“Orthodox priest on Pennsylvania Ave NW weekday mornings?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Raymond Bryson

“Dear PoPville,

I’m writing to ask if anyone knows what the deal is with the guy who looks to be a priest in full regalia delivering very theatrical sermons waving a large crucifix who can sometimes be found weekday mornings at rush hour on Pennsylvania Avenue NW in between the bike lanes. I can’t tell if he’s for real/what his message is as each time I see him I’m speeding by on my bike and can’t stop (and have no pictures for the same reason) and no web searches have delivered his story. Thanks for helping me solve this mystery which admittedly adds some spice to my morning commute!”

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  • I have also seen him, but in evening rush hour. I remember him carrying a poster of an icon of some sort too.

  • PoP, was the word “Orthodox” in some part of the OP’s message (like the subject line) that wasn’t reproduced here?

  • Can’t remember his name, but he’s an Orthodox priest who’s been kicked out of the priesthood and is freelancing now.

  • Pennsylvania and where?

  • “Authorities say you can recognize the phony Pope by his high top sneakers and incredibly foul language.”

  • I got proselytized twice in 5 minutes last night, once by an older black guy standing on Mass & Dupont Circle and another by a young white woman in the 42 bus. The bus woman had a cast and spoke very loudly (and to no one in particular) about how Jesus was going to save us all, while the Mass & Dupont guy said people needed to repent or we’d go to hell. Good cop bad cop!

  • If I’m subjected to a crazy street preacher, I for one don’t really care AT ALL if they were actually ordained or not.

  • I see him most mornings at 9th and Penn NW. I keep on speeding by for fear of bursting into flames.

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