“Man hit in the face with a gun then robbed at gunpoint around noon today”

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A reader reports:

“Man hit in the face with a gun then robbed at gunpoint around noon today on Georgia Ave near Lamont. my wife walked by shortly after it happened then talked to detectives on scene. Police say they are looking for four teenagers. This happened just a couple days ago up the block. Saw the perps steal the bike, called cops.

Saw bike stolen yesterday; met owner, just back from 11 years deployed with Navy; rode it once. Welcome home!

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  • Just to clarify, the bicycle theft at Georgia and Keynon was a separate incident.

  • Love the way DC police and DC Alerts selectively use Twitter. A man is pistol whipped and robbed by a gang of four teenagers, the police respond in numbers and are actively searching for and armed gang of teenagers and yet there is no alert, and no lookout posted. Seems that this is the perfect time to post. What are the odds that they in the police report that they don’t report robbery by pistol whipping as a gun crime despite the fact that a gun was used in the crime and will probably be used to in the future, possible even fired.

    • What MPD listserve does this area fall under? I can check and follow up. I’ve seen this crime-severity reduction before.

  • To be clear, the robbery happened on Lamont, not Georgia. If the old Mothership is on your left, the robbery happened outside on the sidewalk about 4 houses down.

  • There is no question in my mind that the high number of vacant business fronts in this radius has contributed to the uptick in crime. No more mothership, no more whatever was next to the Post Office, that old Cadillac “Dealership” if those spaces actually were developed or re-rented, which the greedy developer is seemingly unwilling to do, then we’d see a downtick in crime.

    • Agree that losing Mothership has not helped the area at all. However, the stuff next to the Post Office has been vacant for some time (at least a year, if not longer). Supposedly Zuckerman Partners is in negotiations to rent the Mothership space to a new restaurant…that needs to happen ASAP. They also have plans to develop the old Post Office (which they own), but they just got an extension because there are some environmental issues due to the fact that it used to a gas station. So Zuckerman Partners will be redeveloping the Murry’s lot first, supposedly. However, I’d say it’s at least 2 years before they actually break ground on it!

      • That’s what I’m hearing too, which just means 2 more years of completely vacant properties…

      • I thought the parcel with the Post Office was separately owned, and for that reason the development was going to be built around it.

        • The buildings attached to the Post Office? Hmm, I could be wrong, but thought Zuckerman owned that and put the fence up around the parking lot.

          • Sorry, I didn’t put that very clearly. My recollection was that the buildings in that little strip mall _except_ for the post office were going to be torn down and redeveloped, but that the post office portion was separately owned and was staying put.
            I could’ve sworn I saw a rendering somewhere, but so far my google-fu is failing to find it.

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