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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Safeway claims that Monday’s power outage in the fridge/freezers only lasted 30 minutes. I was there for 20 minutes and some of the seafood in the open freezers had already defrosted. If it was only thirty minutes why were some employees throwing out food and then being told to get it out of the trash.

    • I used to refuse to buy frozen food or dairy products at Safeway in Georgetown because there was usually some moldy cheese in the cheese case, and the few frozen items I bought were always quite frostbitten, leading me to believe they left the items out for quite awhile before stocking … even if all the freezers were working correctly.

  • Rant: Nevermind the mental health day I had planned for today after my office asked “you’re going to be here the rest of the week, right?” Why, sure, I’ll be here, but I can’t guarentee that I’ll be fully functioning after three 16-18 hour days in a row.
    Rave: In leiu of being able to sleep past 5:30am, I treated myself to a pumpkin muffin and iced coffee from the wydown on the way to work. Tasty.
    Rave: It’s almost the long weekend!!!
    Rant: Almost had a promising date set up this weekend, but it looks like he’ll have to work (and this time it’s not a bad excuse because of his job which I won’t specify here). We’ll see what we can make work.

  • Rave? Soooo, I think it’s about 95% we’re moving to Canada and in just over two months. With that said, I know quite a few people on here have moved recently. JinDC and Shawess? What moving company did you use? This is all happening so fast so I want to start researching.
    Rant: I don’t really have any except that life is crazy, but in a good way!

    • +1 to your rant! I’m looking forward to hearing how this turns out! Good luck!

    • Whoa!! What prompted this? Didn’t your fiancee just get U.S. citizenship? What are you going to do about your house? Where in Canada are you moving?

      • We were not looking to move AT ALL. However, a well known firm contacted her on LinkedIn months ago. She decided to go through the process b/c it is her dream job, promotion, huge raise, etc. Long story short she had an interview Monday and they made an offer yesterday. No, she hasn’t gotten US cit…that would come after we marry (in 9 days LOL). We are going to rent the house out b/c I want to have the option to move back here and back in there if we want. That’s one of the cons…I really do love the house and DC, but this is too good of an opportunity to pass up. Toronto so not too terribly far.

        • If you can handle the winter, Toronto is one of the best places around (in my opinion). Kind of jealous . . .

          • +500, Toronto is a great town.

          • Yes, I have been four times in the past two years and I love it. Two of those visits were during the winter so I know it is COLD! My fiancee promised skiing and vacations to warm places during the winter to make up for it. 😉

          • My Canadian friends’ experiences with health care has made me realize that it is a much better place to be than the states if I ever get really seriously ill. Great treatment, absolutely zero worries about medical bills – you don’t even see one.

            They do complain that they can’t deduct mortgage interest from taxes, which makes home buying less affordable. But then, Canadians don’t have to spend like we do for heath care, or student loans.

    • Sorry to see this late, ParkViewRes, and congratulations! Toronto is fantastic.
      We only had one choice of a moving company because it was handled by a corporate relocation, but we really liked them and would recommend them. The company is called Graebel.

  • I’ve seen some discussion about jewelry here, and hope someone can give me a recommendation for a custom jewelry maker. I have the stones, but will need to buy the metal, and I want someone who can design and create something wonderful and high quality. Downtown preferred.

    • Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but we had my engagement ring made at I. Gorman downtown, and they were fantastic. We had some family stones we wanted used, and they were great to work with.

    • Market Street Diamonds in Georgetown. They do great custom work and the staff is so helpful and friendly, but not at all pushy.

    • Shah and Shah at Connecticut and K! I worked with them to design my wedding band so I could wear it with or without my engagement ring – they were fantastic with the design and the metal work. Additionally, they were significantly less than larger jewelry stores and much faster. If you’re interested, I would suggest making an appointment.

      • Emmaleigh504

        + love shah and shah. They repaired some old family pieces for my sister and did an excellent job. They also design some great stuff.

        • Great to hear! Very convenient to me, so I’ll check them out.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Visiting them is fun. They have everything out so you can look at it and try it on etc. But that can be dangerous. I went in with my sister to pick up the repaired stuff, and to look for some earrings. I came out with a necklace.

    • justinbc

      Dominion Jewlers in VA will do any sort of custom work you want, and very top notch stuff.

    • Bear

      This is so timely! My fiance and I are looking at wedding bands this weekend and I need some recommendations.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ve had good experiences at Tiny Jewel Box too. In my quest for earrings I popped in to see what they had. I was telling one person about what I wanted and Maggie went and found the perfect earrings. Both Maggie and Josh were both super helpful in my earring quest and I ended up buying the ones Maggie found.

