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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Brazil treating me well. Saw Iguazu Falls, Sao Paulo, and Rio and loved every minute of it all.
    Rant: Back to work.
    Rave: Still in Brazil!
    Rant: So much work to do, missing DC, planning husband’s move to NYC, etc.
    Rave: Got a really awesome little notebook to put down all my lists, worries, etc. Hopefully that will stop my head from exploding.

  • washington20009

    Rant: the envelope in the above post was not a letter from a secret admirer, but instead contained an advertisement for a christmas musical.

  • Recent smash and grab incident on Randolph Street NE in the Eckington area.

    My girlfriend and I were attending a friends barbecue for Labor Day. Within three hours, someone smashed my rear car window and stole my girlfriends travel bag. The bag itself was expensive, as well as the clothing and accessories. We were parked on the same street as the house, unfortunately no one saw anything and we went through the standard police report and insurance claim process.

    If anyone finds a shiny pink Tumi bag with items in it, please report back. We even checked some nearby dumpsters. Guessing since they did not find any electronics it may have been dumped somewhere close.

    • I have to ask: was the bag left inside the car visible from the windows? If it wasn’t, wow thieves are really just trying their luck. If it was visible, you should be well aware of the dangers of leaving anything in your car visible to passerbys. My friend had the window of his new-ish Audi smashed in near 9:30 club during a show because he left some change (literally coins) in his cup holder!

      • +1. My friends who live and drive in other cities… if they’re keeping anything in the car it goes in the trunk, preferrably in garage parking and not on the street. It’s unfortunate, but window-smashing is so common these days…

        • There was apparently a window-smashing right in front of my house on Sunday while I was at a wedding — I came back to window fragments in the street right next to where the driver’s side window (or possibly the passenger window on that side of the car) would’ve been.

          • It was definitely our fault for being naive and we typically are very cautious about these things, just forget sometimes.

            Hoping the thieves ditched the bag since there were no electronics, jewelry, or cash in it. Unless they want a bra and some women’s clothing.

          • I hope you find it. Although, to be honest, if I were a thief I’d probably dump the clothing and take the bag to resell.

  • I got the same letter too in North Michigan Park. We will not be going.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My entire team is late today. Oy with the poodles already.
    Rant: Apple music is making me insane.
    Rant: I think I have a sinus infection. Apparently I need the Neti Pot Proβ„’
    Rave: jam failures make great ice cream or yogurt toppings!
    Conundrum: the Enabler wants to enable herself http://www.beladora.com/store/62809_diamond_bracelet_in_18k (it would go beautifully with the earrings that I got for the safe necklace).

  • Rave: Slept 10 hours each night over the long weekend. I never sleep that much. I must have been really tired.
    Rave: Saw two friends over the long weekend, although I’m still lacking in the date department. Working on it!
    Related Unknown: I have great friends, but my best friends who I have fun with sitting and doing nothing with are the ones on the other side of the country. It’d be nice to have someone to just spend time with again and not have to *plan* to do something.
    Rant: Being back at work after the long weekend is pretty boring. It’s 10am and I’ve already crossed almost all of my tasks off my to-do list. With another 7 hours to go. Whoopieee.

  • Rant: I was at the Nats game yesterday. Enough has been said already about fans leaving early, but seriously, it was a 3 run game – where is everybody going?
    Side note: I saw all the typical militaristic jingoism that accompanies a professional sporting event these days but I didn’t see any Labor Day recognition of all the hard working men and women that make a professional baseball game possible. Did I just miss it or was there no mention of the holiday?

    • Relatedly, a number of folks I know posted a meme over the weekend saying something about ” You think it’s just a long weekend for beach and BBQs, but remember the real meaning.” And then a picture of flag-draped coffins. Um, no. I tried to correct someone and got yelled at for “being against the troops.”

      • You should share that with one of those listicle sites, for inclusion in a “21 People Who Are So Dumb I Can’t Even” feature. Right after the person who says “Happy new year! Can’t believe the world is 2,015 years old,” and before the person who posts a picture of their new credit card.

