for the move! At least now you have only ONE huge time-consuming event to get ready for. πŸ˜‰

    • palisades

      Take me with you

    • justinbc

      Toronto is probably the cleanest major city I’ve ever been to, and poutine everywhere!

      • I must have been there at the wrong time or something, but I didn’t think it was that much cleaner than your average big American city. I kept hearing people rave about how wonderfully clean it was, how polite everyone was, but I was underwhelmed. And I got accosted by a number of homeless and/or high folks more in four days than I have so far living in D.C. (Granted, I’ve been cussed at by drugged out folks waaay more here, so there’s that.)

        • I should clarify to say that by accosted I mean physically stopped in the process of going about my business (versus just having people yell shit at you as you walk by or as they pass you, as happens more frequently here.) Toronto was nice, and the people were pretty polite, but I guess I had unrealistic expectations going into it.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I went during the SARS outbreak. Best time to go! As soon as any business found out I was from some places else they gave me all sorts of discounts and freebies. The people were super nice before they found out I was from out of town, too. I love that city (in the summer time).

          • Hmm, what neighborhoods were you in b/c I agree with Justinbc. It is just.so.clean. I was there in August and barely saw any trash (I even thought to myself why can’t DC be like this!). Not to mention there were trash/recycle cans on every corner. The trash cans also have the foot piece so you don’t even have to touch anything!

          • justinbc

            Yeah, I saw almost zero trash anywhere, and went all over the entire downtown area pretty much solely by foot. Interesting side fact, we can thank Toronto (or Ontario more specifically) for our black squirrels and you can find them all over the Trinity College campus up there.

          • I honestly don’t remember, it was about 9 years ago for a conference and I was so sleep-deprived the whole time that I don’t remember where it was, where I went, etc. Plus, it was early March and very very cold and still snowy, so I didn’t get to experience it in any sort of nice conditions to start with.

          • oh! Ok, now you won me over, I will try to reframe my limited experience of Toronto. I love those little black squirrels, they’re the cutest!!!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Agree with Justin. So. clean. I went all over and have a knack for getting lost and never found a dirty or trashy area. I had zero experiences that were not good or better. Lovely place.
            I just saw on Gobe Trekker (I think) that you can tore the OUTSIDE of the CN Tower!!! They hook you to a safety line and walk around it. They even had people lean over the edge to get a really good view. Looked amazing!

          • LOL, we went up in the CN Tower last winter and had lunch at the restaurant. Then we walked around and I was TERRIFIED of even lying down on the glass where you could see all the way down to the ground! I think I’ll skip the outside tour and save myself a massive panic attack!

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Forget poutine – they have the best Vietnamese food around and it is cheap. Also the taxis are actually cheaper than the bus or subway. Some great museums as well. Was there in 2005 and really loved it.

      • Thanks everyone! And yes textdoc, just when I thought things were going to settle down and I could stop planning for a major event…life!

        • justinbc

          Did you decide to sell your place here or are you going to rent it out?

          • We’re going to rent it out, the easy way out would be selling, but it makes more sense to keep it as a long-term investment. (Plus never know, we could come back!?) I’ve already listed it and had 5-6 showings and have another 5 scheduled the rest of this week. An acquaintance is interested in it too so I don’t think we’ll have a problem.

          • justinbc

            Smart move, giving up DC real estate in this market is tough to do.

          • Accountering

            DC is a market you should buy and hold. Ideally forever IMO.

    • Yay!! Congrats on your marriage and enjoy your upcoming adventures together!

    • Congrats!!

    • Congratulations!

  • Rave: I saw the Slate Political Gabfest live show last night! And I think I’m becoming a bit of a John Dickerson fangirl.
    Rant: Had to leave before the end because of awful “morning” sickness. Still not feeling quite right this morning. I thought eating a lot of protein would help but it seems to actually make things worse.
    Rave: I have a string of doctor’s appointments coming up and can ask my long list of questions then.
    Rave: Naps.

    • Write your questions down!! I cannot stress this enough. I spent so many OB appts going “Um… I had a question about… about… um…” Pregnancy brain is a real thing.

      • List started! Thanks!

