Health Department Temporarily Closes Fig & Olive in CityCenter

934 Palmer Alley, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails – The Washington Post reported yesterday:

“The D.C. Department of Health has suspended operations at Fig & Olive, the sleek new restaurant at CityCenterDC, while officials try to determine the source of an outbreak that hospitalized at least four people since late August with salmonella-like symptoms.”

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  • So is this artisanal salmonella? Does it come with handcrafted breadsticks made with locally milled flour?

  • At least it’s just small plates of vermin and bacteria.

  • I’m surprised that they shut it, considering one of the people who got sick and they tried to link it didn’t even eat there (just had a drink) and that no one seems to be attributing it to the cucumber salmonella outbreak nationally.

  • Cucumbers, perhaps?

  • Lyndsey

    This is such an absurd over reaction and I hope it won’t have any lasting impact on their business—God knows it WILL have an impact on the lives of the staff (many of whom I’m sure live paycheck to paycheck). There is a national salmonella outbreak connected to cucumbers FFS you don’t see them shutting down every restaurant in the city with them on the menu.

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