      • CHGal, your post made me snort out loud — sounds like a “Do I laugh or do I cry?” situation.

      • That was up there in my feed too of idiots who don’t know what Labor Day is about. Right up there with the moms posting things like “Happy Labor Day to the only people who ever go through labor – moms!” and stuff like that.

      • +1 LOL! Ryan, I was at the game too and didn’t hear any mention of the holiday, although I did like the military shoutout. Maybe some of the fans that were leaving early were dealing with heat-related issues/symptoms?

  • Rant: Dislike my job, and I’m stuck in it for a year.
    Rave: The people are nice, though.
    Rant: Since it’s only for a year, I have to start applying for jobs again (some of them again 1 year jobs) right now.
    Rant: Work near Gtown main campus, and it’s pretty gross seeing Natty Light cans & packages littering the otherwise nice streets. How difficult is it to throw a can in a bag?
    Rave: Vacation with the family this weekend was short but nice!
    Rant: Broke my phone the first day of vacation, new one not coming til tomorrow.

    • Rant: Neighbor’s back yard has looked like a Natty Light can recycling facility for the past year.
      Rave: Everybody has moved out and the landlord is doing minor repairs to put the place on the market!

  • Rave: Last day at this job!!
    Rant: Bosses complaining that it’s hard to find a replacement with my skillset/language ability and asked me to stay on on a freelance/consultant basis. I’ll do it, because it’s money but seriously wish they had realized this earlier instead of treating me like I’m disposable. Oh well, I’m outta here!
    Rave: Fabulous long weekend.
    Rave: It’s my pup’s birthday today! She turns 3. I’m totally going to buy her a doggie birthday cake or cookie. πŸ™‚

    • Reminds me of my wife’s exit interview at a particular local paper–editor was shocked she was leaving despite threatening to fire her on several occasions. Turns out that was just the editor’s only motivational tool to keep people working hard. Yuck.

    • I had a similar experience recently… on the last day of work, my boss came to me and asked how much it would take to keep me on. My response was too little too late. But we are working on a solution to keep me on there on a per diem basis now, so all is not lost. I am happy to stay on and help because, well, money, and I actually really like the place, they just pay shit.

    • Congrats on being (sort of) free – and the extra money will be nice! Happy birthday to your pup, too. πŸ™‚

    • From a friend’s experience with this, it seems like a good way to approach this situation is to set an end date for your freelancing/consultancy (assuming you want out at some point) and agree to a certain amount of work per week (either by number of articles or hours or however you want to measure it) so you don’t get a full work week dumped on you.

  • Rave: pedicure Friday afternoon & nap Saturday afternoon.
    Rant: Crappy sleep, partly because of a cat who insisted on sleeping around my head, and then had high-pitched snoring that I initially mistook for my daughter crying upstairs. Ugh.
    Rave: Short week.
    Rave: only need to make it through two more days of heat according to current predictions–fingers crossed!
    Rave: Fun but mostly low-key weekend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Lunchtime poll: which Heather are you?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Good weekend. I love the National Book Festival.
    Rant: Is it ever going to rain again?
    Rant: Mr. Zelda has been kinda cranky lately. He needs to get over that.
    Rave: Belly dancing tonight!

    • Right, I completely forgot. Book Festival was wonderful this year. First year I’ve gone since they moved it to the Convention Center. Thought I wouldn’t like it as much as when it was on the Mall, but air conditioning and indoor bathrooms went a long way toward changing my mind!

      Rant: Conversation between Ward Just and Jonathan Yardley was poorly attended. Just the handful of us white hairs who managed to stick around even though it was time for us to get our early bird suppers. Just is a fine novelist and I wish his hometown had come out a bit more for him.

  • Got back from a Bahamian cruise. Don’t think I’ll be cruising any time soon. Think I’m more of an all inclusive/beach resort type of person.

