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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant: stressful and busy day at the office!! GAH!
    rave: it’s friday! HELL YEAH

  • Rant: Online dating. For some reason, I’ve had a string if women who say they want to meet, so I leave my number, then I never hear from them again.
    Rave: Getting much better at striking up conversations
    Rant/rave: No holiday to speak of, but yea, money.

    Poll: if someone said they strongly prefer to date within their race (not your race), would you infer they only want to date that race? I asked someone about this preference only to have her tell me oh no, I’ll date anyone. She only answered a few questions, so it seemed odd she wouldn’t explain that she’s open if she is. Thoughts?

    • Re your poll: I’ve had friends and aquaintances of other races (particularly 1.5 or 2nd generation) who don’t have a personal preference, but who are heavily influenced by their family’s preference for them to date within their own race. Because of situations like these, I think it’s a complicated issue. I generally let people who have answered that they prefer to date within their own race contact me if they’re interested, as I’ve clearly stated I have no preference.

      • I generally do the same, but I let curiosity get the better of me and asked why the preference which got the conversation going. I took her at face value that she was more open, but she kept trying to convince me its on me to not infer rather than her to explain. I conceded Justin’s point below, and left the door open.

    • justinbc

      I wouldn’t take strongly prefer to mean only, I would read it just as it is. Sure some people might use it as code to make it seem like they’re open when not, but I would hope that most people wouldn’t purposely try to waste others’ time like that.

    • Re your poll, I think I would naturally infer that the person only wanted to date their race. When I was dating though, I saw this a lot from white guys and it felt like a subtle way of saying they were racist (probably didn’t help that most who said this also featured pictures of themselves holding gins, hunting, etc, or had Republican identifiers), and that basically just put me off period. So I kinda feel like people who say they have a strong preference for race and then are like “oh no I’ll date anyone” say that as a way to get out of being called racist.

      • +1. I’ve had non-white friends run into that situation (with white guys) only to be told that they’re not like those OTHER people of that race. As in, all of the rest of people of your race are undateable, but you’re the exception! I suppose that it’s possible that there is a more neutral explanation, but it’s always seemed like a dog-whistling question for racists to me.

      • My cousin says the only thing she’ll automatically screen out are the guys who say they’ll only date their own race. Inevitably their racist colors end up showing through.

    • I would infer they only wanted to date that race. They checked the box, or whatever, to select their preference and if they were truly open they wouldn’t have chosen that box

      • I got the impression that the woman that Anon Spock was talking about didn’t check a box saying “Will date only ______,” but had “Strongly prefer to date ______” in the narrative portion of her profile.

        • Checked a box saying strongly prefer to date my own race. The questions also allow explanations but none was provided.

        • Oh, I thought it was that question on OkC that says “Do you strongly prefer to date someone of your own race?” and it’s a “Yes” or “No.” That’s where the vagueness comes in — what exactly would “yes” mean in that context.

        • The question is one of the standard multiple choice questions that people can answer on okcupid. I find that people don’t always give these questions too much attention, misreading and/or misunderstanding them or selecting the wrong checkbox (which then can’t be changed for 24 hours). Sometimes they’ll answer several of these questions in contradictory ways too, so, I guess anything is possible and you’d be best off looking to the rest of the info for context.

          I think there’s room for nuance where “strongly prefer” doesn’t have to mean “will only”, especially if you’re not thinking of/ignorant toward the connotations and appearances that might be loaded into the question (which are inevitably seen by the site’s “more discriminating” clientele). That being said, most profiles are reflections of how people would like the world to see them and someone looking to project a certain image might say “no” when their message history would indicate otherwise.

          tl;dr: online dating sucks

      • This can be racist, but sometimes just preference re: looks? I could see someone who is most often attracted to one race for whatever reason, but is sometimes attracted to those of other races so doesn’t want to exclude anyone checking that box. Shrug.

        Like, I’m attracted to brunettes 99% of the time but now and then I’ll find a blond really attractive. So I wouldn’t want to check the I’LL ONLY DATE BRUNETTES box.

        • For me, it’s definitely a preference about looks, a “not attracted to” preference

        • +1. Yeah, I’m hesitant to automatically assume that someone’s honest preferences = racism. Sure, sometimes they do, but sometimes they don’t. I don’t necessary have a “type” but there are certain things (physical features etc.) that I’m definitely physically attracted to. *shrug*

          • I didn’t assume she was racist. One of the possible options I mentioned was different experiences which is just as valid a reason as preferring brunettes. I felt there were racial undertones because she tried so hard to convince me there weren’t. I conceded and attempted to begin regular chatting, but she would have none of it. It felt very strange to me.