  • Pablo Raw

    Ravent: Decided that it’s more important to continue the work in my apartment than going camping this weekend. Mixed feelings.

  • Rave: My therapist is brilliant. Just brilliant. I am so lucky!
    Rave: 2nd date was nice, he paid for dinner…good conversation, but it was pretty obvious to me early on in the evening that we won’t be going on a 3rd date. And that’s okay, too. Maybe we’ll be friends?
    Rave: Almost to the long weekend. I need a long weekend. I actually just need a vacation, but I’ll take “long weekend” for now.
    Rave: With two of the three bosses (the super annoying ones) out on vacation this week, I have had significantly less stress at work. That is glorious.

    • Since I have been dragging a$$ with my search for therapists (typical avoidance behavior!), would you mind sharing some info about who you’ve been seeing? Happy to see so much enthusiasm for your person and sessions!

      • She really is fantastic. I’ve recommended her to a number of people. I can either give her information here, or I can email you privately – let me know.
        I’ve had therapists on and off for a number of years and this is the first one (in DC) that I feel like I fit well with her — I find myself growing even when it’s the last thing in the world I want to do!

        • I would so appreciate the info, thank you! Would you mind getting my email from Dan (I think that’s how this works)? I feel like mechanics, therapists and hairdressers are the folks it’s worth taking the time and making the effort to find the right one, so I thank you for a good lead! Really great that you’re getting so much out of your time with her!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Gentle reminder: it’s easy to set up a gmail account for popville correspondence! Quit making Dan do extra work. for example, I can be gmailed at emmaleigh504.

        • hammers

          If you don’t mind posting her information, I’m sure many of us would greatly appreciate the recommendation of a sound therapist!

          • Her name is Christina Moynihan. She does not have weekend hours, sadly. But she is conveniently located in the Farragut Square area. And she is awesome, awesome, awesome.

    • Yay on your first rave–it can be SO hard to find a therapist that you click with. That’s awesome!!!

    • Congrats on the first rave! A good therapist is hard to find.

  • Rant: when I got dressed this morning, realized one sleeve cuff has working elastic, while the other doesn’t. Hand-me-down problems. 😛
    Rave: morning went more smoothly than I would have expected–drop off was the easiest ever! Love that kiddo ran into the classroom with excitement rather than needing to be dragged in, though still ran back for a couple of hugs. Love that kid.
    Rave: Almost the weekend. And tomorrow, we get to take advantage of my parents moving down here three weeks ago since they’ll hang out with kiddo while we work & her day care is closed for teacher training. Woot!
    Rave: Nats failed in their attempt to be swept by the Cardinals last night. Still not holding my breath on the rest of the season.

  • Rant: Austrian police chief said they can’t and won’t process and check all of the refugees/economic migrants passing through Austria on their way to better things in Germany and Scandinavia. He said they have no plans to check anything, but will ensure everything is very orderly. Wow. Meanwhile, I read that the Scandinavians have actually been the WORST when it comes to integrating immigrants. Their immigrants face much higher unemployment rates (like 3 times) and are marginalized in their communities. Germany, who is taking the bulk of the migrants right now, has its own less than great history- their Turkish communities, even after decades, remain sidelined and on the outside. Yeah, let me know how this all works out for ya, Europe!
    Rant: sketchy mailer asking me to switch to clean energy with Pepco. It came in official packaging and looked all very DC government like, but if you read the fine print in the back of the mailer, it comes from a company that is partnering with Pepco to offer the clean energy option. I don’t like deception.
    Rave: Life is good. Roof over my head, food to eat, healthcare, etc. Life is very good.

    • The companies offering alternatives for supplying electricity or gas are SUPER shady in their advertisements. It’s so incredibly unclear who they are most of the time.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I highly recommend Ethical Electric. I have been using them for nearly 3 years. They provide 100% wind power from wind farms in PA, a portion of profits are reinvested in wind power and donated to a few progressive non-profit organizations which they list on their web site. In the interest of full disclosure, the owner is a personal friend.

      • Umm, actually buried in all the fine print, I discover this mailer is actually from Ethical Electric. It says it is “Clean Energy Option,” which is a registered trade name of Ethical Electric. Bottom line: it was hard for me to determine that this was just a commercial mailer- it has the appearance of official mail, and it takes pains to avoid you knowing that it is indeed a commercial enterprise seeking your business. I don’t like these kinds of practices.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I am surprised to hear that they sent you something that appeared to be deceptive; all of their materials that I have seen promote their brand very prominently. I have not seen their mailers aimed at getting people to sign up, though, since I am an existing customer. In any event, I have been very pleased with their service.