  • Rant: I got a call earlier in the weekend saying that my grandmother in England had what seemed to be a mild stroke, she was a bit confused and in the hospital but seemed like she would be okay. Last night my parents called, telling me they just found out it’s actually not looking good and they immediately took a flight over to see her.
    My grandmother is 93, so it’s not entirely a surprise, but… She’s been doing pretty well, a bit fragile and her memory has been going but she’s been living at home with just a caretaker visiting her twice a day. At least she’s been very happy. It’s just hard still, and I regret that I’ve never been able to see her much because of the distance.
    Rant: It’s my dad’s mother, and he’s been having a hard enough time recently. πŸ™

  • Rant: I need to get a nice ring resized, but apparently the stone is fragile and it is hard to do. I’m having a hard time finding someone that can do it. πŸ™ I also went to one store where the woman was just really, really rude to me, including flicking me (you know, like little boys do to their kid sisters) so hard that I had a small bruise when I said something she didn’t like (that I actually liked my ring and didn’t want to put it in a pendant.

    Rant: I REALLY hate my living situation. Love my condo, hate my neighbors. Was planning to move, but now I have a work situation that is up in the air so can’t really go out and spend the money to buy a new place. Feel so very stuck in both work and home.

    Rant: Having the weirdest dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night. I remember them right when I wake up, then forget them later, but they are really, really strange. I think it is stress.

    Rave: Fall is coming soon.

    • First off…that is ridiculous! I have never had a stranger “flick me” that is completely out of line…who does that?

      Second, I had a good experience at Greenan and Sons. They basically cobbled my engagement ring (stone was an heirloom, setting was bought online, prongs had to be ordered, and it was resized) together and they did great work and had zero issue with the fact I didn’t actually “buy” anything from them.

    • Was the flicker the owner of the store? If not, report her to the owners and get her fired. Rude is one thing. Rude plus actually hurting you is unacceptable. If it was the owner (and I can imagine some old bat who inherited a jewelry store being the flicking kind… probably with lipstick on her teeth and stretched out earlobes from injudicious earrings) then trash her on yelp (and here of course). That sort of thing should not go unanswered.

      • I don’t think she was the owner, but this happened about a month ago. I likely should have reported it, but I’m just not the reporting kind of person. I was just very, very shocked. I’ll chock it up to her having a bad day, because I’ve otherwise heard great things about this store (including here).

    • If you truly hate living where you are and can rent it out for at least as much as you expenses on the place, rent it out and rent yourself a nice place to live while you are still employed. I know how much neighbors can drag on your life. If you expect to have an income reduction, rent a smaller, cheaper place, or a place you can share with a roommate to save money.

      Or you can sell your condo, and free up some money if you have any equity above what the closing costs will take.

      • +1 on the rec to rent the place out and find a rental situation to live in yourself. That way you don’t have to rush to find a new place to buy, or worry about what buying a new place might mean if your work situation is up in the air.

  • Rant: Saw a really good friend this past weekend who was dumped the morning before we got together by her boyfriend of three years, one week after losing her father and becoming the only person remaining in her family. I was glad I could be there just to hold her up during a tough time, but I was really bummed about the boyfriend’s timing.
    Rave: She may be developing a job for me at her company, could be awesome, trying not to get too pumped.
    Rant: Oh fall, where art thou??

    • As a person who recently lost my last surviving family member, I can only imagine the isolation your friend is feeling. Please give her a big hug!

    • Re: Your first rant. That is the situation I am most terrified of in my future. I’ll keep your friend in my thoughts, and you are fantastic for being there for her.

  • Question for the Populace: My former sister-in-law is having a baby. We are on super friendly terms (she was the only in-law I liked, and vise-versa I was her only family member she liked), but I am confused. Is the new baby my niece? Or just my kids’ cousin?
    Rave: Crocheting a super cute cardigan for the baby shower and hopefully a baby blanket if I have time. I have not crocheted in a very long time and I forgot how relaxing it is.
    Rant: The reason I have time to crochet in the evenings is because of not being in Baltimore with my BF. This whole not seeing each other but on weekends and maybe once a week schedules permitting sucks big time. I have done the long distance thing before (and actually with longer distance and longer time between visits) but this time it’s really messing with me and bringing me down. Any tips for coping?