            To be honest, I am much more concerned if someone only dates one race (not their own). I’ve been on the end of that fetishizing, and it wasn’t fun.

          • Or their family has a particular preference, and they’d rather not make things difficult by having to choose between their partner and their family. Happens a lot with certain groups (Jews, Indians).

    • That One Guy

      I think the response you encounter is indicative of a person’s biases (in regard to using physical appearance as a potential barrier to getting to know the individual beneath the flesh).

  • Rave: neat piece in the Post about the judge who ruled the KY clerk in contempt for refusing to process marriage licenses post-SCOTUS decision.
    Rave: FRIDAY! And hardly anyone in the office. Can get a few things done & maybe head home a little early to hang out with my parents & daughter.
    Rant: Oh hell, who am I kidding–I’ll take the opportunity of no daycare pickup to work later. I’m such a workaholic πŸ™
    Rave: Happy holiday weekend everyone!

    • When my daughter was still in daycare and my office had early release days, I always waited till the last minute to pick her up. I figured that was some extra time for me to do something fun like see a movie or take a nice long nap. πŸ™‚

      • Yes. For the first few months my daughter was in daycare, I would pick her up as early as I could. I still pick her up early one early release days most times, but only after I have come home and had a little me time first.

        • Does it count as me time if I’m still in the office?

          • Nope, sorry :/ Unless you are spending your time in the office amusing yourself with YouTube videos and PoPville and not doing any work. Girl, get out of that office early and get your pregnant self some pampering! Even if pampering means watching TV on the couch alone. With a toddler, I definitely consider that a luxury nowadays.

          • compromise: I’ll do that if we get an early release. can’t go home to hang out on the couch b/c that’s where kiddo & my parents will be. but I’m sure I can find an alternative πŸ™‚

          • For anyone still following, I’m out of here & hitting a nail salon on my way home. Happy holiday weekend everyone!

  • Rant: Still waiting. Was hoping some good news would hit before the long weekend so that I could celebrate.

  • Rave: It’s Friday.
    Rave: It’s Friday.
    Rave: It’s a long weekend.
    That is all for me today.

  • rave: I get to leave the office early today!
    rant: … to go to an offsite meeting.
    rave: But then it’s a long weekend!
    rant/rave: My husband gets summer Fridays every other week and this is the last day of that for him. He was a HERO and usually used the extra time to check off life admin things that neither of us would otherwise be able to do, so it sucks that he’s going back to the true 9-5 (and then some, because Washington). On the other hand… he got summer Fridays every other week, which was awesome!

  • Rave: Friday! Jeans Day at work!

    Rave: Catching up with newlywed friends for dinner after work tonight.

    Rant: The other day, a co-worker, when asked by their atty where our boss was, told them they were at lunch with me. (I do not know who it was)
    While my boss and I are friendly (she’s legit the best manager I’ve ever had) and do have lunch once a week, I was not with her that day.
    It has become a huge Thing – the atty got pissed, told my boss “no one likes her” (which: what?) and that she needs to watch what she does. Perception is a funny thing. We all perceive things about each other (we all perceive things about this specific attorney for example) but I do not appreciate being dragged into nonsense. I’m not sure what to do about it, as I heard about it not from the attorney or the coworker, but from my boss. Should I say something? Let it go?

    • Rave: I’m wearing the blue shoes you guys made me get — I love them.

    • Confused — the attorney told your boss “No one likes SinSA”? Like the attorney is badmouthing you personally and/or professionally?? That’s really weird.
      Your boss shouldn’t have passed that information on to you. But since she did, I guess now you know to be on your guard with that particular attorney.

      • Sorry, no. The atty told my boss no one likes my boss (as in none of the staff). The thing is, that just is not true – my boss is great to everyone on the staff. I think what it came down to was, the attorney needed my boss for something, my boss was not in the office at that time, a coworker (?) told that attorney that my boss and I were at lunch (no) and the attorney doesn’t think my boss should be socializing with staff. Since I don’t know who is so concerned with what I do on my own time I am now just on guard with everyone here.