      • We also use Ethical Electric. Everything is broken down right on your Pepco bill and it was really easy to sign up. However it is a little more expensive.

    • Even living in non-integrated communities in safe, stable countries has to be better than sitting around waiting for Assad to find you and drop a barrel bomb on you. Or worse. I don’t know about this Austrian police chief, but throwing up more bureaucratic hurdles seems like a way to drown more refugees in the Med.
      I for one am uplifted by the response of some Europeans. Did you hear about Iceland? 10,000 Icelanders have offered to take in refugees, even to pay for their airfare. And they’re just coming out of a massive economic crisis; they know what that’s like, and still they’re offering.

      • At what point does it stop? When all of Syria has been imported to Northern Europe (because they sure as hell don’t want to be in Central or Eastern Europe)? When all of Gambia, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iran, and a host of other places move there? The message has been sent that there are no borders, but even a dummy like me knows that unlimited immigration and free-flowing welfare benefits will not last (nor will it address the world’s problems in a meaningful way). Wait for the rise in anti-immigration politics, which is actually already underway. You can push people so far before they break. I don’t want to hear any talk of the rise of the “Ugly German” when this happens- it will happen because their politicians forced it to happen, not because we’re intrinsically built that way.

      • Also, you’re assuming concentrations of immigrants will be peaceful and good. Look to Paris- hell, look to the growing, but mostly hidden sectarianism between Shia and Sunni Muslims in the UK right now. Muslim clerics in the UK warned this week that this growing sectarianism is going to result in increased violence and terrorism. These problems don’t magically disappear when people cross over borders.

        • Ah, no. I am not assuming that. I have lived around Europe, and I can read and interpret statistics. I am aware that immigrants are in fact involved in a disproportionate number of crimes in Europe. (Not the case in the US, not even close, in case Trump is reading.)
          But the fact that some migrants and refugees will be less than good and peaceful doesn’t make it ok to stand back and watch the the others die in desperation. There being no perfect solution doesn’t make inaction acceptable.
          Perhaps it stops when the world decides to stop it. Stop relying on oil, which funds many of these despots. Stop cherrypicking which atrocities we’re going to ignore for economic expedience.
          Dreaming, I know. Still not ok to push the refugees back into the sea.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I got that mailer. loved how they said DC residents are now REQUIRED to choose their power company. Sneaky sneaky.

      • At least they wasted a lot of money in our large apartment building – they sent one to every resident (including the previous two sets of tenants in my apartment), not realizing that utilities are included in the rent and thus we don’t get to choose anything, only the landlord does. I was wondering how a utility could not have realized that.

  • Rave: Mobile grooming, specifically Sniffs & Wiggles. Pup came out beautifully groomed (and with a jaunty bandana)
    Rave: Eritrean spicy tomato bread salad with yogurt (in Saveur), used berbere instead of spices listed in recipe
    Rave: Very pleased with the results of my tomato grafting (see Sept 1st Garden Haul)
    Rave: Drinking and gardening – looking forward to the Sherry in the Garden event this evening at the National Arboretum (still a few tickets left if anyone is interested).
    Rave: It’s a no-rant Thursday 🙂

  • Rant: Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but it still effing sucks.
    Rave: Potential opportunity to make a little side cash looks like it will be panning out. This is great for me as I have made the decision to go balls to the wall to improve my post-divorce shitty credit and potentially look to buy a house in the Spring instead of finding a rental. As someone who honestly pictured herself as a life-long renter, that’s a pretty big deal for me!
    Rant: How the hell am I going to find time for said potential opportunity? Full-time job plus a little over an hour commute every day, and my evenings completed committed to child-rearing until 9pm every day…. aaaaagh

    • That One Guy

      May I suggest a visit to NACA to help you prep for homeownership.

      • What is NACA? I am completely new at this, have never in my life looked into it, and am literally starting from zero. What I do know is that I am leaning more towards buying a property in need of rehab, and possibly a FHA 203K loan (which I have researched a little).

        • That One Guy

          While they’re aimed at helping low and moderate income individuals they offer seminars, and I believe one on one help to make sure you have all you paper work (bank records, pay stubs, credit and other documentation in order). I can’t recall if they had 203K programs but it doesn’t hurt to call and ask.

