Metro Transit Police announce arrest of Maryland man on charges of 2nd degree child sex abuse at Petworth Metro


“Metro Transit Police have arrested a Maryland man on felony child abuse charges following an incident earlier this month aboard a Green Line train in Washington, DC.

Espinosa L. LOPEZ, 32, of Greenbelt, Md., was ordered held without bond pending a pretrial hearing scheduled for Friday, October 2.

The victim, a 13-year-old girl, reported to police that she was aboard a Metrorail train at Georgia-Avenue Petworth Station on September 11 when LOPEZ allegedly sat down next to her, exposed himself and began inappropriately touching himself.

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  • justinbc

    Why is it always guys doing $#*% like this? You never hear stories about some loon woman engaging in this type of behavior, wtf is wrong with our gender that makes so many think this is acceptable?

    • Honestly? There is a lingering belief in this world (across many, many cultures/races/ethnicities – what have you) that women are chattel and men can do with us as they please. In some instances, women are literally bought and sold like they are goods, in others case the behaviors are much more subtle – tacitly allowed because men do not stand up to other men and women standing up for themselves are called a b*tch. Men can force us to talk to them because we live in fear that they will become irate and attack us if we do not. We have to endure catcalling as we walk down the street. Lingering stairs at the gym because of what we wear. Be told what to do (i.e. Smile! – DO YOU EVER HEAR A MAN SAYING THAT TO ANOTHER MAN?!). Endure criticism because what we are wearing is too revealing (skirt is too short or shirt is too low). This sort of behavior is never ending and the only peace we get is when locked in our own homes.

      • I must sadly add a +1 to this.

      • Not even always at home. I’ve had delivery guys hit on me…and in case you’re wondering why that’s creepy, dude (1) is working, and that’s not appropriate; and (2) has my address and phone number and is making it clear he wants more than few bucks tip. Yes, some of them have called back or texted later. Can’t even get a pizza in peace.

        • justinbc

          Wow, that’s actually pretty scary. Did you say something back to the store / corporate office, or afraid of retaliation?

        • Blithe

          I have, more than once, had the unnerving experience of having guys who worked for buildings that I lived in try to hit on me. As in, guys who, I imagined, could probably get access to the keys to my apartment if they really wanted to. Although it was creepy, at least the guys weren’t creeps. And it totally sucks that that feels “lucky”. Then there’s the work conundrum — if a security guard hits on you, and gets weird about it, who do you call?
          justin, I think guys do things like this because they can.

          • +100 Nothing creepier than having to walk the line between not encouraging and not angering a guy who has keys to your place and could come in any time they want to.

          • I have had this experience as well. I will never live in a building with a guard again. It makes me feel watched, not safe.

            Currently, I take a less direct route to my office and use a different stairwell to avoid a security guard.

      • palisades

        Don’t forget at bars and clubs, the creepy guys who just straight up stare at women and grab their butts as they attempt to dance on them even when denied interest. It’s usually foreign guys – either hispanic or something else. I’ve called them out multiple times and even grabbed their asses back to see how they respond (they act like they have no idea). I’m a guy btw.

    • An interesting book on the topic is “Demonic Males”:

  • binpetworth

    Kudos to this young lady for reporting this to the police (not something I’m sure I would have done at her age) and hopefully getting this sleaze-bag off the streets for some time.

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