    • topscallop

      I don’t understand what the attorney has to be mad about in this situation, but I would keep my head down and ignore it. Temper tantrums will be more likely to rebound on the person being ridiculous if you rise above it. (I do realize I just advised you to both keep your head down and rise above – I’ve either had too much coffee today or not enough to make my idioms consistent). I like to occasionally include an arched eyebrow and a murmured comment indicating my concern that they’re so worked up, for added impact, but I’m kind of snarky that way sometimes πŸ™‚

      What are the blue shoes? I was out of the country last week and missed out on enabling of purchases!

      • That’s totally what was going on — she was having a temper tantrum, and being a jerk to my boss because my boss wasn’t there the second she needed something (that she knew she needed hours before my boss left). And it was something so incredibly trivial, and the fact that she went after my boss on such a hurtful level over it kind of blows my mind.

        The blue shoes are no longer listed on the website, but they’re suede heels that are essentially an extravagance. A very comfortable extravagance. (I bought them in July)

        • Look, if you are going to work around attorneys, you are going to see a lot of crazy behavior.
          I worked for many years before I went to law school, but I never saw the totally irrational crazy behavior I saw from attorneys anywhere before I worked with attorneys.
          Had I realized that before, I’d have never gone to law school.

          • I kiiiiiind of want to be all “So…Atty, am I to understand that although you scheduled a meeting with Client, you did not have everything that you needed prior to their arrival?” (this is about parking validation, which is kept under lock and key in my boss’s office, per our home office — which the director of our firm reiterated to atty yesterday.)

            And I’ve worked with attorneys for almost 15 years now. One time, I got screamed at for a capital “I” (I’m not kidding).

          • Well, that parking validation policy seems like a stupid and client-unfriendly policy.

    • Regarding your rant: Let it go. It’s not about you.

  • Rave: The long weekend! I have rehearsal and brunch planned. First brunch in a long time too. And last, I have to save money. But I figure it wouldn’t hurt to treat myself at least once!

    Rant: My face hurts. I don’t know whats going on. For the past week I’ve been feeling slightly light headed, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and headaches. I guess its sinuses? I honestly think I’m having a reaction to moving. I started when I filled out my application.

  • justinbc


  • Question – Has anyone been to a Ladies’ Night event at Ace Hardware? How was it?
    Rant – Humidity is gross.
    Rave – NYC this weekend to visit friend and family. My wonderful friend went out on her own and organized a small, low-key bachelorette outing for me on Saturday and is keeping all the details a secret. I don’t like being surprised, but I trust that she planned something fun and not too crazy!

    • I’m always just a little, tad, itty bitty offended by ladies night events. They are SUPER girly. I get it, you’re marketing to a specific genre. However, I’d like, just once, for the event not to give me a goodie bag supplied with nail polish and lipstick samples. With that aside, I freakin’ love Ace so I can only imagine they do events like this right. I’ve never been available to hit one up though. Something’s always come up.

    • I think Jeslett and SKJ84 have been to Ladies’ Nights at Annie’s Ace Hardware in Petworth (and maybe another Ace Hardware?), and they both liked it.
      When and where is the upcoming one?

    • I’ve been to the ones hosted at Annie’s Ace and the K street location. I really enjoyed them both, and didn’t find them condescending at all. Lots of good tips and swag given out. I liked the nail polish, it was in conjunction with a paint line. But YMMV. The next event is this Wednesday at Ace Takoma. I’ll be there for a bit. Definitely check it out!

  • That One Guy

    Only in DC would there be a market for Uber Eats deliveries of lobster rolls. Saw the lobster truck parked near Dupont Circle this morning cranking out rolls for delivery.
    Rant: Anyone else working today but wishing you’d taken the day off instead?

    • OMFG, yes. My bf is at home and I actually found myself getting angry at him this morning. It’s so not his fault I have a deadline today (which, clearly, I’m working hard to tackle.)

    • Yup! Was going to take my “mental health day” yesterday or today, but unfortunately I’ve suddenly become “Acting Poltical Unit Chief” (which is actually about 4x too big of a title for my pay grade, but everyone else is gone) so I had to come in, even though I have very, very little work.

  • Rave: Payday!
    Rant: That high account balance only lasts for a brief period before bills are paid.
    Rave: There is enough money to pay the bills.
    Rave: I had the most lovely FB message exchange with a friend from my graduate school days. Pregnancy is giving me leaky eyes. There were some tears.

    • Lol–I feel your pain on the last bit. It totally does. And just wait until *after* the baby is born.