        • HaileUnlikely

          One tip, for whatever it’s worth: If you are interested in buying a home in need of rehab, look into the Fannie Mae HomePath program. For the first 21 days on the market, they only allow offers from people willing to certify that they will make the house their principal residence within 2 months of closing and will live there for at least one full year (exceptions for truly exceptional circumstances, e.g., job loss or relocating out of area allowed, the point is that they prioritize owner-occupants over professional investors, which in a lot of cases is seemingly the only way for somebody without $500K cash to actually buy anything). They have a couple of mortgage products that are specific to HomePath, including one to just buy the home and another specifically for renovations, both of which I would regard as more favorable than FHA. They don’t have many properties in DC proper, but some occasionally pop up, and they have lots of houses in the Hyattsville area. I bought my house in Takoma DC through HomePath in 2012.

  • Rant/rave: Finally having the talk with roomie to see if she can curtail her late night guests. I’m optimistic she will get on board if for no other reason than she doesn’t want to have to find another place.
    Rave?: Maybe another fun random event this weekend.
    Rave: Could be on the road to awesome lady friends.
    Rant: Super lazy week= no lunches packed for today

    • Not to be rude, but have you ever thought about living alone? Not everyone is cut out for roommates and you seem to have a lot of issues with yours. I know I couldn’t live with a roommate past college.

      • Yes, I am aware of that option. Perceptions can easily be skewed. I’ve had roommates for 5 yrs, and I haven’t been here that long nor do I generally find “this person is acting reasonably” rave worthy, so what you see is heavy on the negative side. Such is life.

  • Rant: feeling utterly defeated by the ongoing battle with the mental health system. It shouldn’t be this hard and take this many years to get a family member help. It’s gotten to the point that I’m almost wishing this family member would get caught up in the criminal justice system just so there would be a long period of forced medication. Instead, we’ll continue with this cycle of involuntary commitments in dozens of states, erratic assaults on others, attempts at threat of self-harm, etc. I don’t want to return to the dark ages of locking people up forever, but we seem to have swung to the other end of the pendulum. There has to be a more reasonable middle ground.

    Sorry for the long rant, I’m just exhausted and very discouraged.

    • Oh Anon for this! I am sadly familiar with that battle, so you have my deepest sympathy. I don’t have any helpful suggestions, unfortunately. Just wanted to say you’re not alone. Hugs!

      • Thank you LittleBluePenguin! The hardest part for me is watching the deterioration of a person who is perfectly functional and happy when appropriately medicated. And yet in the name of individual dignity and “choice” we allow someone incapable of making rational decisions or caring for themselves to refuse medication and deteriorate to a point where there is neither dignity or any real choice in their existence.

    • Ugh. Sorry to hear this. I completely agree that we’ve swung way too far in the other direction of institutionalization. There are some people who should be institutionalized, period. We could carefully regulate these facilities and make sure that abuse/bad conditions are limited or nonexistent. However, the status quo of leaving families high and dry is not good. After Adam Lanza murdered all of those children in CT, I remember a woman writing a revealing essay about her own problems with her very mentally ill son. The 11 or 12 year old had tried to harm her and her children on multiple occasions, and insurance would only pay for 1 or 3 day stays here and there. The police offered to lock him up in a detention center, but she (rightfully!) said that would probably harm him, give him a police record, AND do nothing to address the initial mental health problems!
      Also, related: growing up, we had a woman in our apartment building on a military base who had schizophrenia. My father and other service members complained to commanders, the base commander, etc repeatedly, saying she was a danger to herself, her young children, and others. The military folks said, sorry, we can’t do anything (her husband had given up and moved off base to get away from her). Two years later, we hear she calmly got up from a card game with her parents, got a shotgun, and blew them away while her children slept near by. Fast forward 20 years: I googled this lady to find out she had been let out of prison and was being admitted and readmitted to facilities. At one point, she somehow got out of Florida and ended up lying in the middle of roads in Oregon where the police had to pick her up.There’s got to be another way.

      • Exactly. Even for folks who aren’t dangerous, how is it more humane for them to live in psychotic states, often cycling through jails and living on the streets? Why is forcing them to be medicated a greater affront to society’s sense of morality?

        The only reason this family member isn’t living on the streets is because we are fortunate enough to be able to afford paying for her care. That is, until after a brief stint of medication family member becomes lucid, checks out of the hospital and we start the cycle all over again.

  • Rave: Getting closer to the long weekend.
    Rant: Still not seeming able to get to sleep before 12am. I think it is the undercurrent of anxiety I’m currently fighting. It always happens, a few weeks before my semi-annual checkups with my specialists, I just really struggle with anxiety creeping in without me even realizing what the foundation of it is. But even when I recognize where it’s coming from, it doesn’t help it go away! bah!
    Rave: feeling productive today, despite the sleep deprivation.

