“He managed to get in and out of the building and steal stuff on both occasions in fewer than 20 minutes”

Man Breaking into Church ST Condo Building

“Be on the lookout for this guy in the Logan Circle neighborhood. Here are a couple of links that include still images and video footage of a guy breaking into my Church ST condo building on two separate occasions. On July 13th, the perpetrator piggy-backed into our building after a guest was buzzed in and stole a couple of bikes. On August 11th, the same guy broke the magnetic lock on the front door and stole some electronics from two cars parked in the garage.

He managed to get in and out of the building and steal stuff on both occasions in fewer than 20 minutes. Owners and our front desk person notified the police”

Photos from July 13th break in (around 10:30pm)

Photos from August 11th break-in (around 12:30am)

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  • Dude has strong t-shirt game at least.

  • I lived in a condo building on the hill where this happened at least half a dozen times. Those magnetic doors do nothing to keep out strong people, I was able just rip them open. Camera’s help, but are really only a deterrent. A desk person helps, but only if they are stopping people to have them sign in or explain where they are going.

    In my case the person broke into a dozen cars; once someone is inside and no one can see what they are doing they have plenty of time.

    Good luck and consider yourself lucky it was only two cars.

  • So now you know – get a strong keyed lock.
    When I owned in a small building we had doorbells outside where we could be buzzed (and I think an intercom, it has been awhile) but we couldn’t buzz people in. The lock on the exterior door was a deadbolt that had to be turned by hand. So, we couldn’t buzz people in, and we had to walk them out in order to lock the door after them. Those on the top floor wanted buzzers (it was a walk-up with no elevator), but the rest of us vetoed that – we knew we were much safer without them, as guests tend to let others in, and not challenge them, and also to not make sure the door locks behind them when leaving. The owners were careful about who we let in (it was a tiny building and we all knew each other), and made sure to lock the door when guests left.
    A much safer option for small buildings without desk staff. You have to decide whether you prefer safety to convenience.

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