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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: The Friday question has me really craving Cane’s.
    Rave: Yesterday was the kind of day that reminds me why I love my job.
    Rant: Stayed up way to late finishing a book.
    Rave: It was Tana French, so totally worth it.

  • Rant: Working on a college campus makes me all too aware of how I’m not in my 20s anymore. I mean, it FEELS like college was 10 years ago, but it wasn’t. I’m old!
    Rave: This campus is beautiful – cutting through a quad to get to my office, love it!
    Rant: I found worse drivers than DC. West Philly. It’s a complete free for all. And my husband wants to ride his bike to school?!?!
    Rave: He is loving law school.

    • Jindc- Do I want to move to Philly? I know you can’t really answer that without knowing me, but I am so over DC. DC people are dragging me down- I dont care what you do, or how well traveled you are (which is the new “what do you do” around here, IMO). I feel like people in philly are real, albeit dicks, but I grew up in the burbs there and I think I might be real, albeit a dick.

      • I am a born and raised Philly girl and can say this is accurate. Philly people are dicks but at least they’re upfront about it. I love it in the way that someone loves their family – it’s a PITA sometimes, and you’re embarrassed by it, and there’s lots of bad but also lots of good, and god forbid anyone else talk shit about it because only you can do that.

      • I don’t know, I haven’t encountered any “dicks”, but I haven’t tried to meet new people yet. Turns out most folks at my son’s preschool are Orthodox Jews…not my style. But when I was growing up, I spent most of my time in the city with kids from the city (I am from the burbs), was in the punk scene and all that, people didn’t strike me as dicks then anymore so than anyone else. I think Philly people can be LOUDER which might = dickish to some people. Lots of good change in Philly lately, but I haven’t lived here long enough as a grown adult. That said, life is a lot EASIER here for us. We love the change we’ve made and I don’t miss the people aspect of DC. I miss a few things (playgrounds, public space, walking everywhere), but we have a house in the inner burbs. It’s VERY weird to have folks talk about things other than politics and policy and self importance. BUT I don’t know, really. If I were single, would I love it here? Not sure. DC is a GREAT place to be young, single, and well paid. Philly is probably the opposite of that in it’s a nice place to have a job you like, lower your cost of living, and probably develop closer relationships since it’s less of a stop over city. And PRETZELS! 🙂

      • Accountering

        Let me just confirm that no, you do not want to move to Philly.

      • PoPoverwork – LOL at your first couple of sentences. I feel the same way. I haven’t even been here that long and it’s driving me up a wall. (I don’t care how many countries you’ve been to if you are an unethical and mean person!) I’ll be honest, I’m hoping to move back out west after I graduate next summer.

      • Have you checked out the scene in Baltimore? I have found that Baltimore is in a lot of ways much more “me” (working class background, not really impressed by how many degrees you have/where you went to college, or how many tigers you have pet for your Tinder profile pic…), plus it’s close enough to DC that if you decided to move, it’s relatively easy and you can usually keep your job while looking for another. There are downsides, of course, but IMHO it’s way better than Philly.

        • I agree with this – if you want to stay in the DC area, I definitely agree that Baltimore is way more down to earth. It’s not “better” than Philly (it’s smaller, and the areas you would probably want to go are spread out with poor public transportation). But, Baltimore housing is super cheap. More working class, down to earth. I love baltimore, I love Pittsburgh. I love Philly because it’s where I’m from, but I’ve never lived in Baltimore. Dated a guy there for a while and enjoyed exploring the area. Of all the three, I’d pick Pittsburgh, in terms of working class, but safe and lovely and cheap. I’d rank PGH, Philly, Balto. Also, Chicago. If you can go anywhere.

    • “I found worse drivers than DC. West Philly.”
      It’s because on a playground, they spent most of their days.

    • Rave: I went to the same school for undergrad and your comment brought me back to beautiful September days on the Walk.

  • Rant: Iffy first week at a new job. The place is super inefficient, and at times I felt like they had forgotten I was supposed to start this week.
    Rave: I shouldn’t judge it based on the first couple days, and even if I do end up not liking it, it’s a temporary gig.
    Rave: Friday!

    • Emmaleigh504

      it took 2 weeks for our new person to even get a computer. I don’t get why businesses/working-places take so long to get new people to start being productive.

    • hammers

      that’s how it is at my job every single time we get a new person. Oh you work here now? uhh…someone will be by to talk to you later…. or tomorrow…..or friday.

    • Glad to know it’s not just me at least.

      • I started a new job recently there was no sort of orientation or introductions to people, nothing. Everyone just doing their job you almost feel in the way, so umm are you guys excited I’m working here or nah?

  • Rave: Slept like a log for 8 hours last night. Literally like a log. I don’t know if I moved much at all in the night. But I feel much better today…
    Rant: …than I did yesterday, which was a pretty horrible day.
    Rave/Rant: Getting coffee with the date tomorrow evening. He lives out in the ‘burbs and originally suggested that he take me to one of the Korean bakeries in Annandale, but since I’m not about to get into a stragers car, he said we can meet in the city. I’m thinking Slipstream, but I don’t want to make parking a hassle for him. Suggestions? Opinions?
    Rave: It’s Friday and I’m so looking forward to going home this evening.