    • hammers

      best of luck sleeping- I havent learned how to tame my anxiety yet, but somehow just recongizing it for what it is seems to help. And trying to tell myself a story while falling aslseep to distract from it.

    • My sympathies… I was awake by 4am this morning. On the plus side, I used the extra two hours of awake time to actually do my hair and to make a lasagna for dinner tonight. As far as the anxieties go, you know you’re in good hands! I know it’s scary, but I’m sure all will be well. You could always have a prelim check-up there just so there aren’t any surprise! 😉

      • Yeah, I’m trying to maximize the time that I’m awake, phone calls with my BFF who now lives in CA and is awake when I am,, watching Amy Schumer or just taking a relaxing bath. It’s the physical symptoms that I seem to have no control over (palpitations) even when I feel mentally ok. I’ve asked my EP guy about it like, every time I see him, and he just tells me, yeah, it’s stress or anxiety. Do some yoga? He’s not unsympathetic, it’s just that there’s not really anything he can do about this beyond some very invasive stuff that might not even offer a solution either. Maybe I need an Rx for xanax or sleeping pills. (Not really the route I want to go, but it has helped other times, like on a 28-hour flight!)

        • Serious suggestion – are you able to smoke a little pot, or perhaps inbibe in another form? That may be preferable to Xanax or other prescriptions, and DC does have medical marijuana which would get you around potential urine test issues at work.

          • Oh lordy! nope! not for me! I literally cannot stand the smell, just the smell itself makes me anxious!! I tried once many years ago it and it just made me paranoid, I did not find it relaxing at all! Plus, I don’t need another reason to get the munchies! I would also have to check and make sure there was no potential reactions with any of the meds I’m already taking, so I’m thinking that is low on the list of possibilities! It’s not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind, but it would have to be in a totally other form, with all the proper research done and paperwork completed for me to be able to be relax enough to attempt it again!

      • Ugh – I’ve had many a night when I look at the clock and it’s 1:00 am, 2:30 am, 3:15 am and WHY am I still awake? What has helped is having a few things to try:
        Yoga nidra for sleep – Jennifer Piercy, Do Yoga with Me (free) or Dr Siddharth Shah, iTunes or Amazon
        Breathing exercise called 4 – 7 – 8
        And if neither of these work, Ambion. Dosage is 10mg, I take 5mg which is effective just about everytime

        • oh! Good suggestions! i will look for the yoga stuff stat! Don’t have any Ambien on hand, but I may ask my doctor about it…maybe.

          • Benadryl is pretty innocuous (allowed in pregnancy even), and it helps me get to sleep. But for acute anxiety, it doesn’t do much. Need to go to xanax or similar for that.

          • Yeah, I already take a lot of antihistamines for allergies so I have to take at least two Benadryl at this point to make me at all sleepy….

    • Pablo Raw

      My solution to waking up at 4:00 am is to play a podcast on a timer of 15 min.; it works all the time; hopefully it will work for you also

      • Thanks Pablo – I usually wake up early, it’s more that I can’t fall asleep until after 1, 2 a.m., sometimes and then when my alarm goes off at 6, I feel like death warmed over. Any podcast suggestions?

        • oops, that should be I DON’T usually wake up early…!

        • Pablo Raw

          I use the same technique for going to sleep also; the podcast doesn’t matter in my case, somehow it’s more about the noise, I keep it at very low volume. Sometimes I lisetn to the Rachel Maddow Show podcast; probably music works too.

          • Yeah, I already do the same thing, just with tv show dvds – I have the volume on real low, I put a timer on, and put in earplugs. It usually works, but my anxiety is just a bit too high right now for me to be able to even get into bed at a decent time!

          • hammers

            LBP- what about reading?

        • Blithe

          For the past week or so, I’ve been listening to the evening visualization from the Gabriel Method series. It’s available as a free itunes app and possibly on the website as well. It’s extremely soporific — for me at least. Could be worth a try.

    • I suggest exercise and an occasional Ambien (with your doctor’s approval, of course). This works for me.

      • I’ve got the exercise part down…not helping enough! If I don’t have any luck with the podcast / app suggestions, I may look into the other half of that equation!

    • Emmaleigh504

      NPR this morning had a piece about a composer who wrote a 8 hour sleep song. It was very soothing, from the bit they played. Maybe looking into that will help. I plan to get a recording of this music as soon as I can.

    • Have you tried the Legs Up the Wall yoga pose? I’m not sure why laying on the floor with my legs at a 90 degree angle is more relaxing that laying flat, but it always makes me incredibly sleepy.

