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  • Ashy Oldlady

    I’m looking forward to this. Does anyone know who’s behind it? Hopefully it’s not another Hilton brothers venture. Their formula is getting a little stale, in my opinion.

  • From Washingtonian back in April:
    “an American restaurant and year-round rooftop beer garden from hospitality entrepreneurs Ryan Seelbach and Eric Lund”
    A google search for their names takes me to their bar The Huxley, “Upscale bar, lounge & dance space with sleek decor, strict dress code & guest-list-only admittance”
    Maybe I’m being pessimistic here, but I get the feeling it will be another Brixton — all the ingredients for a great bar, but missing… something…. uniqueness? authenticity? can’t put a finger on it.
    You’ll probably find me day drinking over at the new Glenn’s instead.

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