    • What time tomorrow? Parking on/near 14th is pretty good late afternoon, early evening and you can get lucky during dinnertime.

    • How about the new place (spinoff of Baked and Wired and I can never remember the name) on K Street NW, between 4th and 5th. It’s big, they have some outdoor space, and though street parking can be difficult, there are several nearby lots; and it’s relatively close to both the red and green/yellow lines.

      • Ooooh. I didn’t know that was there.
        I actually just suggested a place out in Arlington that I’ve been to before. I figure I can metro easily and he won’t have to drive forever and then find parking. This whole thing may not work out but meh, it gets me out and about.

        • One thing I love about suggesting the Clarendon/Court House area is that the parking garage below the Court House metro is FREE after 5pm!

  • Rant: No, crotchety old lady cat, shifting positions in the middle of the night is NOT an open invitation to pester me. So much harder to go back to sleep when you’ve got a cat pestering you!
    Rave: Friday AND beautiful weather!
    Rant: slight chance kiddo has a bug. Fingers crossed not….
    Rave: I think Hax is back from vacation/mental health break. I can understand the need for a break, but I did miss my Friday chats.

  • Rave: Date to be & I chatted most of yesterday. Happy she’s a real person.
    Rant: Dating is so bad that real person is worth noting.
    Rave/rant: Off at noon for doctors appts.
    Rant: Why isn’t paid sick leave just leave? Why is it so hard to find out how much you have and use it?
    Rave: Slowly but surely chugging along in the hr process.

    • Hahaha your first rant is so true.

    • what do you mean about sick leave?

      • DC gives accrued sick leave to everyone. Everywhere I’ve worked, it’s taken several emails to find out how much I have and how to claim it since it’s not listed on my paycheck like I believe it should be.
        I would prefer to have pto to use how you wish rather than being forced to lie or lose pay if something important comes up like your daycare is closed, etc.

        • Don’t you also get leave in addition to sick leave though?

          • Nope. Many jobs in this town don’t offer pto or vacation. That’s why I’m ranting.
            Without the law, me and lots of others wouldn’t even have sick leave. The law was just extended to Fed contractors this week.

        • I agree with this – past employers of mine have moved to just PTO instead of vacation, sick, etc. I found this much easier.

          • HaileUnlikely

            It depends on one’s personal situation. Some people are truly sick (I don’t mean absent from work because they are “sick,” I mean actually sick) much much more than others and can easily end up exhausting their entire PTO bank while sick. Many employers who previously offered separate vacation days vs. sick days and then transitioned to PTO offer fewer total hours of PTO than they did of sick+vacation previously. For somebody who truly does get sick a lot, that kind of sucks. (Not me; I have taken a total of 25 sick days in 12 years with my present employer; 15 when I had mono and 5 each for two separate times when I had the flu, but I know people who effectively have no time to use for vacation because of frequent illness.) It can also breed resentment at work when people like me hardly ever get sick and can take a 2-3 week vacation, while others can hardly take any.

          • That’s a valid point. In this situation where the max is 3, 5, 7 days, I’d like pto instead.
            I’d I had both, I’d want them separate.

        • ah so you only have sick leave but no sort of formal database of how much you have? that’s a bit ridiculous. I thought DC employees got leave. Weird and sad. Sorry!

          • The law gave only well defined sick leave as little as 3 days for small companies. After many emails, they posted the info, but they always keep track, so why not just post it once I’m good to go?
            Most people here didn’t know about it, so the system is flawed.

        • Anon Spock – I may have misremembered or misread, but you do contract work (doc review) right? And there is a law that allows for temp workers to get paid sick leave from the Agency? I do doc review and I had no idea I could get any kind of paid sick leave.

          • Yes and yes in DC. Ugh! This is my rant exactly.
            You generally can’t use it until 90 days past your first day but that doesn’t need to be working days necessarily. You will accrue from day 1 though.
            Email hr and ask how much you have and how to claim it. And tell everybody 🙂

          • The leave stays there even between projects, btw.
            I THINK you have to work there within a yr after the last day of the previous project to not lose it eventually.
            Leftover rolls over year-year up to the max which is based on company size (3,5,7 days in hours)

        • Accountering

          So agree with the PTO/sick thing. When they actually look at sick time, they will find that people either use 0/1 days of sick, or they use every day available. There is no middle ground. So you may as well just give people PTO and empower them to use it as they see fit, as opposed to just letting some employees (likely your worst) using them as they see fit, and other employees (likely your best) being conscientious and only using it when actually sick.

          • Disagreed on this. The problem with having all leave come from the same pool is that it encourages people to try to drag themselves in when they’re sick, which means that they won’t be as productive and (depending on what they’re sick with) they risk getting other people sick as well.
            Maybe some people call in sick when they’re not legitimately ill (either physically or mentally), but IMO it’s better to have some minor abuse of sick leave than to give people an incentive to come into the office when they’re sick.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I agree completely, Textdoc. We have PTO and everyone comes to work sick all the time which makes other people sick. It’s bad for employees and the company.

          • Yeah, I have to agree with textdoc on this one. There should be incentive for sick people to actually stay home and or receive appropriate health care in a timely fashion.