      • Pregnancy brain is VERY real but it lasts well beyond pregnancy. I have a very hard time with quick recall (which I used to be good at). I say the wrong words all the time – example, I mean toaster when I say microwave. And I’m not as sleep deprived as I used to be. It’s very real but is likely a long lasting infliction for some of us. But, my husband now knows it’s something I deal with and just tries to figure out what I mean vs pointing to the error.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: Gary

  • Rave: Amazing beach vacation. A little sad to see it end.
    Rant: The next few weeks are a whirlwind of doctors appointments. I really dislike seeing doctors.
    Rant: The wife and I are not seeing eye-to-eye on something and it’s really bothering me. We rarely disagree on anything so it’s bizarre for me to be having this kind of response to something that’s really small and insignificant in the long run. I’m going to blame the stupid hormones on this one.
    Rave: Our nephew has just joined the Cub Scouts and the photo of him in uniform with the biggest smile on his face makes me so incredibly happy.

    • Rabbit3, I am sorry you have having conflict with your wife. If it helps, I will say that the pregnancy hormones are real. I find myself responding much more emotionally (and sometimes combatively) to issues at work and home that I normally would brush off. I don’t know if that resolves things, but perhaps knowing that the response may be more hormones than a reflection of where your relationship is may help. And hang in there, this incubating life thing can be hard on some days.

      • Thanks artemis. I’m trying to remind myself that I’m not reacting to things rationally these days (like bursting into tears over the silliest things) but it’s hard. I’m usually a pretty calm and collected person when it comes to just about everything so I just don’t know how to cope with this.

      • I second this. If you recognize your responses as less-than-rational, excuse yourself from the conversation. “Let’s talk about this later, please,” is all it should take. I hope your wife is reading up on the truly ridiculous changes (in number and in scale) that happen during pregnancy, and taking to heart what she’s reading.

      • Ditto. I don’t feel super hormonal much of the time, but sometimes it will just slap me upside the head unexpectedly. Recent example: Discussing installing the infant car seat in the car so we’d be set ahead of time brought a bizarrely clear image/fear of forgetting my toddler daughter in the car in one of those horrible kids in a hot car scenarios. A bit ridiculous because we rarely drive, and especially don’t commute by driving. But man that stayed with me for days.

  • justinbc

    Rave: My ticket from June 2013 (http://www.popville.com/2014/03/from-the-forum-taking-a-ticket-beyond-appeal/) was finally overturned this week by the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board, after 2 lowers levels had denied it. It’s absurd how much of my time, and the DC’s governments, has to be wasted on a faulty ticket. Now I just have to wait 8 to 10 weeks (!) to get my refund.
    Rave: Ralph Lauren metallic paint. I definitely never though I would be using this stuff anywhere in my home, but the effect in the small space that I used it is pretty stunning.

  • Rave: Coming to the end of the first trimester and starting to go public with family and friends. The joy and support I have encountered is just awesome.
    Rant: So very tired this week. I would just hibernate til Sunday if I had a choice.
    Rave: Fall! You are my favorite season, and I am so very glad that you are finally arriving.

  • Rant: Very cranky today.
    Rant: Job stuff.
    Rant: Golden raintree, which D.C. in its wisdom used as a street tree in several places on my street. That tree is a MENACE. (It drops its seed pods everywhere, resulting in hundreds/thousands of volunteer seedlings in the spring. Trying to rake away the pods doesn’t help much, because it can aid the seeding process by dislodging the seed from the pod.)

    • I’m sorry about the crankiness, textdoc. I know that feeling and it’s not fun for myself or anyone around me. I hope you feel better later!

    • That One Guy

      I have no ability to identify any trees. I must have been absent from school the day they taught that information. Your ability to identify the golden rain tee is impressive to me.

    • justinbc

      I’ve got one that hangs over my patio. I had to invest in a 12 foot heavy duty pruner to help eliminate that pest.