    • Technically, only your kids’ cousin. But I’ve found that there is a lot of wiggle room in the terms “Aunt”/”Uncle”. My favorite nephews are my best friend’s kids. They call me Aunt It’s Just Me and wouldn’t know that I’m not their “real” Aunt. I still call my Aunt by marriage my Aunt even after they divorced my uncles (my dad’s brothers), but I guess they’d already been my aunts. I guess what I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter what the technical term is, it matters what relationship you have with the baby and what relationship your former SIL wants you to have with the baby. To me, a baby can never have too many Aunts.

      • +1 to aunt/uncle wiggle room. I’m sorry about the distance being so hard πŸ™ Besides other stress-relieving hobbies like crocheting, do you Facetime/Skype/etc.? I always feel closer to the people I’m missing when I can see their face while we catch up.

        • We FaceTime from time to time and text pretty must constantly throughout the day. I think that it’s partly me being stubborn in my generally crappy mood. This distance is neither something new (we’ve been together for a long while and our living situations are not new), nor really that distant (less than 40 miles). However, it may as well be across the damn ocean in some ways. I suppose that is a good thing because it means we must really love each other lol.

    • “Is the new baby my niece? Or just my kids’ cousin?”
      I would say she is your niece, you are her aunt. Whether she calls you that, and what her relationship is with you and your kids, really depends on your sister-in-law.

    • This is your ex-husband’s sister? Yeah, in that case her baby would be your kids’ cousin.
      If this were your brother’s ex-wife, then the baby would be no relation to your kids. (Unless this was the brother’s child post-split.)
      Agreed with It’s Just Me re. “aunt”/”uncle” being flexible terms. I will always consider my father’s brother’s ex-wife to be my aunt, even if technically she no longer is.

      • This is my ex-husband’s sister, so still my kids’ cousin.
        Thank you everyone for the responses! I suppose I will await her cues as to what the baby ends of being to me title-wise. I’m also in the camp of a kid can never have too many aunties/uncles (my kids have so many they often ask how exactly they are related lol), but it really is up to them how they want to address it. Thanks everyone πŸ™‚

    • HaileUnlikely

      I do not understand why our language has so many specific yet still ambiguous terms for familial relations other than mother/father, son/daughter, husband/wife, and maybe brother/sister. I guess the theory of it is that it is more efficient to be able to say “niece” than to say “my wife’s brother’s daughter,” but I find that advantage to be fully negated and then some by ambiguity regarding “which niece?” and/or questions of “is that person my niece or my cousin or my something-in-law or whatever?”

      • This is always tough when it comes to kids. I’m a big proponent of whatever feels “right.” My very best girlfriend’s kids all refer to our group of friends as “Aunt” or “Uncle,” since we consider ourselves as close as sisters. And, I refer to my longtime boyfriend as “Uncle ____” to my brother’s kids. We’re not married, though we live together and are domestic partners who plan to be together forever. I’ve noticed my SIL will sometimes refer to him as Uncle _____ when talking to the kids, but not all the time. My brother, well, not as often. But I’m happy with that. I don’t expect them to follow my lead if they aren’t comfortable with it. I totally get it. Hopefully, eventually, they will trust that it’s ok to call him Uncle.

      • Allison

        I heard somewhere that in India (I think the language was Hindi?) they have different words for like, every familial position. So grandpa-on-mom’s-side has a different word than grandpa-on-dad’s-side. That seems like it would be a good way to keep track of things.

      • Could be worse/more ambiguous — IIRC, in French your β€œbelle-mΓ¨re” can be either your stepmother or your mother-in-law.

    • For the long distance thing – schedule set times to talk on the phone or Skype every day. It’s great to be able to text/email through the day, but knowing that I’d hear my husband’s voice at 8:30pm every night was really comforting, especially on the days when one or both of us was too busy to keep in regular contact and/or when we were communicating badly. Good luck and I hope the distance ends soon!