          • We did away with PTO in my org a couple years ago. People take what they need, generally about four weeks a year actual vacation, and no more sick time than they need. We hold them to high standards and firm deadlines, and the work has not suffered. I’ve only had to come down on someone once for taking too much time off. I think the policy helps us hire and retain good staff.

          • I am one of those people (I rarely get sick, luckily, and if I have a fever I stay home) but I have come in because I don’t want to waste a PTO day. If I’m not contagious or fever-ridden or whatever, I tough it out. It’s kind of looked at suspiciously if people call in.

          • Accountering

            So I think I got misinterpreted a bit. I think there should be Vacation, AS WELL as PTO. I just think it should be PTO, and not sick time. So you can use your PTO to meet the plumber, or the cable guy or whatever.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Accountering – do any major employers (defined in any reasonable way) actually offer separate PTO and vacation? I like this idea; I have never heard of any such thing. My employer switched from separate vacation/sick to single PTO bank a few years ago. Although I personally benefit from that arrangement in terms of total amount of vacation-like time available to me, I have some doubt regarding whether it helps more than it hurts from the perspective of the employer and of all employees as a whole. We had an entire department of about 8 people all wiped out with the flu last year after a couple of guys stubbornly came into the office in the interest of not squandering their PTO while sick.

          • If an employer were to offer annual leave, sick leave, and PTO, what exactly would the difference between annual leave and PTO?
            Would PTO be only for non-fun stuff like contractor appointments? Would an employee not be allowed to use it on consecutive days? Would you take annual leave if a dear friend came to visit you, and PTO if a difficult family member came to visit??

          • tonyr

            This thread got me interested in the options on the time reporting system here (which I never use) and, fun fact, there are codes for “Military Emergency” -uh oh, and my personal favorite “Quarantine”.

          • My office, though not a major employer, offers vacation, sick and then other specific ones like bereavement and jury duty. Those can all be taken in increments of 30 min, but we also have floating holidays, which need be used as full days.
            Fun fact: I’m the reason a cap was put on jury duty leave. I’ve never been so proud.

          • Emmaleigh504

            About the only thing my company is generous with is Bereavement leave. We get 2 or 3 for close funerals, and 5 days for if you have to travel a certain amount.

          • Emmaleigh504

            tonyr, we have time codes labeled “DO NOT USE” it cracks me up.

    • Ditto on the real person thing! Dating is tough, especially as I get into my mid 30’s (I hit 35 last month!!). I feel like the dating pool is empty. And, I have such a double standard – I judge men if they are still single at my age… but I don’t think I’m crazy (self awareness is 3/4 the battle, right?)

      • That’s hilarious. I always ask why someone is single. You’ll get a lot of info. Maybe their partner moved to China or their super picky.
        35 isn’t old. I’ve tried to do more fun events, get some new interests, etc. My pool is also MUCH smaller…I can only give so much sympathy lol

        • I think asking someone why they’re single is a horrible question. Might as well say so what’s wrong with you?

          • That is not my intention at all. I’m sure I word it better in the moment, but if someone just got out of a bad relationship, I want to know or if they simply lived abroad, etc.
            I do not go in assuming someone is defective, but I’ve connected with more than a few women who were recently divorced and probably shouldn’t be dating anyone.

          • i see your point spock. im sure you you get the information in a non-offensive way 🙂 I’m sensitive to the question I guess because the most recent person to keep asking me is my ex.

          • What if someone says, “Because I haven’t met the right person” — do you press the issue?
            It sounds like you’re presuming that there needs to be some kind of justification or extenuating circumstances for being single.

          • No, I don’t. I’m hunting for issues actually. No reason, too busy, etc is far better than recently out of the closet, recent divorce, or your partner wanted kids but you don’t…all of which I’ve heard and all of which are no gos for me.

        • I’d ask someone if they are single…. but I’d want to know my own answer to that question… and sadly, I guess it’s complex, when I was younger I really pushed myself at work, etc. I was in a single family home with dogs before I was 30. Then I stepped back and looked at myself – and I didn’t recognize me! I was well over 100 lbs overweight and wasn’t happy. So, in 2012 I began the journey back to me. Lost over 100 lbs and am slowly working my way back to who I want to be – but damn it’s been a bumpy road. I shouldn’t judge others 🙂 I’m getting better about it

          • I think what irritated me more was when I would get “I can’t believe your (ex)husband let you go” or some variation. Umm, one, I left him; two, what am I, chattel? A lot of people (men) tend to assume that because you are divorced in your 30s that there is some horrible sob story with the woman as the victim.

          • I think that’s a great answer.
            You were a workaholic who didn’t give yourself time to relax and meet people. Took some time to get yourself in order and now you’re giving this dating thing a whirl.
            My answer would be almost the same without the weight loss.

          • Thanks Anon Spock 🙂 I’ll take it!

          • hats off to you Lizzy!

      • That One Guy

        So, being single = something wrong with the person? Hahaha.

        • Yeah, I mean didn’t we just go over this yesterday? And the sentiment was pretty different.
          Though I probably think that because I did most of the talking.

          • That One Guy

            You did a great job yesterday.
            I found it humorous, as I perceive it, that there’s a negative connotation to Lizzy’s post above being a single guy in your 30s.

