“How does someone get a vehicle tag like this?”

license plate

Thanks to a reader for sending in this cool plate spotted in Hill East. Back in 2012 we spoke about the “Bad Boys Club” license plate and before that we spoke about the too cool for school low number license plates assigned by the Mayor or the Council.

Anyone ever see a capitol plate like the one above before? What’s the best one you’ve seen. You can learn about the Anacostia River environmental ones here.

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  • Me, I just wish I’d traded in my license plate at the time when the DMV was issuing plates beginning with the two letters “DJ.”

  • It honestly looks like someone painted over the DC flag with an image of the Capitol building. You can see the flag underneath.

    • Yeah, this is clearly a custom job.

      • DC1

        ditto…. custom decal.

      • Is that legal?

        • DC1

          definitely not legal, but rarely (if at all) enforced.

        • Yea, unless something weird is going on, that’s a 2003-2013 BP 0000 – EJ 9999 series that has a flag or at least should have the flag.
          Illegal is another funny point, if I remember correctly the reg states that if your registration is fraudulently altered it’s a $50-$300 fine, but this is clearly altered for FUN!

          • I knew it was somewhere; From DC MV Title 18 – 1104.2 No person shall alter, with fraudulent intent, any registration certificate, temporary registration certificate, license plate or plates, or temporary identification tags, issued by the Department or by any other state or jurisdiction.
            Not sure how this would shake out in court.

          • ah

            How would one show intent for fraud? Fraud is putting a line across a zero to try to make it look like an 8. Putting a drawing over the flag isn’t fraudulent nor does it show it – the actual number is clearly visible.

          • @ah Is yours a purely academic question, cause I said “this is clearly alterd for FUN!” To which I would say “so what’s your point, troll!” I don’t think it’s fraud and I think we should all engage in blinging out our plates as a form of civil disobedience against the tyranny of an overly ambiguous regulation!
            But if it’s just about the idea of this topic, I am all over that 🙂
            From my experience if something like this were to ever reach a court, maybe someone gets a ticket and fights it, the whole “fraudulent intent” is a major wiggle point. Look at the DC knife laws, it’s really similar. A small concealed pocket knife isn’t illegal unless the carrier INTENDS to use it to cause harm. Intent is shown in all sorts of ways. At the level of traffic offenses, seriously, if the judge just thinks you’re being a wise-ass they can enforce the ticket and you’re not going to have much recourse.

    • Bingo. It’s an unofficial adornment covering the D.C. flag — it wasn’t issued this way. Although it is reminiscent of the embossed capitol dome that actually was a part of D.C. plates from 1974 until 1984 (http://www.dcplates.net/Base1974.htm).

  • There is a great website with the history of DC license plates: http://dcplates.net/

    • That’s a fun site for nerds like me.
      I was never so happy that my plate says “Washington, DC,” rather than “District of Columbia” as I believe the latest ones do, as I was able to ignore a NYC parking ticket where the ticket-writer filled in the state as “WA.”

      • DC1

        I loved my “Washington, DC” plates… too bad that the DMV was not able to transfer them to my new car because of a stupid technicality like my middle initial not being used in the last registration, hence the plates were not transferible.

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