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  • I love this box garden — great addition to the streetscape!

  • It is a wonderful tree box, but it always makes a bit bummed to see a tree box without a tree!

  • That curvy bike lane is in terrible shape.

  • Downtown has really upped its game this last year in terms of landscaping. I love the runoff gardens along 19th Street. They look so lush and happy.

  • Nice! And I like how the left turn lane marking seems to be calling attention to it. 🙂

  • Looks great! I really wish more businesses and homeowners would at a minimum pull the weeds and mulch in their tree box in front of their property. I’ve been avoiding any restaurant that ignores their sidewalk and tree box in front of their establishment. I’ve convinced many friends to do the same. It all started with Tortilla Coast on P Street. That place is a shame!

  • And how many dog owners will let their dogs walk/urinate/defecate all over this?

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