New barre3 Studio coming to 14th and T St, NW early 2016

1832 14th Street, NW

Ed. Note: Back in the day this space was once planned for a spot called Local 14 then a planned pizza restaurant by Edan Macquaid and most recently an Art Soiree House.

From an email:

“I’m writing to let you know that I will be opening a barre3 studio at 1832 14th Street NW, just above Floors on 14th and next door to Room & Board. The space will occupy the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building, with two studio rooms, changing rooms and childcare.

I have been an instructor at barre3 Georgetown for the last two years. I’m delighted to bring barre3 to the vibrant, growing 14th Street community – and closer to home!

About barre3
barre3 combines the wisdom of yoga, the strength of Pilates and the grace of ballet barre work. Our signature 60-minute class balances strength training through isometric holds and small, one-inch movements with seamless recovery stretches. We also incorporate larger, functional movements with low-impact cardio to jumpstart the metabolism and energize the body. Unique to our brand, we offer an array of modifications for every posture allowing all fitness levels to maximize the workout while remaining injury free. As both a fitness system and a whole-body health philosophy, barre3 helps clients to realize amazing, lasting results – a strong, lean physique and a happy, balanced mindset.

barre3 is based in Portland, OR. In just seven years, it has grown from a single location in Portland’s Pearl District to more than 75 locations and streaming online.”

From 2012:


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  • I’ve never done a barre class, so this is just me being completely judgmental, but the description “isometric holds and small, one-inch movements with seamless recovery stretches” makes me think this is the small plates version of an exercise class. Which makes it perfect for 14th Street.

    • You are not incorrect. I did a barre3 class once (they have a studio in Georgetown), and it was so boring I almost fell asleep during those 1″ movements.

    • I mean, I do Solidcore and when they tell you to pulse one inch, it really makes you want to just cry because it’s so tough. Can’t speak for barre3 though.

    • Those inches really do add up to the point of shaking legs and burning muscles. Barre3 has transformed my entire body. It actually gets harder over time because you really learn how to connect to your muscles and get in deep!

  • Barre 3 is my favorite! Think of it less of 1″ movements, but more like half a push up, 30 times, until you want to cry. Then half a plie, 30 times, until you want to cry. But it’s really fun!

  • How insufferably precious, figures it started in Portland.

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