More Trouble at Georgia and Lamont


A reader writes (and others tweeted @PoPville):

“this is the scene returning from work today, can’t figure out what is up, walked up to the cops to ask, the said stay away looked like a box cutter on the ground open. This is all of 100 feet from the robbery with gun earlier today, and directly across the street from the homicide at the bus stop earlier this summer, I don’t know how many more times we have to tell them about this corner

MPD says:

“MPD members are investigating a reported assault at the location.”

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  • “I don’t know how many more times we have to tell them about this corner”
    It’s a shame you should have to tell them at all, considering a 3D substation is 2 blocks away.

    • No, we’ve been over this before. The substation is for 4D. Georgia & Lamont is in 3D.

    • They don’t deal with this side of Park Road. You can go in to that police substation whenever you feel like getting your dose of “That’s not my problem”. Pathetic.

  • Meanwhile, development in Anacostia, Eckington, Brookland, and H Street is moving faster than lightning. All of these areas were way worse than Georgia Avenue 10 years ago. Now, Georgia Avenue is worse than all of those areas. Imagine if all the promises that have been made since 2000 were completed. Office of Planning, the Mayor, and Nadeau haven’t changed a thing. Resident of Ward 1 should be demanding all three of these entities start putting their attention to getting market rate (with inclusionary zoning) going immediately. Instead Nadeau and Bower have stopped several developments in the area from moving forward so they can find the money to give developers to create subsidized housing. Before anyone jumps on me for being against development that is 90% subsidized housing, note that inclusionary zoning would increase the number of affordable units on Ga Avenue by at least 30%. Market rate development (with inclusionary zoning) creates housing and opportunity for the poor while keeping a neighborhood economically viable, which results in less crime.

    • Georgia Ave is not worse than all those areas. Anacostia? Are you kidding?

    • Please identify specific projects Nadeau and Bowser have stopped from going forward, and specific subsidized housing projects they are supporting.

      • Here’s one – Nadeau specifically supports putting 200 low income units at 1125 Spring.

      • 3619 Georgia is another. The developer has been asked by OOP to add affordable units above what is required so the project is being reworked, would have broke ground a month ago if left alone. Oh, and Park Morton…which should be a top priority for her. Lets not forget that PM was supposed to be completely redeveloped in 2003, but when that fell through in 2006 CM Graham kick started the movement to get it going again, which resulted in the PUD that was approved in 2010, and fell through in 2013. Leadership would be getting it going immediately…and there is a lot a mayor and CM can do there.

        Yes, I am suggesting that Anacostia, Brookland, Eckington, and H street have far surpassed Georgia Avenue, south of the metro station. 10 years ago Georgia Avenue would have been the sure bet but lack of city support has all but stalled it.

      • Park Morton, noticeably dragging their feet at snails pace. A meeting with the community in 3 months, then a few more meetings to run us into 2016. It is a joke that people still have jobs that work on this New Communities Initiatives particularly with PM (lack of) redevelopment. It’s only been a decade. Who is ultimately responsible??

        Meanwhile it decays even further attracting crime all around it and Zuckerman property holdings. Sick of these slow moving bureaucrats and big developers holding neighborhoods siege!

  • There was a pack of cop cars at the same corner circa 915 tonight, lights flashing.

  • There was a third incident at the corner around 9:30pm. Two police cars and ambulance were on scene.

  • If you ask me, Nadeau is the problem. She hasn’t proven to to me that she understand the complex issues of ward 1. She campaigned solely on affordable housing and a “toss the bum (Graham) out.” When crime became even worse after her election (who would have thought that even possible!), she was slow to respond and still has not done much to help. She takes a bandaid approach to issues and tried to deflect. I mean, she had a shooting happen at a playground while kids are around! She will NOT be getting my vote.

    • Yeah, Nadeau has been a huge disappointment. I voted for her solely on being feed up with Graham. Never thought I would say this, but I (sort of) miss Graham.

    • Totally agree. I voted for Brianne mainly because I couldnt stand Graham but she hasnt shown ANY leadership. She is a one trick pony and that trick is nothing but more low income housing. What is she doing to turn Park Morton into a true mixed income community. I promise you she is not involved at all. She is clueless about crime and just keeps voting for money for homeless families to induce more into the city. I honestly think DC has peaked after our upward trajectory since 2000. How can we draft Catania to come back?

  • Graham was doing things to get PM moving and he was responsive when he needed to be, This new CM is trying to bring even more public housing concentrated in an area that has major crime issues due to the mess at PM. Moving at a snails pace pace (even for government) to stretch every community meeting out over months and months. There is something going on here and it doesn’t look very transparent.

    I would love to see her promoting this development on her AM

  • Well, I’m glad that I missed all of this last night because I was signing a lease on a new place in a totally different neighborhood. And before someone makes a snarky remark about giving up, we’ve tried to do our part in making our neighborhood a better place. If our interactions with the police when we’ve reported crimes (sometimes at considerable risk to our own safety) and attended community meetings are any indication though, I can honestly say that the police have no true interest in dealing with the situation at Georgia and Lamont.

  • I always see cops nearby, but there needs to be more of an effort to stop the drug trade happening off Lamont. I’ve seen a number of deals happening out of the houses on the south side of the street and the users don’t go very far. About half the time I walk by that corner I see someone coming down. Last Saturday I saw someone shooting up outside my window. The neighbors called the cops and they reacted fairly quickly (less than 10 minutes), but just told her to move on. She moved 15 feet and just walked in circles for a few hours.

  • Last night (early morning 9/24) there were a pair of robberies, separated by nine minutes, at 3000 Georgia Ave NW and at (shocker) the corner of Georgia and Lamont.

    This is fucking ridiculous.

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