          • There was resounding agreement from others (me included).

          • Yes, and I think she captures this phenomenon perfectly- people have no problem rationalizing their own behaviors, but are extremely suspect of other people’s. Though it does sound like she’s aware that that’s what she’s doing.
            It’s the people who are not aware at all, be they single or coupled, that drive me nutso. They think everyone who is single at a certain point is messed up somehow. And if you’re friends with one of these people, you should ask them why they think *you’re* single. Then watch their wheels spin.
            I agree with Anon Spock that you’ll eventually want to know generalities about their relationship history, but I would never, ever couch that as “why are you single?” And I, personally, wouldn’t start asking those questions until I got to know the person a little.

          • There was something about your comment, jeslett, that made me think what if that question was flipped around? Instead of “Why are you single?”, how about asking people in couples “why are you coupled?” I think it would be interesting to see how many people are coupled out of obligation, co-dependency, or whatever else versus because they are happy.

          • Anonamom, I think that’s a great question.

          • Sound comments as usual, Jeslett. I would add that for a good number of my friends who are still single and wish to be coupled, I couldn’t honestly answer why they’re still single, even from the perspective of a friend and third party. I could find some facile reasons like “they’re too picky” or “they don’t put themselves out there enough” or “they work crazy hours,” but the fact is that I know plenty of people in couples who are equally picky, just as introverted and just as hardworking. In some cases people are just accidentally single.

  • Bear

    Rant: Jetlag. And trying to sound articulate and knowledgeable with high level stakeholders when said jetlag is kicking my ass.
    Rave: Accepted a job offer!
    Rant: Told my project director I’m leaving and almost cried. Now I have to put in my formal notice with the big bosses…very much dreading that conversation.

  • Rant: Didn’t even take the Pats a quarter to start cheating again. Both unbelievable and not at all surprising.

  • Rave: My NP. I emailed her with a medical concern, she replied saying she’d called in a prescription to my pharmacy
    Rave: My dentist. He is hand-carrying my xrays to a periodontist in time for my morning appointment
    Rant: Medical concern, and the need to see a periodontist
    Rave: Brewed tulsai tea from my home-grown holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), stress relieving and delicious
    Reminder: Gin & Gardening gathering this Sunday at 6:00 pm, The Heights to talk about gin and/or gardening and/or whatever is on your mind. Free kombucha scoby and/or holy basil cuttings (with advance notice)

    • I go to an NP as my primary care provider and she is so great. Yay for nurses!

    • Wait, 6 p.m.? Somehow I had it in my head as 3 p.m. (Not that 6 p.m. is a problem… just wondering how I came up with 3 p.m.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your NP rave reminded me of my PA rave. Found out the PA I adore who left the practice will be probably be coming back in about a year. She’s off in Europe with her state department husband. Rant: the Dr I started seeing after she left is wonderful too.

  • Rave: Heard back from old boss about the scope of what they would like me to do. The scope is pretty big and is, essentially, what I was doing before I left plus extra stuff thrown in. I’m not sure how exactly I can make it work in the time allotted with the tools at my disposal (which won’t be much since I will be working from home). However, it’s a great opportunity to make some extra cash, and I’m happy to keep my foot in the door.
    Rant? Still trying to figure out how exactly to find time for a second job! I’m sure I can make it work, but I was planning 8-10 hours a week instead of what looks like 12-15 minimum.
    Super Rave: Goals! Actually being able to realistically meet them in a realistic time frame.

    • Goals are great! Related to your post yesterday – hopefully this will be a great outlet for your extra anxious energy. Don’t let it stress you out too much! 🙂

      • was thinking the same. glad you’ve gotten more clarity!

      • Yes, I think it will be, lol. Actually, I was just commenting to my BF last night that I think being busy in the evenings will help me out a lot with the anxiety. I am one of those people who lays awake at night analyzing absolutely every single possible thing I can, so hopefully having my time consumed with work will help. As will being able to really knock out some goals of mine, which will be a big boost.

        • just make sure you don’t make yourself too busy and then you become the person who is awake at night wondering how to fit it all in. I hate the loop in my brain that keeps me up. anxiety is the worst, good luck!

  • emvee

    Rave: It felt like autumn this morning! Real, honest-to-god, autumn! I even wore a light sweater! I didn’t come into work already sweaty! It’s a seasonal miracle!
    Rave: It’s supposed to be 68 and clear this weekend out at SNP, perfect for the first autumn hike.

  • Rant: Student loans. Since my income went up from last year, my IBR amount more than tripled (even though my income did not). Talked to a very nice lady at the loan servicer, but there’s basically nothing I can do -there’s no taking into account the fact that I live in an expensive city, no taking into account my undergrad loans which can’t be consolidated, nada. Had a bit of a breakdown last night. Feel like jumping out a window. I was finally starting to feel a little bit optimistic about the future and now I just want to drink myself into a coma. Ugh. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.
    Rave: I am trying to focus on the good things – I love my job, I am currently healthy, I have an adorable nephew. I have enough to eat and clothes on my back.
    Rave: looking forward to the weekend.

