Mixed Terrier Missing from Bloomingdale, Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled


“I am dogsitting for a friend and was walking her dog out in Bloomingdale earlier today. My leash somehow unhooked and the dog went running. I lost sight of her heading west towards 2nd St NW and Bryant.

She’s a mixed terrier, white with brown patches. She’s incredibly shy and skittish with strangers, and may try to run in the other direction if you approach her too quickly.

Her collar reads Miss Priddy, and her name is Peanut. Please call me, Emily (408-507-6015) or Stacy (617-620-1459) if you find her.

Thanks so much,

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  • I can’t imagine how either of you are feeling right now 🙁 I live nearby and will keep an eye out. Hoping Peanut makes her way home tonight!

    • Thanks, carrots. I’m feeling downright awful right now and hope she comes home soon.

      • I live in the immediate area and will definitely keep my eye out. Did you speak with the people at DC Water, as they have their complex right there. Also the Army Corps of Engineers is up above. Your pup may have run to those properties where there is less commotion. Hoping you find her soon! Post the good news when you do please!

        • B’Dale Res, we have been in touch with DC Water, and she especially likes the parking lot by 2nd and Adams because of all the cats that hang out over there. We did not speak to the army Corps of Engineers though. So I’ll definitely do that. Thanks so much.

  • Fingers crossed for you. Hope she turns up soon.

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