    • Yeah, I got my monthly paycheck plus a trip reimbursement earlier this way, on the same day that Mr. Eggs got a huge trip reimbursement for an upcoming international trip (flight+hotel)…we’ve never had so much money in our account at one time. I almost cried knowing it would disappear in a day.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I bought a dishwasher. I can’t believe the amount of dirty dishes one person who doesn’t cook a lot produces.
    Rave: Long weekend. Cancelled my camping plans in order to continue work in my apartment and I hope by the end of it, I’ll be close to finish.
    Rant: Cancelled my camping/night photography plans πŸ™

    • That One Guy

      Take photos of the dishwasher and apartment’s progress. Heh.

    • Hahah! Now you will have extra no excuse not to learn how to cook – you want to take full advantage of your beautiful new dishwasher! Hope you have a good weekend finishing the reno πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      I need to get off my ass and get a dishwasher. It would make my life so much easier.. and probably cleaner. And it will be easier to prep jars for canning. So many reasons to do it! and I still procrastinate.

  • Rant: yesterdays convo about whether OP was right or wrong in her fight with the lady upstairs. I just have never seen an OP, and OP friends, come back to comment and make sure their point was validated and basically yell at people who didn’t agree with their POV. Woof. Neighbors are hard, but that was a little brutal
    Rant: I am leaving vacation on Tuesday. See you next year, second home, it has been a wonderful 3 weeks.

    • justinbc

      I’m glad I didn’t stick around any longer than necessary. Someone seeking that much validation can’t be a pleasure to live with either. Sounds like the whole house is a mess.

      • Oh, I didn’t stick around long enough for her to come back to post either. I’m already a little on edge today, I should probably just stay away from reading it. I’ll never understand yearning for random cyber-world validation. Don’t get butthurt when you don’t get the answer you were looking for. Instead, maybe reflect on why you even need it in the first place.

        • +1. I think any time an OP comes back with not just one response, but responses to MULTIPLE comments, there’s some major validation-seeking going on.
          And as I was saying in my comment, validation might make the OP feel better, but — even if PoPville readers unanimously said the OP was in the right — it’s not going to change the neighbor’s behavior. The OP needs to deal with the neighbor he’s got, not the neighbor he wants.
          He almost sounded like someone who would print out the whole thread, wave it at the neighbor, and protest: “But the Internet says I’m right!!”

        • “I’ll never understand yearning for random cyber-world validation.”
          Me either. That said, if that need wasn’t fairly widespread the Daily Random Reader Rant and/or Revel would be, on average, 63 posts shorter.

          • HA! Great point!

          • True… although I think most people’s validation-seeking so tinged with anger, contempt, etc. Or so keenly felt as to make that big of a deal of it.
            I wonder how long before the OP’s neighbor sees the thread. Even if the neighbor isn’t on PoPville, she might well have friends who are and who would recognize the story. (The OP said the neighbor was in her early 30s, so she’s certainly in the PoPville demographic range.)

          • Lol @ textdoc. I had the same thought about the neighbor seeing it (and we all know my history. Hahaha. It is not unlikely.)

          • *isn’t so tinged.

    • Agree – I read way too many comments on that posting. Some people agree, some disagree, some are quick to throw around words like she’s crazy, you’re nuts. I know it’s the internet….what did I expect? Just need to remind myself to scroll past these postings

    • palisades

      I just re-read the entire thread and didn’t see OP yell at anyone for not agreeing with their POV. I also thought the OP did a good job just clearing up general questions and inconsistencies in the story. idk why everyone decided to shit on OP – that neighbor is clearly batshit.

  • Rant: Second week of school and we already have issues with a teacher.
    Rant: The difficulty of navigating parenting issues and trying to actively fight my natural anti-authoritarian tendencies.
    Rave: The principal has been incredibly pro-active. I have great confidence we will overcome the issues and everyone will be happy in the end.
    Rave: Three day weekend. Aftercare starts next week. Yaaassssssssssssss!

  • Rave: Friday! Long weekend! Going up to Philly…
    Rant: for specialist appointments. I don’t want to go. I love my care team, but I only being a little hyperbolic when I say I always feel a bit like I’m waiting to find out if I get a stay of execution.
    Rave: but, I’ll see my parents, and we’ll have my belated, Mom-made birthday cake. Mmmmm! I can taste it now!
    Rant: Despite the inducement of cake, I don’t want to go! I want to have a long lazy weekend with friends here!
    Rave: But I am looking forward to brunch with my favorite gang of friends, so that will help!
    Rave: I’m privileged enough to have good health insurance and access to amazing people. I am very grateful for that and need to focus on that. I have wonderful family and friends who love and support me. All in all, everything will be ok.