    • They don’t take the cost of living into account? I talked to my servicer at one point and they put me on a payment plan that was 15% of my disposable income after all my cost of living stuff. I’m sorry LBP. Just hang in there. It will get better.

    • It’s % based so if it’s over your max % of annual income divided by 12 (based on your repayment plan), you should get a supervisor involved.
      I had issues with them using the wrong amount and it took a while to fix, but it did get fixed.

      • I talked to the supervisor, she said basically that the Department of Ed makes the rules – it does come out to a little over 15% of my GROSS income, not adjusted. Maybe when i get my adjusted info entered, it will be slightly better but probably not by much. It just sucks because there’s no taking into account “Disposable income after all costs of living.” I’m going to call back tonight because I didn’t receive the forms the lady said she sent me, but yeah, it’s just tough. I could probably do it, but I would be walking such a fine line that one unexpected trip to the ER or vet or something would break me. As I see it right now, the only way to make this manageable would be to move into a cheaper place, but again, I have no idea how that would work, especially if it would then increase my commuting costs. I need to talk to my roomie asap. And I don’t want to move! I love my place and I’ve moved 12 times in the last 15 years, I’m sooo over it!

        • If you stayed on the Georgia Ave corridor, you could save a lot in rent and not necessarily increase your commuting cost. I know that the walking from Georgia might not work for you (especially in summer!), but, you could take the 70 or 63 down and then one of the H buses across and spend less than you are currently spending for your commute. Just hang in there – there is hope! And there are options. They might not be the best options in the whole world, but I think that you can find something that either works for just you and the kitties, or all of you, that will work and will have you spending less. I’ll send you an email.

          • Thanks anonamom, I appreciate your insight and encouragement! Miss ya, and glad to hear things are going well for you!

          • I miss you too! Hahaha… not sure about the well part 😉 We should get together soon! I am an awesome cook as long as you don’t mind the chaos of a house full of kids and an attention-seeking dachshund! Come over for dinner this week!

          • Oh! That would be quite nice, let me know what evening works best for you!

        • This whole situation sucks. I’m sorry.
          I’d contact the undergrad folks and see if there is anything they can do to lower the payment, look into 3rd party refi or consolidation (which comes with its own flavor, etc.
          Maybe you could stay in that area but in a group situation.
          You can get through this!

          • Thanks, Anon Spock. It does suck. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about the undergrad loans – private loans that I’ve been paying for 10 years and still have about 10K left to go. motherfuckers. But thanks for your well-wishes. I want to stay in the area, definitely, but I don’t know if I could do a group thing – I come with two kitties and a whole lot of kitchen stuff, and I’m in my early-mid-30s – I can deal with one roomie but I don’t know if I could do group housing again without wanting to kill myself (or a housemate).

        • I’m sorry LBP and I feel your pain. I worked hard, got a merit raise, and it was completely wiped out by the increase in my student loan payment. I’m assuming your loans are federal direct? If so, have you heard that the Obama administration/Dept. of Ed is gearing up to unveil a revised pay-as-you-earn program. Right now, only some people are eligible for the program, but soon, anyone w/ federal direct loans will be eligible (regardless of when you took out your loans and what their debt-to-income ratio is).

          The big advantage w/ pay-as-you-earn is that, while the traditional IBR program caps your payment at 15% of your discretionary income and forgives your loans after 25 years, pay-as-you-earn caps your payment at 10% of your discretionary income and forgives your loans after 20 years. Unfortunately, the comment period where you could’ve weighed in on such a plan has passed, but the New York Times article about it says that the Dept. of Ed is expected to issue final rules for the plan by Nov. 1, and that users should be able to enroll by the end of the year.

          I hope this helps. Hang in there!!

          • That does help a bit! The very nice loan lady talked a bit about how she sees every day how these student loans are contributing to crippling the economy, and that there might be some hope on the horizon. Because I work at a non-profit in healthcare, I am potentially eligible for loan forgiveness, but 8 more years of this still seems pretty daunting, if not near impossible! I will keep my eye out as regards this plan, thanks again for the heads-up.

    • Ughhhhhh I so feel you on this rant! The vast majority of my loans are private and I saw above that you know how inflexible those are. So many stressful days right after college on the phone with various banks being told “of course you have options on how to pay! You can pay or you can be sent to collections. Not our problem if you also have another $1000 in payments each month.” Have you looked into other repayment options – graduated payments perhaps?

    • That One Guy

      Do you want to join my (imaginary at present) card counting team?
      Student debt sucks.

  • Rant: usual 40 minute commute to work is on track to take over twice as long as usual – does anyone know why orange/blue/silver line is at a standstill? I got on the blue line 35 min ago at Foggy Bottom, and I’m currently in a tunnel between fed triangle and Smithsonian, still not moving…

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: A good nights sleep and beautiful weather!

    Rant: Nurse Lizzy woke me up several times last night as she paced nervously around the room. I blame ObamaCare.

    Rant: It is 10:00 am on my first day as a Customer Success Manager and I have yet to make a customer a success.

  • Rave: I made it to spin class for the first time in three months. This feels like enough of an achievement that I should be able to start my weekend NOW.
    Rave: I’m heading home this weekend to see my oldest childhood friend who is here from overseas. I’m so excited to see her and catch up.