      • Hmm… I do have a long pruner (with a rope thing you pull) that I got from Freecycle. My recollection is that the blade isn’t very sharp, but I need to dig it out and give it a try. I did NOT like the feeling of standing on a ladder and using my lopper (which I did last night, with a short household-type stepladder).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: got wee pads and Donna decided they were yet another comfy bed for er (she’s got 3 not including my bed…I hacve 360 sq ft and she has3 beds. I

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: got wee pads and Donna decided they were yet another comfy bed for er (she’s got 3 not including my bed…I hacve 360 sq ft and she has3 beds. I may have to rethink my life.
    Rave: Donna seems to be out of pseudo heat…for now.
    Rave: FINALLY putting a dishwasher and more electrical outlets in my apartment.

  • Rave: Making strides with unpacking. I haven’t really had time, but I’m getting there. Next step is decorating.

    Rant: Creepy interaction with a homeless man outside the Foggy Bottom 7-11 last night. I was walking to the Trader Joe’s and could see him sort of wandering around the sidewalk. As I began to walk past he steps out in front of me and refuses to let me past. I had my headphones in and couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I could tell it was nasty. I managed to push myself out of his way and dash into the 7-11 to collect myself. He was still out there when I left, I had to completely revise my route. I was terrified he would see me and try to follow. So unnerving.

  • palisades

    Rave: Nationals diamond club seats tomorrow for $30. Gotta love seatgeek.
    Rant: I hate/love this feeling but being able to watch the Nats without any stress over playoffs is liberating.
    Rant: Post-vacation dreariness. Planning a January ski trip to New Hampshire/Boston

    • I kind of have taken the past few games off to do other stuff. It’s oddly liberating.

      • palisades

        I was on vacation for the Mets series meltdown – so I definitely missed the worst of it. Watching Bryce put his foot down on the MVP debate is worth watching alone.

        • I was at two of the three Mets games, including the Storen melt-down. It’s weird that it’s mid-September and my team is pretty much out of contention. I feel like a Skins fan.

        • Bryce gets the MVP (best player version) for sure. MVP (most Valuable player)? Not sure how it’s not Cespedes.

          • palisades

            I can’t tell if you’re serious? Cespedes wins the award MAYBE if they started tracking stats August 1st. Where was he with the Tigers? Bryce is leading the MLB in lots of major stars including HRs, OBS, WAR, all that fun stuff. You must be a Mets fan – because that’s the only excuse for having such a silly thought

          • justinbc

            He’s not the only one. Watch almost any sports debate show and you’ll hear the Cespedes argument as well. It wouldn’t be unprecedented to give it to someone for late season heroics, but Harper’s year will make it a tough sell.

          • palisades

            Sounds more like an anti-Harper narrative rather than a Cespedes narrative. Dude has been getting trashed on for two years now – and look at how he responds: complete and utter dominance of his position.
            Like I said, Cespedes has only been noteworthy for the past month and a half – unfortunately for him, that’s not how MVP voting works. Mets fans are already getting a playoff berth – why are they trying to ruin the one thing we can hang our hat on? lol

          • I am a Mets fan, and I’m not serious, so settle down. You inadvertently made my point for me, by the way. Based on statistics, Harper was unquestionably the best player in baseball (and Cespedes’s numbers don’t compare – no one’s do). I said that in my initial post. That is, of course, the way the vote goes, and Harper will win it. And he should.
            However, if you resurrect the age-old debate about the definition of most VALUABLE player, it’s a more interesting discussion. It’s a much closer question. The impact Cespedes has had on the Mets is historic (see the Jason Stark article yesterday). But, to plagiarize the argument frequently made about Andre Dawson in 1987, the Nats failed to win the division with Harper, and they’d have failed to win it without him. (I realize that it’s much more persuasive about Dawson; the Cubs finished in last place.)
            Again, Harper will win, and deserves to. But in this fantasy-sports, statics-based, advanced metrics era, nuance and context are often lost. Your post, for example, focuses entirely on numbers, and ignores that Cespedes’s arrival in NY (and his play since then) sparked an historic turnaround and (most likely) catapulted his team into the playoffs. There are other ways to assess value besides statistics.

