GDoN “Voluminous Ceilings” edition

This unit is located at 43 R Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Effortlessly Cool Nearly New TH Condo with Every Bell & Whistle: 2013 Reno* Gleaming Wood Flrs* Voluminous Ceilings* Box Bay Windows* Exposed Brick* Fplc* Fabulous Kit* Abundant Moldings* Amazing Lighting* Incredible Owners Suite* 2 Private Outdoor Spaces Incl a HUGE Roof Deck w/Sweeping Views* Parking* Uber Hot Location* METRO* Eat, Drink, Play Nearby in Serious Style!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $749,900 ($250 monthly fee.)

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  • Uber hot location? But I HATE paying surge pricing!

  • That roof deck is pretty amazing.

  • You had me at abundant moldings.

    • I have a weakness for moldings. Any old excuse for contrast.

      Pretty floor.

      I like the concept of vessel sinks, but not the execution. You can’t not make a mess. Not a fan of the tan BR tile pattern.

  • terrible backsplash

  • Not liking the busy backsplash in the kitchen and the busy wall tiling in the bathrooms.

    • Well, I hate the exposed brick walls that I’d need to sheetrock, the busy kitchen counter AND backsplash, the bathroom tiles and vessel sink, the ceiling fan chosen for the living room, the dining area light fixture, the lights hanging above the kitchen counter, the recessed ceiling lights, the exterior doors, etc. But what else is new? These things are ALL true with contractor specials, and would need to be fixed to have a home I’d like, but that is true with all of them! They can all be changed ….

      • I was so distracted by the crazy backsplash and wall tiling that I couldn’t focus on anything else. I didn’t even notice the vessel sink.
        Redoing kitchens and bathrooms is expensive… much more so than swapping out a ceiling fan. Sure, all of the things you named CAN be changed, but if you’re already paying top dollar for a newly renovated place, would you really want to have to spend significant additional money to undo the builder’s questionable aesthetic choices?

      • maxwell smart

        I don’t understand the justification for the exposed brick walls when everywhere else the design aesthetic doesn’t support them, other then “exposed brick walls” are a buzzword they can throw in the listing and get a few more potential buyers.

  • Is the basement a separate unit? I like the roof deck. It’s hard to understand the floor plans from the pics. it’s clear- by the roof deck that the home goes further back beyond the kitchen, but the pics don’t show what’s behind of the kitchen.

  • This agent needs to put down the thesaurus and walk away with his/her hands up.

  • maxwell smart

    Wow. Those interiors are AWFUL. Obviously hired a decorator who tried to cram every dated interior design trend into 1 space. Exposed brick! Crown moulding! Glass tile backsplash… oh oh and we will use multiple tiles for each one! Vessel sink! And all that and they couldn’t find a nice way to conceal the fuse box panel?

    • Anonomnom

      I think that is more than a bit harsh. I generally like this one, though there are some bits that I like less than others. Agree with everyone on the busy tile-work.

      • maxwell smart

        It’s really clear in the first image with the fireplace – so many design ideas going on that don’t go with each other. The fireplace alone is terrible – it looks like it belongs in a completely different interior. The paint color is trendy – gray! – but cool grey, when everything else in the space would suggest it should be a warm gray instead.

  • Something about the interior feels a bit dated to me–vessel sinks, brownish granite, the crazy mosaic backsplash, all the soffits. Strange fireplace set up too. But it does have a nice roofdeck. Interested to see what it goes for–the prices in B’dale have been shocking.

  • I don’t think this person know what the word “voluminous” means. I’d like a regular amount of ceilings, please. Also, I’d like to buy some vowels.

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