Notes from Your Neighbors or a Cultural Critique or just some Performance Art?


A reader writes in:

“Don’t let your dog crap anywhere on the west side of 6th nw south of q. Same person who has weird but interesting toilet sculpture going on in the front yard.”


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  • I have to side with the dog on this one.

  • jim_ed

    So a person with a bunch of crap in their yard is complaining about someone else’s crap in their yard? I kid, but this sign makes the homeowner seem completely unhinged. I can’t make out what the threat at the bottom is, but I’m guessing its in line with the rest of the screed.

    • Yeah, the art installation is now clearly not whimsical. I believe the final line involves making the dog owner “eat it,” so I can only imagine what that means. Looks like there were several drafts on the chalkboard, so I’m glad the homeowner got it just right.

    • phl2dc

      I have to agree with the “unhinged” comment here…

  • Did they carpet their lawn?? Seriously? That tells me everything I needed to know!

  • I’m firmly on the side of the unhinged chalkboard artist. People who leave their dog crap in front of my house drive me BSI. Lately someone has been tossing their poop-filled bag in my yard. One day I’m going to catch them in the act and, hand to god, I will follow them home and smear it all over their front steps. Vengeance will be mine.

    • Are you sure you’re not being targeting for some reason? Seems odd that someone would bother to pick it up only to throw it in your yard. Similarly, I don’t think the chalkboard artist would be having this problem if they didn’t have a bathroom for a front yard.

      • At first I thought we (it’s a very small condo building), were targeted, but none of the residents can imagine why or by whom. I agree — it’s very odd that someone would bother bagging it, just to put it in the yard. It’s been happening roughly once a week for well over a year. I think that maybe someone just doesn’t want to carry the poop-filled bag around, so they just toss it when no one’s looking?

    • People who don’t pick up their dog poo are not the same people reading this blog.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Is that a sink back there? Their yard is an bathroom!

  • I’m no fan of the “installation”/junk collection, but I agree with the sentiment that people should pick up after their dogs.

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