          • palisades

            Interesting that you’re sort of running with the Cespedes MVP idea even though you said you were joking. Attributing the entirety of the Mets success the past two months on Cespedes is odd – considering your team got healthy all around the same time and your pitching stepped up its game. Correlation doesn’t necessarily equal causation.
            I will reiterate my point – where was he when he was with Detroit? An MVP shines no matter the context or situation. Bryce has been slamming homers and carrying the Nats since opening day regardless of team record and the players around him. Putting Cespedes into context is pigeon holing him and that’s because its the only way you can use that as a valid argument. Harper is MVP with or without context. With or without fancy new-age stats.

          • justinbc

            I could be mistaken, but I think dcd was “joking” about the possibility of it actually happening, not what he feels to be the true measure of “value” to a team. Tony Kornheiser, a major DC / Nats homer, has made a similar case recently (although he also grew up a Mets fan, so there is some latent bias, even though he sold them out for the Nats).

          • justinbc

            PTI podcast from 9/10/2015 at around 6:55 if you want to hear it.

          • Of course it’s not happening. I was more lamenting the hyper-focus on statistics and advanced metrics, rather than making an actual argument. There are years when the “who is more valuable to his team” question should be given more weight. This is not one of those years, given that Harper’s season is historic. That said, I’m hard pressed to think of a single player in baseball who has been more valuable to his team than Cespedes. (I reserve the right to change my mind when the Mets run into the buzzsaw of Kershaw and Greinke in a short series.)

    • We will be in the Diamond club tomorrow too! Our friend won 4 four free tickets from his company and invited us to attend with him. I won’t be able to watch all of the game because of toddler wrangling duties, but it should still be fun.

  • Rave: 4 out of 6 of my foster kittens got adopted! The two left – adorable little tuxedos – are almost old enough to be adopted.

    Just added a gorgeous, super friendly, black & silver tabby to the mix and picking up 2 more this weekend.


  • Rave: Banana bread for breakfast
    Rant: Feel like I need to put away my summer clothes, but not ready for winter things.
    Rant: Scaling and root planing this afternoon (periodontal treatment), my teeth hurt just thinking about this. Former dentist used to give nitrous oxide as a matter of course….those were the days

    • That One Guy

      Whenever I hear the words dentist and nitrous my mind automatically pictures Steve Martin from Little Shop of Horror.
      Thanks for the reminder, I need to make an appointment to have my second cleaning for the year done.

    • I had the scaling & planing recently and it really was not bad. (And I am a total dentist phobe) but then my dentist does give nitrous. . .

    • Good luck with this afternoon’s periodontal treatment!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I will bring you soft food if you need them!

    • It’s also referred to just as “deep cleaning” right? I had a for real, hour-long deep clean a couple years ago after not seeing a dentist for three years and I had nothing to get me through it and it really wasn’t that bad.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Threw up at work out of nowhere yesterday!
    Rant: In hindsight, it wasn’t “out of nowhere” it was “immediately after I ate expired yogurt.”
    Rave: Whatever happened, my body needed rest. I went home and slept for about 4 hours, woke up, ate dinner, and was back in bed and slept through 6am this morning.
    Rave: Muscle relaxer for the back pain has helped me rest well through the night, which has been glorious and restorative compared to what’s been going on recently.
    Rave: PT this morning, and hopefully the exercises for homework will help!
    Rant/Rave: Crazy busy morning at the office feels productive, but I’m behind on popville

    • ugh! Feel better soon, Andie! I’m one of those people who considers expiry dates more a suggestion than a hard-and-fast rule, tending to decide whether something is still ok to eat based on smell, texture, etc. I’ve eaten lots of yogurt one to two weeks after the printed expiry date as long as it didn’t smell/taste off, but your story may have me reconsidering….

      • Andie302

        Yeah it smelled and tasted fine…so I’m still not 100% sure that was what it was….but at least today is a new day πŸ™‚ Thanks for the well-wishes!

    • Sleeping well is remarkably restorative – I hope the PT helps your back!