  • Rave: Long weekend gardening and cooking, drying clothes on the clothesline, all the birds and butterflies (including a monarch)
    Rave: Peaches from the orchard => Smitten Kitchen’s peach cobbler, leftover peaches made into second dessert (peeled, sliced, warmed in a skillet with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon and served with heavy cream)
    Rant: Pup is off her food, woke me up 3x during the night this past weekend to go outside. Breakfast untouched this morning. Maybe the bunny poop she ate is disagreeing with her…..
    Gin & Gardening reminder; this Sunday (Sept 13th), 6:00 pm at The Heights. Come talk about gin, gardening or whatever is on your mind πŸ™‚

    • Great raves!
      Bunny poop?? Do you have a rabbit, or was this from a wild/outdoor bunny?
      And thanks for the Gin & Gardening reminder — I need to make sure I put it on my calendar.

    • Textdog it was a wild bunny – cute but incredibly destructive (ate to the ground a number of perennial flowers, small trees, vegetables). We told all dogs that their mission is to chase all bunnies away!

      • Was this at the farm? (Or here in D.C.?)

      • At the farm; I have a NSFPOPville story and photo of pup to share at the G&G gathering about this

      • Emmaleigh504

        When littlest Zelda was 3 or 4 his job was to chase the bunnies out of the yard. We’d pull into the driveway QZ would say, “Run Littlest Zelda and get those bad bunnies!” and he run after them. cutest thing to watch.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: UPOKAN (Unofficial PoPville Karaoke Night)
    Rave: Tomorrow at 7:30, Wok’n Roll Chinatown.
    Rave: Our resident rapper has confirmed her assistance.

  • Rave: Had a beautiful week-long vacation hiking the Appalachian Trail through Shenandoah National Park.
    Rave: It’s always nice to come back to a nice apartment with a warm bed, air conditioning and a hot shower.
    Not-really-a-rant: Time to catch up on all the work I missed.

  • Rave: Otis, changer of hearts and minds. My mom, who poo-pooed me getting a dog, offered to dog sit him for 2 weeks next year! My little niece who was too scared to pet him, not only petted him, but also gave him a treat. The older niece wants me to perish well ahead of schedule so she can inherit him. My dad texted pics of him to his friends. He charmed our waitress at DC Reynolds.
    Rave: I had a phenomenal weekend. Usually when my parents visit they sit around saying “what should we do?” But we did a ton of stuff and even though they usually shrug off going downtown for anything, my mom, sister, and I went to the Caillabotte exhibit. And my dad and I went to the Nats game Saturday night.
    Rave: Had a very nice second date Friday, going on the third tonight.

  • Rave: I performed my first wedding ceremony this weekend, and it went really well. It was a beautiful wedding of two truly wonderful people. Also, good practice for officiating a dear friend’s wedding next month.
    Rant: Such heavy traffic this morning. Despite my best intentions, I was late for work.
    Rave: I swam this morning! I’m trying to get back into a regular workout routine now that I am past the feeling like death part of the first trimester.
    Rave: Much needed hair cut scheduled for this evening.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: More work done in my place but not as much as I thought I was going to cover
    Rant: Some people go to the beach for the long weekend, some go to the mountains. I go to Home Depot. πŸ™

    • Emmaleigh504

      My parents were a home depot too! They are redoing their bathroom, what are you redoing?

    • There were multiple trips to the hardware store for us this weekend as well. But, we feel really good about the progress we made on a few projects!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Really difficult time. Tenant assaulted me over the weekend m. I’m still struggling with dealing with it. He has a lease so not sure what to do. I’ve been self medicating which probably doesn’t help the situation. This post probably guarantees I will never attend a Popville function. πŸ™

    • Holy crap IDGI! Did you file a police report? Surely there has to be someway of getting Tenant out legally, regardless of lease!

