Pre-opening Wing Feast and Nats Viewing Party at Duffy’s Sunday Sept. 13th

2106 Vermont Ave, NW

From an email:

“Nothing Goes together Better than Duffy’s Wings and Nats Baseball!

We still have a bit of time before the paperwork is done on our liquor license. In the meantime please join us for a Preopening Wing Feast and Nats Viewing Party.

**please note no alcohol will be served and you cannot bring your own. We cannot have any alcohol on the premises until we get our liquor license which will be very soon

Sunday September 13th 1pm to 4pm
$15 per person

Unlimited Wings (no carryout boxes)
Non Alcoholic Beverages included
Nats vs Marlins and Redskins vs Dolphins on all the TVs
Sound on the Nats up Front and on the Redskins in back.
Open 1pm til the end of Nats and Redskins games.
Kids with parents are welcome. Under 12 price – $10

We Hope to See you then!

Grand opening will be soon after. We’ll let you know as soon as we do!
In the meantime please continue to support our IndieGogo campaign:”

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  • Will the Nats be worth watching in 2 weeks?

    • If you’re an actual baseball fan, yes. If you just hop on the bandwagon for the playoffs, maybe not.

      • I’ve watched every game, if we’re 7-8 back by the end of this weekend then I don’t see how they can gain that back in 3 weeks. Would be even worse if the Mets took 2 out of 3 in that series next week, season is probably over at that point.

        • I hate to say it, but last night felt like a missed (and last) chance for the season. I hope I’m wrong, but the Cardinals aren’t going to make that many mistakes again and the Mets have a pretty easy schedule for the rest of the season. We’d have to get real good real fast and the Mets will have to get real bad real fast.

  • The “Natinals” are back where we are used to seeing them

  • justinbc

    So I guess they are reopening even if they don’t hit their campaign goal? I counted at least 4 times in their sales pitch where the guy says “buy me a beer”. I’m not sure he really learned his lesson, unless his goal was to get free beer this time, rather than give it away…

    • palisades

      Yes they said they were opening regardless.

      • Yup, it was in the original post here on Popville and in the Post article. Also, Duffy will not be the owner, but the general manager. A new owner has bought Duffy’s.

    • Hi Justin,
      We are reopening regardless of whether we hit the Goal of $150,000. The more we raise the smoother it will be however. Most of the people on the campaign are buying future food and drink at a nice discount which helps us while they save some money at the same time. The regular mug is also a nice deal. We’ve been very happy with the enthusiastic response so far. Hope you get a chance to stop by and sample the wings. The buy me a beer thing was just intended to be tongue in cheek, however if you do buy me a beer rest assured I will drink it.
      Andy Duffy

      • justinbc

        Thanks for the clarification Andy. I’ve been to Duffy’s several times, and enjoyed the wings (although I wouldn’t call them DC’s best, but that’s obviously subjective). Good luck in your reopening.

  • I live across the street and am really excited to have you back open. It was so sad to walk to work every morning and see the building just sitting empty. I see you are making progress on the inside and outside, but PLEASE take down that awful worn flag off the front. It looks so sad. 🙂

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