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  • Beat the rush here, folks!

  • I loved it the first time I went and I will absolutely be going back. If anything, going forward Fig & Olive will probably be more diligent about safety and cleanliness than most restaurants in the city.

  • They had me at free dessert.

  • Salmonella incubation period 12-72 hrs….Maybe i’ll visit on Sunday, just in case?

  • I’m guessing pu pu platter won’t be on the menu?

  • Seems like the started taking the sanitation thing seriously a bit too late. I know i’m not inclined to eat there any time in the foreseeable future. This isn’t new or difficult stuff to do – it is pretty basic and been the standard for a long time.

  • Well, considering I have been sick for a week+ since I ate there last Monday, and I only had my first real solid meal yesterday since all this fun began- I think I shall have to pass. Thanks though for the thought.

  • I would say that it’s almost certainly the cleanest restaurant in DC after all of this. So you are the least likely to get sick of any place and you get free dessert. Seems good to me!!

  • I will not be supporting a business who did not make sanitation a priority until forced to do so

  • AntiAlias

    Um, judging by the wording of their letter, they never found out what the source of the Salmonella was. So no, I’m not going there to get a free desert.

  • Pass

    1) even the street vendors and other less than fancy spots on Columbia Heights know how to avoid giving you salmonella
    2) they never found the source
    3) looking at Yelp!, they have big customer service issues

    I’ll pass. It feels like they aren’t paying attention to very basic details and are not ready for prime time

  • What was the source? Haven’t seen an answer to this in the press.

  • It seems to me that this will be very hard to recover from business wise. Especially since it seems to be a fine-ish dining place.

  • I give this place a 1 in 5 chance of survival. Unfortunately.

  • Where does it say they never found the source of the salmonella? That is a big red flag…..

  • Fox 5 said the source was truffle fries and mushroom croquettes. Which means there was cross-contamination with raw chicken. Which is pretty nasty!

  • And the name of the free dessert is “Cookie Toss” – a wonderfully rich and chewy cookie with a surprise finish!

  • This caught my eye because I had dined there when they first opened. I know they cleared out the inventory, and there are truly a million ways their produce could’ve contacted salmonella all the way down to the produce handlers. Doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on their abilities. And I know they’re on high alert now. When I went I spoke with a woman named Sophia, the manager, who was amazing and personable – their staff was truly one of their strengths. We had an awesome time, and despite this recent press, I’d go back tomorrow, If I had an excuse to afford it!

  • I walked by Fig & Olive on Thursday evening (Sep 17), and the place was packed. Many people were inside the restaurant as well as people dining on their patio.

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