    • Are you feeling any better? Btw–don’t be surprised if fatigue creeps up/gets worse in the next few weeks. The 4-6 weeks that bridged 1st & 2nd trimester were the worst for me fatigue-wise for both of my pregnancies.

      • Yes. I am feeling so much better. Thanks for asking. I think the nausea/wooziness earlier this week was partially attributable to being dehydrated. I drink a lot of water, but am realizing that I need even more with the increased blood volume/parasitic invasion. And good to know about the fatigue: I’m trying really hard to take it easy and not push myself too much, but that’s sometimes easier said than done.

  • That One Guy

    Ranting: Hi, my name is That One Guy, I think I have a mentos addiction. I need help.
    Rave: The gentle preview of the autumn to come.
    Saw part of the apple key note and my reaction was a bit of excitement and worry. I fear the workplace will never be the same.

  • Rave: great weather, great bike ride to work
    Rant: Thank you, dear lady for riding your Vespa in the Pennsylvania Ave. bike lanes. You must be sooo important because you work at the capital. I’ll bet you have very important mail to sort and very important coffee to fetch for very important people.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: The discovery of a new human species
    Rave: Science!
    Rave: New lens arrived and will be put to good use this weekend
    Rantve: Renovation work can wait

  • Rave: Getting a good night’s sleep for once. I feel like a new person.
    Rant: There are a lot of traumatic things happening in my circle of friends right now. Deaths in the family, death of their pets, catastrophic accidents, etc. I wish that there was more that I could do to help.
    Rave: I’m finally feeling a bit more settled in the new place. There is still a bit of unpacking and organizing to do, but it is starting to feel like home.

  • Rave: It is a beautiful, autumn-like Friday
    Rave: I’m pouring wine at Wine in the Water Park tonight for the first time!
    Rave/Rant: The still haunting images and stories from 14 years ago, remembering and reflecting, but knowing it hasn’t been forgotten
    Rave: Heard from nice date from last week, it was fun to chat with him. We’ll see if we go out again.

  • Rave: Parents are coming home from England today.
    Neutral: No change with my grandmother.
    Rant: Just realized how much of a pain it’s going to be to commute to work during the Pope’s visit. I work on Mass Ave near the Holy See embassy, and can’t telecommute. Frequent rolling roadblocks and northbound Mass will be closed the whole time within blocks of that embassy. So much fun….

    • Pablo Raw

      *Thanks Pope* Is biking an option?

      • I’m not sure if the roadblocks will be just for traffic, or also for pedestrians/biking. That hasn’t been too clear. I usually walk down from Connecticut Avenue, so I think I should be okay as long as the area my work is in is accessible. But a lot of coworkers don’t have bikes/need to drive, and there’s no Capital Bikeshare nearby. It’s just going to be a big headache, wish we had telecommuting so we could just avoid it all!

    • Gah, I’m sorry about the Pope situation. (I can sort of relate because I CAN telework and my office just told me no! But I can get around the closings without too much of an issue.) You’ll find a way!

      • Oh, boo on them turning down teleworking! 🙁
        Yeah I think it’ll be okay, just a pain and hopefully work will be understanding if people run a bit late due to getting stuck somewhere! I forgot we were so near the Holy See embassy.

        • I have the opposite problem. We are allowed to telework, but my office in in SW and I have tickets to the Nats game Tuesday night and tickets to Arena Stage Wednesday night so I have to either come into work or figure out how to get down here after work both days. It seems like it might be easier to just come here in the morning, but what a pain. I know, not as big a problem as other have in the scheme of things, but wishing I had known about the pope’s visit when I got tickets for these nights months ago.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Been in and out of the ER several times since Friday, finally at a point where I’m feeling “OK”.
    Rant: Surgery to fix what’s causing it all isn’t scheduled until Oct 2nd, waiting that long is going to be a real bitch.
    Rant: Missing Snallygaster this weekend because I’ve no energy to go out.
    Rave: At least the TJ news for my hood was something positive to look forward to.
    Rave: Bathroom construction finished last week, looks absolutely amazing and provides a relaxing distraction.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: work, more specifically the MM, is slowly driving me insane. Time to actively hunt for a new job.
    Rave: updating my work wardrobe to more professional and less casual so no one will suspect I”m going on interviews but that might not be an issue
    Rave: because I will start a compressed work schedule in Oct if MM doesn’t have kittens over it (he was NOT happy when my boss told him.)

  • Revel: CoHi Day tomorrow!
    Rant: Annoying couple taking up the two best tables at the Coupe right now…instead of sharing a table. They keep making out, giving each other massages, and holding hands. Get a room…or at least share a table!

    • Two?! That’s rude. Have you tried just going over and being like, since you two are taking up two tables I’m going to join you? Haha.

    • ugh! I loathe PDA-ing couples. Sure, hold hands (as long as you’re not blocking the sidewalk by going two abreast), give each other a hug and a peck on the cheek, but what you’re describing is so inconsiderate and gross. I hate touchy-feeling all in-your-face couples,they make me want to scream.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Sometimes I see people make out on metro during the morning commute. Being the least morning person there can be, I find it uber disgusting.