  • Rant: The health insurance system and health marketing materials. I comprehend it more than most (I have a master’s degree in health policy) but I will never understand why companies that are promoting a procedure fail to put the CPT code on their materials. How the heck am I supposed to find out if it’s covered by my insurance?
    Rave: Wife has a half day before the long weekend.
    Rave: Other than going to the Spirit game, we have nothing scheduled. I love it.

  • I don’t get the blues very often, but when I do, it’s like physical pain. I’m hunched over at my desk, pretty much incapable of anything but misery.
    It’ll pass. And then I’ll be chipper and go back to using my regular handle.

  • Rave: Delicious breakfast sandwich from Bourbon coffee.
    Rant: Said breakfast sandwich is making me feel like I’m coated in butter.
    Rave: First episode of Daredevil watched last night – YES.
    Rave: Early release at 2 pm and a long weekend.

  • Rant: my big fat mouth. I posted about a sticky situation at school on Facebook hoping to get insight from other teachers. Someone suggested I not post about it and now that I think about it she’s probably right. I didn’t name names but I probably gave too many details. I’m not fb friends with any teachers from my school but I’m hoping it doesn’t bite me in the butt. I really need to work on this. Or just delete Facebook.
    Revel: I survived back to school night.

  • Rave: Friday! Long weekend!
    Rave: Going to the Renn Faire on Monday, which is always pretty entertaining.
    Rant: A little light on plans otherwise, so I kind of wish I had planned to go home to see my parents. Oh well!
    Rave: Hopefully picking up my new glasses tomorrow. I almost never wear them (my eyes aren’t that bad, mostly just for distance), but my old pairs did not really suit me and I had a friend come help me pick these out, so maybe I’ll actually wear them more. :p

  • laduvet

    Rave: Last Friday in DC!
    Rave: Next week is a three day work week and last week ever at my job…. i literally can not wait!
    Rant: the stress and last minute things to do, before going to London. I just realized it has been 11 months of logistics to apply to school and prepare the move. I AM TIRED!

  • palisades

    Rave: Leave for Montana tomorrow. Hoping the rain that passes through the state this weekend helps with the smoke. If it doesn’t, oh well, should still be an incredible trip.

  • New rant: The girls at Starbucks try really hard to remember who people are and make their drinks without even having to ask. Today, one of them made me a mocha. At first I was all “Ooo, yum, chocolate!” Now, about 15 sips into it, I feel like I’m going to throw up. Should I take it back? It’s been well over an hour. I think I’ll just take this one for the team. They are so nice in there.

    • ^^^Speaking of needing validation^^^ πŸ˜‰

    • No. Too long.
      If it’s a hot drink, heating it up will probably improve it.

      • I think it’s more about my body not being used to having a venti-sized amount of chocolate and sugar that early in the morning. Blech. I never add anything to my lattes. Me tummy is a rumbly. I decided to just throw it out and on Tuesday I’ll make sure there is only coffee and milk in my drink before I walk out.

        • Actually, I would highly recommend contacting Starbucks online. I did this one time when I paid for a Soy Latte and one of the new employees (who was nice but not paying much attention) gave me milk. I only realized an hour or two later after my stomach went crazy. They refunded me. I’d emphasize that the employees are absolutely lovely, but that you really just want your drink that you order and not a guesstimated drink.

          • But that’s different. You’re, I assume, lactose intolerant, and if you knew it was milk you wouldn’t have accepted it.
            Brightwoodess knew what she getting and didn’t like it after an hour. I don’t think that situation deserves a refund even if she has an upset stomach. You try it, you hate it, you don’t try it again.

          • Anon Spock – that’s true. I may be misreading but I think the situation is a little odd, brightwoodess makes it sound like the baristas are just making whatever drink suits their fancy (like kids playing house and serving tea) rather than what the customer orders that day. Then again, I suppose the customer would realize this and say “Actually I’d like something else.”

          • I may also be misreading. I took it as they try really hard to remember your drink but today they didn’t, but I gave it a shot and boom rumbly tummy.

        • I’ve had bad reactions to Venti drinks before. Its too much caffine and syrup for me. I once almost went nuts on a manager over a slight annoyance after drinking a Venti Mocha from Starbucks. Like saw red and everything. After that i decided Venti drinks are not for me.

