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  • mid city guy

    obligatory grid shift

  • I Dont Get It

    Haven’t we seen the one on the right side about a thousand times?

  • Does anyone like brown bricked buildings?

  • I actually like brown brick. It weathers and ages well. Its fake industrial yes but everything is fake. I don’t like cantilevered upper stories at all.

    • This isn’t the worst brown brick, looking at it now with fresh morning eyes–it looks like it has a little red in it. It’s the straight brown or brown/yellow that is straight awful. I like the cantilevered aspect.

  • They look like two different buildings, though I do like the Mondrian-esqueness of the windows. Is this a residential building?

  • This brown brick doesn’t bother me half as much as the one across from the stadium, which is an eyesore in my opinion. It looks totally out of date and its not even finished being built yet. Maybe I won’t hate it so much when its finished?

  • I’m on board. As an architect I like it when one thing looks like it was set on top of another thing. I’d also like to think that this was a minor printing error or the model shifted in transit and they just built it that way on accident.

  • One of my least favorite buildings in DC, actually.

  • For my own two cents, I think it looks pretty good! Definitely nice to see any sort of departure from the standard DC glass/brick apartment building style, even if this building uses the same base materials.

  • I like it, at least compared to most buildings in DC. It’s not great but at least it’s somewhat unique and “out of the box.” Also love that color brick. Reminds me of buildings in Amsterdam.

  • I love this building! Too bad the Prince didn’t take the photo from the other angle, where you can see the “wave” in the building. It’s stunning, IMO. I can see the top floors of this building from my roof and even though it partially blocks my view of the water, I’m thrilled with this addition to the neighborhood, particularly because it isn’t as square as it looks in the photo.
    to see the “wave”, look here:

    One thing that’s not so great about it though, is that it completely hides the beauty of the penthouses in the Foundry Lofts right next door. Looking west, the building is taller than Foundry lofts, and those PH renters have completely lost their light, their view, and their air flow. Looking East, you can still see the outline of the Foundry, but the building being so close behind it obscures the beautiful details of the silhouette. I’m very sad about that.

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