    • That One Guy

      I like the Writer’s Almanac podcasts. They’re short and Garrison Keillor’s voice has a lulling quality to it.

  • Rave: my bff sent DOG a lovely box of gifts. DOG took the two pack, mesh wrapped giant Kong tennis balls out, still in the packaging, and did not like me when I tried to open the package. So I opened the other package and gave him one ball and took the two wrapped balls back.
    Rant: DOG no longer trusts me to not take away his most beloved possession now.
    Rave: he’s so proud of his giant tennis ball that he insisted on taking it on his late night walk to show his new friends, aka the bouncer at Looking Glass and the shoe shine guy.
    Rant: they weren’t there to witness his glory last night 🙁
    Rave: Um, yeah, the Old Overholt soft serve at the Airedale is awesome.

    • Your dog sounds awesome.

    • actual lol. DOG is adorable. Freya used to carry sticks on her walks and I always thought it was the cutest thing.

    • DOG is adorable!
      My pup used to insist on carrying her stuffed polar bear with her on walks, now she just carries sticks.

    • Emmaleigh504

      OMG! I love dogs that walk with their prized possession! I want to see pix of DOG with them!

    • It is so cute when dogs carry their own toys or stuffed animals. Honestly the cutest! I do hear it can make them a little OCD about having said toy on every walk and being nervous without it, but DOG is grown making me think this won’t be an issue!

  • hammers

    rave: much needed vacation this weekend…
    rant: which I was looking forward to until I realized I forgot to arrange for cat-sitting. have been calling sit-a-pet, since they opened at ten, no luck thus far.
    random: I went on a week long business trip with someone who left their cat alone for 9 days, and told me I was foolish not wanting to leave mine alone. A pet is a responsibility.

    • 9 days is a long time, but I think it could work for 2/3 days with the right cat.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Agreed. Mrs. Unlikely and I occasionally leave our good little kitty home alone overnight (i.e., leave one morning and return the following evening), and have left her for 2 nights before but prefer not to. If we’re ever away for more than 2 nights, we get a friend to come by. She could go longer in terms of food and water if absolutely necessary, but we like to have somebody come by to play with her and pet her if we’re going to be gone for more than a day or two.

    • What?! Holy hell, I know cats are independent and all but 9 days?! That is a lot of waste in the litter box to come home to, assuming the cat doesn’t stop using it after 4-5 days of no scooping. 2-3 days is the max I’ll leave my cats without a sitter or a neighbor stopping by.

    • Wow, that’s a long time!! I remember my parents leaving the cats for a week at a time with an open first floor window, an over flowing bowl of cat food, and a faucet left running. That is just insane to me on so many levels!

    • Just sent you an e-mail.

    • Eek! A weekend alone is usually fine for cats, but 9 days?! I don’t know how they wouldn’t run out of food and water…
      Shoot me an e-mail if you want – I’m around this weekend. I’m blanking on where you live but I might be able to help. 🙂

    • Try emailing Kathy at Sit-A-Pet. Sometimes she responds faster to email, or sees the email and then calls you back. Kathy[at]sitapet.com

      • hammers

        good to know! I was able to make arrangements though 😀 and thanks littlen- I think it’s pretty far for you (petworth)- but I REALLY appreciate the offer…so sweet! Littlen- I’m blanking on your email but please message me at andhammers at gmail! I’d love to meet up again!

        • Hammers – I’m in Petworth and would be happy to look in on your cat if you needed someone – sadly not this weekend, I’ll be away, but if in the future you run into issues securing a cat sitter, please let me know.

          • hammers

            Awesome! that’s very good to know- I will be out of town the first week in october, so I may take you up on that.

  • Rave: today is my friday!
    Rant: because I have to move tomorrow
    Rave: new cole haan loafers
    Rant: this whole housing situation. The building I’m waiting for is still waiting for final approval from the county (for over 2 months now) and its been a huge hassle BUT I can feel the end is coming and I’m just waiting for the payoff (and for my waiting to pay off). I have mixed feelings because of how onerous this process was, but the deal is so good that I don’t want to give in and settle for somewhere else. I just need positive vibes to get me through the next 2-3 weeks.

  • Rave: Finally getting a chance to post!
    Rave: Really enjoying my classes so far and am incredibly glad I took a few years off to work in a high-pressure work environment.
    Rave: Hit it off with some awesome people in my section pretty quickly and it feels like we’ve known each other for much longer than we really have. I guess spending all day together will do that to you.
    Rant: Missing my fiancé and Tiny Dog.
    Rave: Ordered blue suede pumps for our engagement party and can’t wait for them to arrive!

