GDoN “this home has it all” edition

This house is located at 1608 Newton Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Situated in the Heart of Historic Mount Pleasant. this 1200+ sq. ft. ,3BR 2BA TH with parking is what you’re been looking for! Beautifully renovated with stunning finishes, this home has it all. Enjoy small town charm in the city, in one of WDC’s most eclectic neighborhoods. Another Quality Renovation by KL Development LLC. Agents call/text for alarm code.”

Living Room -

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $729,500.

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  • I don’t consider this “the heart of historic Mt. Pleasant.” More like the fringe…

  • This home has EVERYTHING: sub-million dollar price, updated appliances, proximity to the subway, proximity to a Subway, exposed-brick driveway, an Azberaijani butler in a Montreal Expos uniform, and a party room filled with high-school seniors in tube socks.

  • I don’t get people’s aversion to grass. I understand the main perk of having a back yard is to give yourself a parking space, but I mean…every square inch of this “back yard” is brick. It’s like the air conditioner is a featured architectural piece.

    • In fairness, the intent seems to be to make that the driveway. Looks like the “yard” doesn’t go back very far.

    • janie4

      Grass is hard to keep alive in DC. One day you have sod, the next day you have crabgrass.

      • Exactly. Both my front and back yard are grassless, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Add some raised beds or potted plants and you won’t miss it the grass at all. If they sellers were smart they’d stage the backyard along with the rest of the house.

      • Well – it’s fine if you don’t want grass, any plant life works. Anything!
        But it’s not that hard to grow grass. After laying sod, you do need to water it, but once it is established, it is not terribly difficult. You don’t have to water it often and just some basic care keeps crab grass out. If you don’t like to mow – that’s fine. But it’s not hard to keep grass alive as long as you don’t have a dog peeing in it a few times a day.

    • I don’t think the main perk of having a backyard is to give yourself a parking space. Unless you drive a lot and street parking is impossible where you live, or you hate being outside and therefore don’t have a better use for it.

      • This is on a one-way street a few yards from 16th St. There is very little parking in the vicinity.

      • My understanding/observation has been that parking in Mount Pleasant is pretty competitive. Having off-street parking might not be as big of a deal in certain neighborhoods, but I’d imagine it’s a big deal here.

        • Nah, street parking in Mount Pleasant, especially around where this rowhouse is surprisingly easy to come by, unless you’re trying to find parking at 2 am on a Sunday or something.

      • Unless you’re driving a tank you don’t need all the space to park, the bricked over back yard is ugly

      • Unless you’re driving a tank you don’t need all the space to park, the bricked over back yard is ugly

  • I wish they’d put a peninsula in that kitchen. Feels odd to have just that completely open space, especially in a house.

  • It’s a “good” deal, but it’s priced appropriately for what these houses usually sell for.

  • Huge kitchen and no dining space? I don’t get it. The bedrooms are on the small side and the finishes look cheap. No green space in the back is depressing. Would it have been so hard to leave a few feet on one, or both sides for some plants?

  • HaileUnlikely

    Flipper bought pre-market for $450K. Given the size I can’t imagine they put more than $100K into it (I suspect much less), so not exactly what I would call a good deal. Probably priced about right for this location though. Another house in this row, which in my opinion was a bit nicer, was listed for $725K in January and sold for the asking price. Also note that they are counting the finished basement in the square footage.

  • It looks like they’re counting the basement bedroom as a bedroom, and I’m not sure that it qualifies as one — I doubt the windows meet the size requirements to be egress windows. (And even if you got out of a window in a fire, you’d have to slither under the deck without knocking your head.)
    Perhaps more to the point: Regardless of the legal-window/legal-bedroom issues, it doesn’t seem very smart for the flipper to have added the back deck. It means that the basement bedroom is completely dark. Those basement windows face south, so they could have provided some decent light if not for the deck. The wood latticework on the front already means there’s no basement light coming in from the front of the house.
    IMO, the flipper should have replaced the wood latticework with glass blocks to give the basement a teensy bit of light, and should have put a patio in back in place of the deck.

    • Many would prefer the deck to having a basement room more habitable – as basement rooms are only habitable as gyms in my opinion.

  • For +700K I would absolutely expect to have room for a decent sized dining table…and a larger living space. I understand the flipper is trying to make a certain %profit, but- uh, no…not worth $729,500.

    • HaileUnlikely

      This market abandoned that sort of sensible thinking a long time ago. I think $700K seems to be about the least one can hope to get a house (not condo) for in Mount Pleasant these days, as this lower bound seems to be relatively insensitive to specifics of the house (some houses vastly larger and better than this one, not more than a couple blocks away, have gone for under $800K as recently as this May, but nothing goes for under $700K in this area.

  • Same flipper did the house a few down in similar manner – painted over the brick, dropped in Ikea kitchen and cheap fixtures, slapped on some paint and called it good. Big kitchen for cooking but no room for sitting – bad use of space. It’s a (tiny) 2 BR, no way the basement counts as a BR

    Bad deal.

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