  • RAVE: good trip to the UK and Ireland. Inishmore and the Giants Causeway are amazing. The weather was perfect for 7 days.
    RAVE: my GF was nervous about wearing a fascinator to the wedding, but she looked gorgeous. Many of the Irish dames gave her compliments for being the only young American woman to be “properly attired for an Irish wedding.”
    RAVE: met James Murphy a coffee shop in Dublin. He was total sweetheart and we chatted about music and vinyl for 5 minutes. He was in town to play his Despacio soundsystem with Soulwax at a huge music festival in the Irish countryside. He invited us to seek him out, if we made it to the festival.
    RANT: did NOT have time to meet up with James Murphy. Festival was sold out πŸ™
    RANT: Still waiting to hear if I got the secondment to London. Until then, I have an insane 6 weeks of work.

  • Rave: was messaging back and forth with a guy on OKC before I closed my account and told him to text me instead since my account will be inactive indefinitely. he actually texted me last night! surprise! haven’t responded since it was pretty late and i had been drinking.
    Rave: hanging as friends with low match. queer friends!
    Rant: ALLERGIES!
    Rave: new friends have been inviting me to events and hangouts with their friends. social life is packed!

    • HaileUnlikely

      My allergy symptoms (mainly scratchy throat and congestion) have gotten a whole lot worse in the past couple of days and are overpowering my generic Claritin. I’m a little bit perplexed by that, as the pollen count was higher several days last week than it has been at any point this week. Perhaps the mix of pollens has shifted.

      • Same. I have been sniffling and have a very scratchy throat. My friends have the same symptoms! I have no fever so I am clearly not sick. Allergy meds not working!

  • Rant: guy who stopped responding responded, but with a sorta lame excuse, then went back to not responding.
    Rant: you’re just prolonging my pity party at this point dude. And my bad mood.
    Rant: I agreed to go to some grad school reunion stuff this weekend and now I’m really regretting it. And it’s in Baltimore. I think I’m going to reneg, which I don’t really want to do. Maybe I’ll go to one thing and call it a day.
    Rave: the gym is a good outlet. I kinda wish I could spend a few hours there.

    • Accountering

      Yeah, I wouldn’t go. Haha, so far!

      • I’m not looking for a new job, but I think my motivation at the time I agreed to it was for networking. I did the program as part time/distance, so I didn’t actually meet very many people, and thought this might be helpful. Right now it’s just helping me stress out.

  • Rave: Birthday Shenanigans!
    Rave: Friend-colleagues took me out for lunch.
    Rave: It’s a hugely busy day so it’ll be a late night.
    Neither: Just ran into the last person I dated on the elevator. (she doesn’t even work near me) This.City.Is.Too.Small.

  • Rave: The simple pleasure of a pastrami sandwich on rye.

  • Rant: 9th grader in TX arrested and suspended for three days for bringing in a home-made digital clock. Some teachers–and, apparently, police–felt this construed a bomb threat even though no one believed it was a bomb. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    • But just this afternoon, Obama tweeted him an invite to the White House to show off his clock. <3

    • As if that wasn’t bad enough, they hauled him off IN HANDCUFFS. Why use handcuffs? Some frightened nerdy 14-year-old will go with the police without being handcuffed, for f&*^’s sake.

      • Yeah, those photos are just so sad. Scrawny, nerdy teenage boy in handcuffs. Silver lining–perhaps that just adds to the case for a lawsuit? But ugh, no kidding. That kid wasn’t going to try to run off or do any damage.

        • In his NASA shirt, no less! I was kind of hoping that NASA would reach out, but I’ll take an Obama invite. πŸ™‚

          • Sounds like he’s gotten invites from Facebook, 3M, and google’s science fair among others as well. So yay for that.

          • Yeah, the kid made out pretty well. I’m sure the experience was far less discouraging than what girls who show an interest in science face on a regular basis.

        • HaileUnlikely

          For the totality of this kids experience including the fame and invitation from the President, sure, the kid made out pretty well. But I wouldn’t compare the specific experience of being suspended from school and arrested to the daily discouragement that girls face (don’t get me wrong, that’s 100% undeserved and completely f*cked up, but in a totally different way.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Good grief! The guy at my school who set a spirit week sign on fire only got suspended for a week.
      We actually did have a bomb (pre-terrorism fear), I wonder what happened to that dumbass. He bragged about it on the school bus. It took out 6 lockers, so I guess brag worthy if you are et up with the dumbass.

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