  • Rave: I am off tomorrow!
    Rant: I did not sleep well last night so I missed my track workout.
    Rant: I was so excited to have a 4 day weekend, and this would have been my first day off in almost a year when I was not either doing estate stuff or wedding planning. It was a day to myself. And then I got an email about an hour ago killing my dream – I have to go to the bank, again, for more estate matters. It never ends. Seriously. I just never ends.

    • Blithe

      Estate stuff is horrible. And I’m terrified that you’re right about it never ending. And it’s horrible on top of grief and loss. Ugh. I hope you’re able to salvage a 3 day weekend!

  • Does anyone know how I can find teenagers in my neighborhood (Woodley Park) who want to babysit on the occasional night/weekend for my toddler?

    • Does Woodley Park have a listserv? Cleveland Park has one, which has been really helpful for things like this!

      • Good idea. I’m checking that out.

        Related: what’s the going wage for teenage babysitters?

        • I don’t know the going wage for teenagers. I know the sitters we’ve used quote around $15ish/hour and we have one child. Friends with more than one have said around $20 – $25. For a teenager, perhaps $10 or $12?

        • jim_ed

          We hire one of our kid’s daycare teachers for $10 an hour plus $20 to order dinner.

    • PoPville poster iindsay isn’t a teenager — she’s a schoolteacher — but she lives in Woodley Park and does babysitting on the side.

  • Rant: Not even any interviews with jobs I’ve applied to – despite knowing people at most of the organizations who tried to put in a word for me. Sigh.
    Rave: At least I’m not in a rush since I like my job overall (and I honestly would probably stay if the pay was better and there were any promotion opportunities). Although quarterly taxes are coming up soon, nooo…
    Rant: Major impostor syndrome kicking in as I look at job postings.
    Rave: Finally feeling like my mood is evening out a bit and I’m getting to be a bit more like myself.
    Rave: Enjoying all the lovely sunny weather while I can. I don’t even mind that it’s really hot (although last week’s temperatures were much better) – I’m going to be missing it in a few months.

    • hammers

      imposter syndrome is real. but you’re awesome! also reiterating my offer to take a peek at your resume/cover letters. andhammers at gmail (I sadly misplaced your card). I’m glad you are getting back in the groove with things. Is it possible to follow up with those people who put a good word in for you to offer suggestions for getting a call back?

    • Emmaleigh504

      My impostor syndrome is in overdrive, too. So not fun.

      • justinbc

        I just googled it, yeah, I definitely know someone I live with who has this. Interesting they say it’s mostly common among high ranking women. I guess guys are just more arrogant and therefore less likely to suffer?

        • Yes. They also have the cards stacked in their favor by virtue of being male.

        • Fewer women apply for jobs they aren’t completely qualified for. They self-screen.
          A teaching anecdote, employing some broad generalizations: If you ask a question that requires a little thought, boys will raise their hands immediately, and then stall while they think about answer. Girls will wait to raise their hands until they’re prepared to answer, by which time a boy has already been called on. Or they will see all the boy hands in the air, and decide not to raise theirs because they thing others know it faster/easier/better.
          (Good teachers of my acquaintance ask questions while facing the board, so that by the time they turn around to face the class, more girls will have thought it through and raised their hands.)

          • That teaching anecdote is fascinating. I’m not teaching these days, but something to keep in mind.

          • That’s also a better strategy for the introverts, who like to think before they speak (as a female introvert I almost never raised my hand in class).

        • Oops late response but yes – I read that a lot of women don’t even apply to jobs unless they have almost 100% of the qualifications, while men will if they have only 60% of the qualifications. I always worry I’ll get in over my head and then get fired if I apply to something that’s too much, heh.

          • hammers

            personality goes a long way. as long as you arent blatently lying about credentials, if you get in the door, are nice, easy to work with, and eager to learn, people will most likely try to keep you around vs. finding someone else. if they REALLY like you and you really arent qualified for the job, the might even try to make or find a better fit for you.

          • I’m an anomaly and will apply to anything I’m even remotely qualified for. But I’ve noticed that unless I meet 100% of the qualifications my application either will not be considered or I’ll be called In to an interview where they highlight my shortcomings as a reason to not hire me. I wonder if men who apply for positions they’re not qualified for are scrutinized as much, or if they’re just better at talking their way out of it when someone calls them out on it.

