GDoN “on tony Pickford Place” edition

This house is located at 624 Pickford Place, Northeast. The listing says:

“Open Sat 11:30-2:00;Sun 2:30-5:00.Fab semi-detached home on tony Pickford Place in the heart of Capitol Hill! Sun-fused w/light from 3 exposures & dramatic two story window, this awesome home sings style & sophistication. Unusually high ceilings, exposed brick walls, FPL, updated kit., sep. dining rm, powder rm & serene deck + 2 real bedrms & full bath. Walk to upcoming Whole Foods, H St., metro!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $674,900.

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  • Can someone who has a spiral staircase shed some light on how that works? I usually really like the idea of one but I feel like it could get really old after a week or so. Also, how do you get furniture up there? You basically have to do a straight vertical lift, right?

    • I think JustinBC has (or used to have) a spiral staircase.

      • Oh cool maybe he will chime in. I would love one if it were going up to a loft or a roof deck or something but I wondering about having to use one on a daily basis. Granted my experience with spiral staircases are in old castles and cathedrals and such, but I remember thinking that the mechanics of climbing them are hard on the body.

        • I think he might have recently gotten rid of it — I know he recently had a new staircase installed, but I’m not sure whether it was a replacement for the spiral one.

    • I Dont Get It

      I have one to the third floor bedroom which used to be the master. Due to hassle of it I moved to a second floor bedroom. And yes it is limiting with furniture with things like mattresses.

    • My friend has one with a toddler and a dachsund and it sounds like an epic pain just getting them up to bed.

    • justinbc

      Sorry for the late response, but just in case you come back to check… Spiral staircases are Hell. Everyone who comes in says “wow that’s so cool”, but they don’t have to walk up them every day. Luckily our house had a rear staircase as well so we could get furniture upstairs, otherwise we would have been screwed. And yes, they are a major hazard for old folks and pets. If you can at all avoid it, don’t buy a place with a spiral staircase unless you’re not planning to be there very long, or don’t have parents, and don’t want kids or pets. And if the laundry is downstairs God help you. We recently had ours removed and had a proper staircase put in and it’s a life changer.

  • Who was Tony Pickford? Google brings up nothing relevant.

  • I had a condo with a spiral staircase up to the bedroom for a long time–no big deal, really…furniture was vertically lifted up–I even had a full sized washer and dryer up there that was lifted with minor wear and tear on the wall. It was easier to assemble furniture up there when possible. I wouldn’t have wanted to carry a laundry basket or something like that all the time–I didn’t really need to.

  • If I’m going to live in a closet for $675,000, I want my closet to have closets. Without substantial out-of-view storage this small place is either going to feel like a bodega after 6 months or require the rental of a storage unit.

    • Good catch! While the bedrooms seem plenty big, it does appear that neither have closets. Framing out a closet in each seems very possible, but a HUGE poor decision in favor of extra open space/aesthetics and an expense the new owners shouldn’t have to endure at that price point.
      The compact combo washer/dryer is also a HUGE mistake. Those things are tiny and terrible (expensive to buy, expensive to service, break easily, take forever to run a load, etc.), and there’s overhead space there to run a vent and install separate machines. From experience, I can tell you just putting in the exterior vent and the interior stuff starts at $1200 (and goes up if you need the vent to be long or do other things like go through upstairs floors or be boxed in with a bulkhead/wall box…I was lucky I could go straight through the roof from the top-floor laundry closet)…again, an expense one shouldn’t have to shoulder if they’re already paying this much for a home.

      • And, to be clear, that nearly $1200 bill was for the cut in the roof, exterior venting (including flashing and sealing, of course), and interior venting ONLY. That did not include the machines nor the upgrade to the high-voltage outlet for the dryer. My total bill for everything was about $2400, and it was only that low because I bought the machines at a *steep* discount (I got lucky that there were floor models of what I wanted available locally…had I paid full retail for the machines, I would have paid at least $800 more). In this case, they’d also have to have the countertop/cabinet housing replaced to go full-size separate (full-size machines are wider). After my go at buying a place that I knew I could upgrade, it’s a big turn-off to see that, particularly in this type of arrangement.

  • Yes, people who renovate and put in spiral staircases are nuts to do so. Yes, they take up less room, but their small size is one of the things that makes them so hard to use. (The other is the spiral thing – I get dizzy if I go up and down them too fast.) Plus, a lot of people trip on them.

    Yes to open staircases, letting light in, but please not spiral! Otherwise, cute little house.

    • Something else I thought of is that I bet spiral staircases are dangerous for kids and pets. My Great Dane would never be able to make it up and down that thing! It really does look nice though – storybook.

    • It’s also not terribly understandable in the case of this house. Examining the layout, it looks like there was probably a normal staircase there before, and putting in the spiral doesn’t buy any *truly usable* floor space. As someone else noted, go ahead and open the staircase, but don’t go spiral unless you have to. In this particular house, it looks like they could have installed an open, straight staircase without really hurting the light or usable space.

  • Looks like a pretty sweet place to me!

  • This looks like a sweet house, on the smaller side but definitely cute. It seems priced right, I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes over asking.

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