      • Yeah, I think you’d be able to get a restraining order. I’m not a lawyer but I assume that would mean tenant would have to leave.

      • Holy sh-t, IDGI. I’m with Anonamom — I think the next step should absolutely be to file a police report if you haven’t already. And can anyone here recommend a lawyer who might be able to help IDGI sort out the next steps for eviction?

    • Jesus Christ!! Can you file a restraining order? That should at least get him out of the house.
      Can you get his mom in VA to take him and his belongings, stat?

    • Pablo Raw

      Of course you can, many people come to all kinds of PoPville meetings and say that they just read the posts, “I almost never post anything”, “I’m one of the anons”, etc. Join us sometime and have a good time πŸ™‚

    • You absolutely need to file a restraining order.

    • This may sound a bit heartless but your safety has been compromised.

      Get a police report. Then get a lawyer and evict him. You and your safety are priority number 1 here.

    • WHAT?! Your tenant dilemma is really mind-boggling! How is this acceptable? Lease nor not, this has to be a reason to get him far far away from you.

    • I Dont Get It

      * FYI pysically.

    • Whoa. I don’t know, but it certainly seems plausible that you’d be able to terminate the lease based on this. I’m so sorry. What a mess.

    • If memory serves me, the downward spiral happened more than ago 30 days, so he should be gone by now. The only reason I can fathom that you’ve kept him through the hording, sexual escapades, mental illness, etc is that you can’t pay your rent without him. If that’s not the case, then IDGI either.

      • I Dont Get It

        Okay that last sentence made me laugh. I contacted my attorney and am moving forward. Thanks all.

        • IDGI, I am so glad you are moving forward with steps to keep yourself safe.

          • I Dont Get It

            Thanks I appreciate a community I can be open with. It’s not like I could go to the office and say “Hey guess how I got these bruises?”

          • Your quoted question just makes me want to give you a big hug. I’m glad that you’ve got a lawyer to help you out with the legal side of things. I’m glad this community brings you comfort, but I hope you have friends who can also help in more tangible ways (the self-medicating comes to mind). Take care of yourself.

          • “I hope you have friends who can also help in more tangible ways” +1. And if you don’t, ANOTHER reason to come to PoPville events.

          • I Dont Get It

            Actually my quoted statement kinda made giggle but I appreciate that virtual hug.

          • If my read on this is correct, though, I know that kind of giggle. It’s like the “this is so ridiculous I can’t believe it happened and I feel like I’m losing my marbles a little” giggle. Glad to hear you have an attorney, and I hope your week starts looking up. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

          • I Dont Get It

            You nailed it Friday Girl. Plus I feel the need to point out he has quite the shiner.

          • +1 to FridayGirl

    • Holy cow IDGI! And wow, this tenant has put you through hell in the last few weeks (or longer). You’ve been patient and supportive through all of this – so sorry to hear your tenant assaulted you this weekend.
      Glad to hear you’re taking steps to protect yourself – along with contacting your lawyer, I’ll chime in with others to say please file a police report (if you haven’t done so already)
      Sending you strength, support and hopes that situation with tenant resolves quickly and without further additional stress.
      And fyi, I’m in the older PoPville demographic – the gatherings are all-age appropriate πŸ™‚

  • Rave: I had a really nice date on Friday night. We both said we want to see each other again but didn’t exactly nail down a date. Fingers crossed.

    Rave: Good weekend with good friends!

    Rave: In preparation for my friend’s surgery this morning, yesterday we prepared a vegan butternut squash soup, a carrot and ginger soup (for her) and some meat sauce for pasta and lasagna for her husband who will want to eat something while she’s recovering. We got a lot done in a few hours.

    Rave: Her surgery went well! I just found out.

    Rant: Family drama. She said/she said nonsense. I hope it ends soon.

    Rant: All the loud attys are back in the office from vacation.