          • Yes, Anon Spock is right. I didn’t order a mocha. They for some reason thought I was a mocha drinker and told me they had my order ready to rock and roll. The cup wasn’t marked, they just said my name and handed it to me. I took the drink, walked out, took a sip and then realized it was a mocha. Didn’t have the heart to go back and tell them they were wrong. Thought, “oh well, I’ll just drink it.” And then my stomach disagreed with that decision.
            The gals in that shop try really hard to get the “regular” customer’s drinks ready before they order. I order the same drink every day β€” a venti coconut milk latte (I’m allergic to diary, which, perhaps is why I reacted to the mocha). I appreciate the effort from them, and this is the first time they’ve messed it up. Maybe I threw them off by coming in an hour late today?! πŸ˜‰

          • And skj84, that mocha has me on edge right now. I think the combo of caffeine and chocolate is only for the professionals. I am ready to jump out of my skin right now.

          • Also, total first world problems in this thread, I recognize.

          • Way to be a trooper when it might have had dairy (I’d just assume they screwed the pooch completely).
            I’d just tell them that you’re allergic, and it’ll probably stick or they’ll just wait for you to order. A little slower but happy tummy.

          • I find it nice when people remember my order – except when they don’t check first and THEN make it – because every so often I want to change my order.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Work-at-home day. PLUS early dismissal day.
    Rant: A million things to do before then.
    Rave: National Book Festival tomorrow! I’ll be volunteering in the Pavilion of the States.

    • Oooh, early dismissal! I had forgotten that that might be a possibility today!! Will keep my fingers crossed for receiving it.

  • Bear

    Rave: Fun happy hour last night – got to reconnect with an old friend and hang with a new one in my old neighborhood (which looks a lot different than it used to).
    Rant: Too many beers. I’m dragging a little today, and I have a major deliverable to get out the door by the end of the day.
    Question for PoPville: any suggestions on where I can buy bulk flowers? I stopped by trader Joe’s and wasn’t terribly impressed with the selection. I’m looking for white flowers that I’ll combine with lavender and some greenery for our wedding flowers, and I’d like to DIY it rather than spending $$$ on a florist. The woman who orders their flowers wasn’t there but the guy at the customer service desk said they couldn’t specify color when doing wholesale orders. So…any other thoughts?

    • I’m guessing the wholesalers have deals with the buyers and won’t do specific orders for people who want to cut out the middleman. It sounds like a lovely arrangement you have in mind though!
      Out of curiosity– has anyone done or been to a wedding without flowers? I’d like to cut out unnecessary stuff (more for my sanity than the expense) and I’m thinking flowers are one of those things no one notices or cares that much about.

      • I went to a friend’s wedding a few years ago that was flower-less. They carried pinwheels instead. It was absolutely adorable.

        • And the tables were decorated with vases of candy and pinwheels. That was a really fun wedding.

          • SouthwestDC

            I haven’t given much thought to wedding planning yet, but I’d love to go the no-flowers route. Pinwheels aren’t really our style, but maybe a plume of feathers would be fun.

    • Have you tried Whole Foods? Costco also does bulk flowers, they might be worth checking out if you’re a member.

      • Bear

        Oh, I totally forgot about Costco! I might have to make a trip there this weekend.

        • Bear

          Ok, it might be costco for the win, if for no other reason than I can see what they offer online and order it from the comfort of my own home. With everything else going on, I don’t even care if they’re the cheapest option…convenience wins out!

          • Costco for the win! Also they have delicious sheet cakes if you’re looking for alternative to a fancy tiered wedding cake.

          • Bear

            A friend is making our cake. She’s an excellent baker and is going to attempt a tiered cake – it’s been fun researching the different construction options with her!

          • SouthwestDC

            I made my best friend’s wedding cake; it was a crazy experience that I’ll probably never agree to again, but I’m glad I did it once. Be sure to lavish your friend with gratitude and praise, because it’s not an easy task!

          • Bear

            I will! And also cash for her time…

          • SouthwestDC

            I did it in lieu of a wedding gift, but only because it was a very close friend. It does end up costing a lot in ingredients and supplies (though if she’s like me she has most of the supplies already) as well as time.

      • I second the Costco recommendation. We did that for our wedding 4+ years ago. We didn’t have a membership but you could pay a small additional fee to place the order without becoming a member… I think it was like $30 or something.

        • Only 55 to join though. Might as well; you never know when you’ll need pounds of meat or 4 gallons of milk.

