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  • Since it’s opening on the 4th, you would think their website would be up and running by now.

    • Please let this be reasonably clean, well managed and include parents who are actually watching their kids and not screaming expletives at each other or into their phones (similar to every visit to the playground at Bannker). We need more indoor play spaces!

      • Sorry that was probably me at Bannker 🙂 Honestly, I think Banneker playground is very nice and have never encountered badly behaved parents or kids there.

        I’m glad this is happening at DCUSA, but would like to point out that it is criminal that the space has been empty for close to 7 years b/c of idiot rules about who can rent and too high rents. Its not like parents haven’t been suggesting similar concepts to DCUSA since it opened. A whole generation of kids missed out on having something there due to inept management. Maybe they could turn the lower level parking garage into a rock climbing gym and skate park for all those kids who are now too old for the indoor park.

  • As the parent of a 2-year old, I’m totally psyched. When the weather gets nasty, kids get a bit stir crazy indoors. I’m always on the lookout for indoor places to take her but they’re few and far between. All she needs is a big room, a handful of toys and another kid or two. This is a great idea.

  • I feel like this is great news. Please let this not be a dumpy place, please.

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