  • Rant: The waiting game. I know they’ve spoken with all of my references. I know they’ve told them I’m their top candidate. Now I wait….
    Rant: Current job is deadline hell right now. And no one is returning my calls or emails. Noon deadline today isn’t going to go well.
    Rave: Boss and other co-worker stopped in Hawaii on their way back from Japan office. Brought all sorts of macadamia nut chocolates with them. Lunchtime is going to go reeeeally well!

  • Rave: Back to school night last night. Hard to believe I’m on that side of the equation now i.e. parent and not student, but there it is. I learned my daughter wants to learn more about witches this year. Pre-k kids are fantastic.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Procrastination. It really doesn’t make anything better, and it often makes things worse. Tiny steps really do add up– even if that’s sometimes hard to see in the short run.
    Rave: Once I get a few things done, I’ll get some pool time today. Since swimming matters so much to me, I need to see if I can find an indoor pool that I’d be happy with.
    Rant: I still don’t have a pair of extremely comfortable walking shoes.
    Rave: I’ve never been to Union Market — at least not in it’s current incarnation. Should be a fun field trip.
    Rave: Prioritizing. Prioritizing– which I enjoy — is a great way of managing procrastination. Yup. So I just need to remind myself, possibly incessantly, that prioritizing is my friend.

  • My usual fantasy league isn’t happening this year 🙁 Anyone who hasn’t drafted yet want another person in theirs?

  • Rant: Southern Heritage/Pro Confederate Flag Rally on Saturday. Have you seen the FB page? lots of homophobic, racist, white supremacist talk. I will have none of that.
    Rave: Going to the counter presence to said Southern Heritage Rally.
    Not Sure: 3rd date this week. still not sure how I feel but leaning towards friends.
    Rant: mutual attraction that’s hard to deny but cannot work relationship-wise. 🙁

  • Have a friend coming to DC for a weekend with her nine month old baby. Ideally, she’d like to find a babysitter who could come to the hotel to watch… is this a thing? I’m childless and clueless. Any tips on finding someone reputable? The hotel offered a service but it was like $150.

  • Rant: Feel like I’ve been working two jobs. Winding down with the old one, starting with the new one.
    Rave: Already feel like the new job is giving me more responsibility than I’ve had at the old one in the last 6 years combined (in a good way). It feels good to have someone actually want my input on something.
    Rave: Taking tomorrow off and going down to Cville for a long weekend! Can’t wait. Brother is throwing a 90s party and the bf has the most ridiculous outfit ever. Also, I got a great Blossom-style denim hat with a giant flower on it.
    Random: Ran into two exes while I was walking to work this morning. Definitely felt the “DC is so small” thing today.

    • I was wondering how you were doing — at first I thought maybe you were on vacation, then I realized that the new job was probably keeping you busy. Glad to hear that the job is off to a good start!

  • Rave: Ridiculous rescue dog loves baths so much I can’t even take one without him freaking out with excitement. No, this is not for you!
    Rant: Couldn’t get out for a run last night because I was just too exhausted. Oh well, contra dancing tomorrow will hopefully make up for it.
    Unrelated: Anyone know anything about the neighborhood on the other side of the river by Kingman Island? I think it might be called Eastland Gardens by Cesar Chavez high school? Lots of new builds out there, thinking of taking a look at homes in that area.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Got guilt tripped into staying an additional night at my parents’ house over Labor Day weekend.
    Rant/Rave: Just yesterday I ranted about the tragicomedy of watching DC Sports, and then BANG! The Redskins managed to one up themselves in the insanity department with a scandal so absurd I expect Andy Kauffman to reveal that he’s still alive and has been posing as Dan Snyder for 20 years. I’d say that this is rock bottom, but God knows this franchise is a bottomless pit of embarrassment.
    Rave: So close to fall weather and time for fishing at Fletchers Boathouse.

  • That One Guy

    I hope I’m proved wrong that no good deed goes unpunished. Ordering Bon Chon chicken for some office folks.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: 3 day weekend. WOO!
    Rave: Heading to Morgantown tomorrow evening for the WVU season opener on Saturday! Let’s go Eers!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Helping my folks pick out tile and paint and stuff for a bathroom reno.
    Rant: Mom just texted that she is going home with tile samples and DUCK POBOYS. My mother is a big meanie.
    Rant: work super sucks right now. special audit means everthing I do is being reviewed by at least 3 people. It’s crazy-making.
    Rave: bok choy

  • Rave: Somehow I left my credit card at a bar we were at last weekend (that never happens to me), so we’re using the card pick-up as an excuse to have dinner in a neighborhood we don’t normally go to.
    Rant: The water in the Hyatt pool, which I can see out my window, is looking extra sparkly today and I want so badly to be in it.

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