      • Pablo Raw

        My friend and I were taking Moon rise photos from the top of the Washington Monument like a week ago and she wanted to be in the window that has steps, when the moment came (moon rise) a guy proposed to her girlfriend and started a make out session that kept people away from the window form some 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Rave: lovely time with a good friend last night and hilarious improv. When I switch over to laughing like a dying seal I know it’s great.
    Rave: new guy continues to be sweet and responsive. Too bad I’m too busy for a date this weekend. But, there’s always next week.
    Rave: I get to spend time with a good friend from NYC this weekend and her dog will meet my dog! It’s unfortunate she’ll be here for a funeral, but hopefully we’ll have a nice time to provide a sliver of silver lining.
    Rave: working from home with the windows open. Now if I could only get wifi in my backyard.

  • Rant: Rather brazen mouse wandering through my kitchen this morning. Cats asleep in another room. Girlfriend would freak if she knew.
    Rant: Sent daughter what I thought was a new ATM card to her current Lisbon address. Found a second, equally official looking envelope with another ATM card — since she needs access to cash, no waiting to see whether the first card will work, so another expensive trip to the PO.
    Rant: Will have to spend much of a beautiful weekend inside doing freelance work..
    Rave: Should pay for a beautiful (if the weather gods are willing) weekend in NYC.

  • Rave: Holy ____ I got the job!
    Rant: Holy ____ I got the job.
    Sidenote: Need a really REALLY good Realtor in the area to help us sell the house. Any recs?

  • Rant: having a rough week… Planning for 5 different subjects and trying to get my kids into a decent routine means working really long hours at school in addition to all the stuff I take home to grade.
    Revel: we get off for Rosh Hashana and I’m the adopt-a-new-Jew for one of my colleagues
    Revel: happy it’s Friday but bummed to not have much to do all weekend until Sunday night

  • Rave/rant: Met someone fantastic a few weeks ago, and we’ve had lots of dates with several more already in the works. Now that I realize I’m getting interested, I’m also doing that weird thing where I start to over-analyze my behaviors and actions and feelings, and this is way TOO SOON for me to get trippy about such things. I’m being way too ISTP for my own good.
    Rave: Heartless Bastards at 9:30 tomorrow night, very excited to get to see them live!

  • Rant: asked my kids yesterday if they knew who the governor of Maryland is. A couple called out “Donald Trump!”
    Rant: trying to explain to my kids in without scaring them why we remember 9/11

    • What grade do you teach? I’m wonder how 9/11 is taught in school now. My nieces are nephews are too young for school, but I’m curious as to how they will learn about it when start school.

  • topscallop

    Rant: headache
    Rave: because I had a good first date last night but drank too much
    Rant: so much work to do and I’m leaving tomorrow for another trip
    Rave: this is my favorite kind of weather. Yay fall!
    Rave: my Landmark wristband arrived yesterday. Looking forward to that!

    • I’m assuming the Landmark wristband isn’t for Landmark Cinema… but what is it for?

      • landmark education maybe?

      • Based on a quick google I’d say it’s for the Landmark music festival in west potomac park on september 26-27.

        • topscallop

          Yes! It’s the Landmark Music Festival to raise money for the national mall. The main draw for me is the Strokes but there will be a bunch of other fun bands there too. A few of my different friend groups are going so I can bounce around depending on who wants to see which bands perform. I hope the weather gods smile upon us for it. It’s interesting, you can connect the wristband to your credit card in advance, and pay for food and merchandise or whatever during the festival just by tapping the wristband.

  • Rant: Bus drivers who, when stopped pointed uphill at a light, hold the bus on the throttle instead of just sitting fully stopped on the brakes. I don’t get motion sick that easily, but the rocking back and forth is so annoying!
    Rave: Yellow line seems to be back up to speed crossing the Potomac.

    • I’m realllllllly bad about doing that (your rant) because I drive a stick and some of the hills around here scare me to come to a complete stop sometimes. It’s also kind of fun, and warns the people behind me to not get too close (seriously people BACK OFF on hills, I will roll into you if you’re 2-3″ from my bumper!) but you’re reminding me that maybe I should ask passengers before doing this in the future so they don’t vom in my car haha.

      • Yes, that’s the worst thing about driving stick – it isn’t common anymore, so people pull right up to my bumper even on slopes. They haven’t a clue. I compensate by leaving a lot of room in front of my car for fast take-offs.

  • Rant: Really, really tired.

  • Rant: guy I dated back in March who I liked then ghosted on me came up to me again at a show last night. Kinda drunk. Acted as if we were good and asked if we could “hangout” again and suggested all these great things we could do. Called him a jerk for ignoring me and said we would never hangout again. It felt so good to finally say those words! He asked if I hated him, and I said “Yeah, of course I do.” HA!
    Rave: low match (yeah we’re friends now) came up and whisked me away from the uncomfortable situation.
    Rave: fourth date with a person on Saturday. not really feeling it romantically. you can’t force feelings for someone no matter how nice and great there are. 🙁
    Rave: refurbished bike sale tomorrow at Big Bear Cafe. perhaps getting bike #2?

    • topscallop

      Amen to your second-to-last rave (though it sounds more like a rant to me?) I’ve been asked by friends (usually couple up friends) if I’m being too picky. I swear I’m not! If there’s no chemistry, you can’t create it through sheer force of will.