          • I love buying cheese there. We eat a lot of cheese and it’s SO much cheaper there to get blocks of cheddar & romano. Their packaging & prices for organic chicken breasts & ground turkey/beef is fabulous too.

          • I guess it’s not worth it if you mostly buy fresh produce, seafood, and pantry staples? I always have a block of Pecorino on hand but I’m not exactly a high volume cheese buyer.

          • I’m pretty specific in my purchasing, but the prices on canned goods, rice, etc always beat the grocery stores. Produce depends on how much you use since bulk can go bad and waste money, but that issue notwithstanding, prices seem to be on par or cheaper for most of it.

        • Bear

          Question – did they deliver your flowers or did you pick them up?

    • I’ve had friends use this place – http://www.flowerwholesale.com
      I may use them for my wedding flowers as well.

      • I used them for my wedding, too! Great experience – they have a really good (although kind of overwhelming) selection. I would recommend checking them out.

        • Also, I don’t think they deliver. We picked them up on the Thursday before our Saturday wedding. Had a flower arranging party with friends and family that afternoon and brought them to our venue Saturday morning.
          Wholesale flowers generally need time to open up – they are a little dehydrated, so giving them a day or two to drink water is recommended. This also means that the water will be a little gross after 2 days, so you will need to have help swapping the water the morning of or just get opaque vases.

      • I was just coming here to recommend this place too! A friend used them this past spring for her wedding – GORGEOUS flowers. And they lasted for a while, too; she had extra bouquets of all kinds (pre-flower arranging) so I ended up with a few dozen free roses!

    • I’ve done several weddings with friends doing the flowers – totally fun and inexpensive. One time we went to the wholesalers, but when needing more, I realized the flowers at Whole Foods were actually less expensive. I think they use them as a loss-leader.

  • Rant: I asked my boss about a mysterious bonus that I got in my last paycheck, and he thinks it was a mistake. I shouldn’t have said anything!
    Rave: There are foods trucks at work today. I’ve never had food from a food truck before! Tempted to try one even though I brought a perfectly good lunch.

    • A fool and his money are soon parted. πŸ™‚

      But seriously, why did you mention it?

      • Because it would be completely dishonest to keep it?? Jeez.

        Anyway, better to give it back on your own terms that have to explain why you didn’t when they inevitably find the error later.

        • I agree. (Then again, I think it depends on how big the mistake is. If it was less than $50, it would be reasonable to assume I hadn’t noticed it and that it would take more effort than it was worth to correct it. If it was a LOT, I would definitely say something rather than get in trouble later.)

          • $1000, and it showed up in my bank account as a separate payment. I agree, if it was a small amount I wouldn’t say anything πŸ™‚

          • If it’s stealing, it’s stealing at all levels.

            I have faith in hr, so I typically wouldn’t question it unless my job didn’t give bonuses.

            I’ve had this happen with an extra paycheck, and I never asked. It ended up being a retroactive pay increase fwiw.

        • I’m honest to a fault πŸ™‚ but I spent half the summer on travel, so I thought it might be extra compensation for that. Turns out people were getting bonuses for travel, but it’s supposed to only be for the employees that were gone for 3 months. Maybe they’ll let me keep it anyway. Six weeks was still a sacrifice!

        • I once got a double paycheck decades ago. I knew that it was a mistake. I was going to tell the university I worked for, because I was very honest then (or, lets face it, more worried about what they would think of me when they figured it out and I hadn’t said anything) – but my friends talked me out of it. I had just spent years paying many thousands to the university. They never figured it out.
          These days, with direct deposit, if they figure it out, they can just take it back from you bank account without even informing you first – those agreements let employers transfer money in either direction.

  • Trying to talk myself out of spending $350 on a plaid wool Kate Spade bag. It’s sooooo cute, but so impractical. I’ve had a seriously crap couple of weeks, including some medical issues, and I need a treat. But that’s so beyond my means, but I can’t stop thinking about it. There’s a knockoff at Old Navy, but it’s just not the same.

    • Why is it impractical? Plaid wool would look out of place in July but I think you could use it 6 months out of the year.
      As for the Old Navy knockoff– maybe you can go to Old Navy with the Kate Spade and compare them side by side. If they quality’s not significantly better then return the Kate and buy the knockoff. I’m guessing the knockoff is very cheaply made, but I’ve had cheap purses that were surprisingly good ($25 H&M ones I’ve had for years that still look brand new).