  • Rant: Had a family member, a veteran and father to three loving children, pass away unexpectedly from natural causes that we believe should have been detected by the VA hospital but were not. I’ve been managing a support fund for the family, but it breaks my heart that I can’t make it to the funeral this week. R.I.P. πŸ™

    • I have a million and three complaints with the military healthcare system. I’m so sorry that this happened to someone so dear to you.

  • Four abandoned kittens need a foster today. They were dropped off this morning at a Petco store, but all the fosters in all the rescue groups are currently full-up. (I’ve got 6.) The shelters are also full, and since these kittens haven’t been vetted, they need to go somewhere without other pet contact for at least a few days.

    If anyone can help out – even for a few days until we get them sorted somewhere else, please get in touch. vicmck at gmail

  • Whoa — reading though this – sorry IDGI! Please come to a HH! I hope you feel better and get your tenant issue resolved.
    Rave: Sunday Drum Circle was beautiful. Busted out the hammocks (and again on Monday). Very good relaxing time.
    Problem: Aside from hammock time I am not at all good at relaxing. Is there a book or podcast on how to do that effectively?
    Rave: RomCom is still super sweet. πŸ™‚

    • Allison

      If you figure out the secret to relaxing, I will pay you in all of my worldly belongings.

      • Tips I’ve received so far (in no general order):
        Various other forms of exercise
        Writing it all down (to-do lists, etc)
        Listening to music
        Taking a bath
        Doing “something creative”
        “letting go”
        “not taking life so seriously”
        etc. etc.
        Either I do all of these things incredibly poorly or they don’t work for me.

      • What works for me is a good partner. Someone to share the load, someone to talk to, someone to be with relaxing together. This doesn’t have to be a romantic partner, necessarily. One of my best relaxing partners is a fellow middle-aged mom. I don’t relax well when I’m alone. I feel like I need to be taking advantage of the alone-time to get things done.

        • +1000 to this, but I’ve never been able to articulate it myself. Unfortunately, a good partner is sometimes hard to find, but my mood and overall health improves 100% when I am able to truly relax with someone.
          CarmieCarms — those things above don’t really work for me either. Meditating, sometimes. Eating other times. But overall, ineffective.

        • This is part of why I miss my running buddy (and both of us having time to be running buddies)–that time was best for decompressing and venting as well as random chit chat about nothing at all.

  • Just got home from a 2 week vacation. Found same envelope peeking from under my fridge in Col Hgts yesterday morning. I live on the 4th floor of a secure building with 100 units. Not sure how it got there unless the person slipping it under my door whipped it thru with such force that it bounced off my kitchen island and then it came to rest under my fridge. The letter was from Joe with two tickets to a Christmas show at the Warner.

    Weird…. and already in trash can.

    Someone clearly has a lot of time on their hands to play delivery person.

  • Rave: Spurts of energy this weekend meant some time in Golden Gate park and other city exploration.
    Rave? In my effort to watch all of the 90s TV, I’ve gone back to Clarissa Explains it All. It’s really not good and I really don’t care.
    Rave: Also watched the Kathleen Hanna documentary. Not sure why that took me so long.
    Rave: And the not-90s-related movie Nightcrawler, a great and super suspenseful flick. Highly recommended.
    Rant: I feel like I should care more that I haven’t been to the beach this year.

  • Rant: This guy with the bike. The world is just packed full of a–holes. Anyone recognize him? I wish the kid in the flowered shirt would have been able to take it for just a minute or two longer and called the police. But, I get it buddy, I would have had enough too.

    part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWjoDdM0BjI
    part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnbmsc44oDQ

  • For all of my favorite hockey fans, this is hilarious: http:/ www. russianmachineneverbreaks.com/ 2015/09/08/flyers-fans-are-attempting-to-buy-the-pittsburgh-penguins-via-a-gofundme-campaign/

    • THANK YOU.
      That is hilarious.
      But you and I both know this is too little, too late. Had this come about a few years ago they could have moved to Hartford, rather than extorting Pittsburgh to get a new stadium.
      Though, if that happened I would have been so torn. I don’t think I could cheer for Crosby, even in a Whalers uniform.