      • I wasn’t sure if it was Rant or Rave either. There’s chemistry and we get along really well but more as friends since I am not attracted to him physically. I chose Rave because I’m choosing not to string someone along and do the right thing. We’re not picky! Sometimes the desire isn’t there!

      • This is why I always find the idea of dating to find someone you want to be with in x number (it doesn’t matter what number it is 1, 3, 10 , 20) dates to be totally artificial. I’d rather make friends with people I like who have similar interests of some sort and see if over time anything develops. Not that it necessarily will with any particular person, but it seems like a less artificial way to meet a partner to me.

        And I’ve learned that if I’m wildly attracted to someone when I first meet them, it means that they are just tapping into the psychological shit I was left with from a bad childhood. It doesn’t mean they will be good for me (or to me), just that they are very, very familiar. But it took me decades to really fully understand this dynamic.

  • goaldigger

    Rave-Pats won! (haters line forms over there!!)
    Rave-the new season of Longmire is AWESOME!
    Rant-Weather might not cooperate tomorrow (standing in a muddy field at Bull Run drinking wine is not fun).

  • Rant: Splitting headache, nausea, exhaustion, coughing. It seems to be getting worse now, not better. I wish I could just stay in bed all day today.
    Rave: It’s all for the babies.

    • I’m worried for you. It’s been like a month, hasn’t it? Whooping cough? Pneumonia?

      • Thanks, and honestly, I’m worried too but my doctors don’t seem alarmed since I already took a Z-pak and that was supposed to clear it up. It’s been more than a month now. It’s not whooping cough — I had that less than 10 years ago and it’s a totally different cough. I don’t think it’s pneumonia, either. I think it’s just the strain of growing two humans after a cross-country move. (?)

        • Have your medical professionals said anything about acid reflux? I got this nagging cough a few months ago, and the doc said it was reflux. Got a bottle of tums, and the cough (and occasional nausea) went away.
          I had terrible heartburn during my pregnancies; you might already be eating tums by the handful.

          • Acid reflux is definitely part of this fun mix I’m dealing with. I have Tums here and will see if it helps to pop more of them. Thanks for the idea!

        • 🙁 I had the WORST reflux. Only help was tums refreshers. I had a cough and constant nose drip for a big chunk of pregnancy. It seems, unfortunately, fairly common. Hope you feel better soon!

        • Z-packs do nothing – absolutely nothing – for me and for many members of my family. If I’m trying to work on killing something, I need a minimum 3-week course of antibiotics. Can you see if your doctor can prescribe a longer course of something like augmentin?

  • Big kitten sale tomorrow & Sunday! (Well – reduced adoption fee.) through Homeward Trails at PetMAC DC. Winter is coming – you need some furry friends to snuggle with!

    • “Kittens must be adopted in pairs?” They certainly don’t make it easy, do they? :-/

      • It’s pretty standard for rescue groups to specify that kittens can be adopted only in pairs or to a household with a young, friendly cat. I believe WHS allows people to adopt kittens singly, but it usually has “two for the price of one” deals to encourage people to adopt two at once.

      • With kittens, you’re better off with a pair as well. Then they can entertain each other and get into less trouble. Two cats really isn’t much more work than one, particularly if they get along (which they likely would if adopted together at a young age).

        • Some buildings restrict residents to a single pet. And by insisting on pair adoptions, the rescue groups lose out on those people. My friend who can only have one pet tried through HT, but ended up at WHS because HT was so difficult to work with (on multiple levels.)

          • HaileUnlikely

            There are lots of older cats in need of homes as well.

          • I adopted my cat (who was then 2-3 years old) as an only cat through HT with no problems. If anything, I got the impression that cats like her who don’t like other cats are harder for rescues to place.
            HT and other rescue groups tend to think it’s important to place cat-liking cats with other cats… but they also have a number of cats whom they recommend as singletons. I met/”interviewed” several cats who were in this category.

  • Rave: I was offered a position in my agency’s San Francisco office yesterday.
    Rave: I have really enjoyed my 6+ years in DC, and will miss it, but family calls…

  • houseintherear

    Rave: It has become clear that I could make a whole lot of money on my house right now. I am soooo tempted to sell and build the mini modern cottage in the country I’ve been dreaming about for years. It’s actually financially feasible, and the commute would be the same amount of time (but less actual traffic/lights). But I’m so scared to miss living amongst people. First World Problems x1000.

    • DO IT!!!

    • That One Guy

      That sounds like an amazing idea as long as you have running water in the cottage.

    • I’d suggest renting your house and living out there first, then, to see if you like the community. Actually a good idea, because you won’t be living in your dream house. Plenty of people move into a house they love somewhere and only gradually, over time, realize they don’t really like living where the great house is located.

    • Some friends of mine recently built their dream weekend house in West Virginia and it’s been so much fun following the process as they have gone from scouting the land to building it to their own exact specifications. One thing I wonder — knowing nothing about your interest in such things — is if instead of selling, you could keep your home, but refinance it and build your cottage as a second home. I think my friends’ parcel of land, which is just over the WV border and has several acres, was about 50k. No idea about the construction costs, though.

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