Old Reformation Fitness space on 9th Street becomes District Pilates

1302 9th St, NW

From their website:

“District Pilates is a boutique Reformer Studio located in the heart of Shaw, Washington DC. District Pilates offers both private, semi-private and group classes using both Peak Pilates Reformers and Chairs. Classes range from beginner to advanced and can be targeted and tailored based off of client’s needs. Pilates Reformer is ideal for every body type, every level of fitness, and every age group. It’s an exercise program that develops core strength as it dynamically works to both stretch and activate muscles, restoring the body’s natural grace, power, and balance. District Pilates offers small classes guaranteeing that you’ll receive plenty of guidance and support from our experienced instructors. Pilates can be done either barefoot, socks or gripsocks – totally your preference!”


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  • Bailey and Greg are the best reformer instructors in DC!! Loving the refreshed space!

  • Does this mean that patrons won’t be using the sidewalk as their personal gym now?

    • Actually i go to the studio and live on the block and it’s a bit annoying that they use the whole sidewalk which is actually against the law as it impedes the free flow of foot traffic on a public sidewalk so glad they are moving down the block to be someone else’s headache

  • Bailey is the BEST!! And the new space is awesome!

  • Just to be clear for Reformation Fitness fans–it is still around, just like a block away in a newly renovated building (near the new Columbia Room). Pilates is taking over the neighborhood, but I think I’m ok with that.

    • clevelanddave

      Mike at Reformation Fitness is the best… their new space will be EXCELLENT- come check them out!

      • ClevelandDave is right. Mike is the best instructor in the city. I wish Bailey and Greg all the luck in the world but am following Reformation down the street to its larger and cool-looking new space.

      • I have to disagree. While Mike can be a nice guy, his classes were not a great workout. Gray and Bailey really deliver classes that change your body. I am so glad that they’re broken out on their own and we have the option of more classes that deliver! And the new District Pilates space is so much brighter and cleaner.

  • Great instructors, and the refreshed space is colorful and welcoming!

  • Bailey is a great and tough Pilates instructor, as well as one of the nicest people to take class from. The students she attracts are down to earth and the atmosphere is welcoming rather than sorority-like, like some other fitness studios in DC. Everyone should check her out!

    • Absolutely agree! So down to earth & fun! I love taking classes with both Bailey & Greg. Such a great workout! Wishing Bailey all the success in the world. More pilates studios is a good thing!!

  • I wish District Pilates all the best but have been a very happy and loyal customer of Reformation Fitness since the beginning. I love Mike as a teacher as well as all of the Reformer teachers coming in- Anita, Cathy, Erin, etc. It’s great that so many folks are into Pilates although it does make me sad that District Pilates is so close to Reformation and there is a weird competitive vibe…

    • I am definitely leaving Reformation and going with Bailey and Greg. Aside from Julie who is also awesome – and I’m sad I won’t get to take her classes anymore – Greg and Bailey are the only Reformation teachers that I ever liked. Julie, move to District Pilates!!! Please!

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