      • Zen-style question for Accountering: If a Pittsburgh team moved to Connecticut, would the alleged taint of Pennsylvania follow them? πŸ˜‰

        • Lol. Agreed about cheering for Crosby, even in a Whalers uniform.

        • Accountering

          This is an incredibly difficult question. I am going to need to some to think on this one. With that said, I really don’t like the majority of the Eastern Conference (mostly just our division though, the Metropolitan) so while Philly and Pittsburgh are quite hated, I also hold an extra special bit of disdain for the NY Rangers, NY Islanders, Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, Montreal Canadians, and Tampa Lightning. Presumably, they would still be in our division, and would still have Crosby and Malkin, so my gut says I would hate them, but maybe just a tiny amount less.

  • FridayGirl, anonymous, WDC, and others: Please note that at my request, the Prince has deleted my post asking a new-ish poster if (s)he was the same person who used to post as ______.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: after upgrading to iOS 8.4.1 my phone’s performance and battery life is just crappy. Ugh.
    Rave: this song –

  • topscallop

    So it may be too late in the day for people to see this and respond, but I have a question to crowd source: if you could take a 4-5 day solo vacation in October, anywhere in the US, where would you go? I have an airline voucher that’s about to expire. My friends are in not-that-exciting places or I would visit them, and no one has leave time that coincides with the time I want to take off. Right now I’m thinking maybe San Francisco? I’ve never been. Or Seattle? Would the weather be bad there in late October? I’d like to go someplace where I can get around easily without a car, and somewhere with good food and good nature to look at. Thanks for any recommendations!

    • The cheapskate in me says to go as far as the tickets will take you.
      I think the Pacific Northwest would be ok in late October, I’m sure you can check online. I love fall, so I’d want to go somewhere with color-changing leaves.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I would go to Arizona or New Mexico. I adore the desert. And I hear Santa Fe is a fun place to visit. (It’s on my list.)

    • “I’d like to go someplace where I can get around easily without a car, and somewhere with good food and good nature to look at.” I think SF would be good. Or maybe Portland? (I’ve never been there.) The requirement to be able to get around without a car rules out non-city destinations, and also rules out the more sprawling cities that don’t have good public transit.
      My recollection is that Chicago is easy to get around by public transit, but I suspect late October in Chicago might be unpleasantly cold for a vacation.
      I assume the voucher is for the continental U.S. only and you can’t use it for Hawaii?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Chicago is a good idea, great city. I bet in October it wouldn’t be too cold yet.

        • Or maybe Boston? I remember it being a bit chilly when I was there in mid-October years and years ago, but perhaps late October wouldn’t be all that much colder.

        • +1 to Chicago and SF. I’d probably lean in the direction of SF because you would get more value for the plane ticket and 4-5 days is a perfect amount of time for a trip here. I think you could have a lovely trip to Chicago in 2-3 days and the tickets wouldn’t be outrageous even if you paid out of pocket.

          • That One Guy

            Tickets to Chicago were dirt cheap last week. Bought round trip tickets for myself and mom to do a day trip and it cost $176 combined for the two of us.

    • NYC? It’d be sort of a treat to arrive there in such a short amount of time. If you were concerned about public transit you could arrive into Newark and take the train into the city. Although it’d be better between Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the holiday decorations. Also consider Boston, Atlanta, or Miami if you’re just looking for a city where you could see something you haven’t seen before and rely on public transit. That being said, you open up a huge range of options if you can get a cheap car rental. If you’re willing to do that then I’d revise it to the Grand Canyon, maybe Salt Lake City and ride out to Moab/Arches/etc., or NOLA could be good either way. That’s a good problem to have!

    • That One Guy

      Denver? I hear it has nice nature scenery.

  • Random Question: Does anyone know any details about the homeless guy that hangs out near 15th and K St NW on weekday mornings? He shouts “Goooood Morning!” very loudly over and over and smiles at people passing by. I normally see him every morning, but haven’t seen him at all this week. Hopefully he is okay.

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