    • Emmaleigh504

      It will make you happy? then get it! It’s ok to spend money on yourself by buying impractical or less than practical things!
      love, The Enabler (sorry I was MIA earlier, busy work day)

      • I was waiting for The Enabler to weigh in so I could agree πŸ™‚ FWIW, I’m almost always happiest with the splurgey items I buy, especially after waiting for a while to get them to make sure it’s really, really what I want. Earlier this year, I got myself a stupidly expensive purse I’ve wanted since 2008 and it brings me so much joy every time I use it, which is basically every day. I know it’s stupidly expensive, but the joy per wear and the number of times worn make it a very reasonable purchase in the end.

        • I’m really happy with the things I splurge on, too. But that doesn’t mean its the best use of my money.

          • Totally valid point. Obviously this is a very personal choice, and depends a lot on the OP’s personal finances and comfort level. I would just say that sometimes — not all the time or even often — things that bring joy -are- a best use of one’s money.

          • Oh, I agree. But the state of my life, financial planning wise, would not agree. I’ll suffer for it when I’m older…

        • Emmaleigh504

          I have a purse I spent a stupid amount of money on and don’t regret it 1 bit! I love it so much I named her Teresa. Sometimes one needs to splurge on ones self.

  • hammers

    Rave: the Popville community- was overjoyed to start a “cat sitting swap” with my good neighbor textdoc.
    Revel: enabling me to go on my vacaion this weekend!
    Rant: Yesterday, we talked a bit about imposter syndrome. Today I was feeling it as I made a couple mistakes in a presentation.

  • Pablo Raw

    Ravent: a person who lives in my building was mugged last night. It happened within minutes of when I was in the exact same area so I’m glad I’m fine. Neighbor is fine also but they stole his belongings.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: AO is such a diaper baby. Just say no to the assignment instead of bitching about it.
    Rave: Leaving early.

  • Rave: Kozy Shack tapioca pudding. I’ve been eyeing it for about a month now but kept saying no because of the sugar content. I’m glad I made an exception today. And yes, I’m eating it for breakfast. Who’s asking? πŸ™‚
    Rant: Keep having baby scares of various kinds almost every single day. And here I was, thinking that the hard part for us would be -getting- pregnant.
    Rave: The cough is finally getting a lot better and I’ve had a lot energy this morning. Let’s hope it continues to improve from here on. I’d love to have some of that “easy” second trimester I hear about from so many moms.

    • Extra rave: Gary has realized that I’m not going to capitulate to his whining and barking while I’m doing work, and is finding hilarious and sweet ways to amuse himself in the meantime. He just ran across the full length of the apartment with two of his blankies in his mouth and just set up a makeshift bed next to me where he’s playing with his toy. Good doggie.

      • Love the raves! Have you tried Kozy Shack rice pudding? I haven’t had it in ages, but I remember it being dangerously tasty.

        • Kozy Shack rice pudding is the BEST. I’ve actually been craving that, but my local market only has the tapioca and chocolate. Next time I see rice pudding, I’m definitely buying it!

    • Tapioca pudding sounds like a great breakfast food! Wish I had some right now πŸ™‚
      Hope baby scares stop real soon…what vegetable or fruit are they now? Plums?

      • Bigger than plums! The sizing gets a bit wonky rat this point, with different sources saying all kinds of , crazy things that seem to be all over the place, size-wise. But I think they’re basically somewhere between the size of a wrinkly avocado and a pomegranate right now.

    • Blithe

      I’m glad that the Adorable Avocados are doing well! Daily baby scares sound terrifying though. I’m sending lots of cyber good wishes your way!
      Have you tried making homemade tapioca pudding? If you start with Minute Tapioca, you can control the sugar, add extra egg whites for protein — and eat it warm! And warm milk and eggs with a dollop of vanilla and a sprinkle of nutmeg really makes for an excellent breakfast!

      • I should definitely try this. It sounds easy and a lot healthier. Come to think of it, I should make homemade rice pudding too.

  • DC1

    Rant: This https://twitter.com/fitzfox5dc/status/639832269256003584 Sure, he booked the entire hotel, but unless the hotel owns that road, GTFO and stop making DC traffic more miserable… but as always, money talks….


    • Oh, I didn’t realize he was in town. Did he come here to personally deliver a check to the Clinton Foundation? (Sorry, had to.)

  • That One Guy

    Rant: The assumption at work that I can do everything is cray cray. No, I don’t know how to manipulate that database with that program because I have no litigation background.

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