GDoN “incredible renovation features smart glass” edition

This house is located at 3245 N Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Award winning modern Georgetown townhouse with an open floor plan. The incredible renovation features smart glass, geo-thermal heating and cooling, Bulthaup kitchen, Boffi bathroom fixtures, Nanawall doors opening to saline swimming pool, glass elevator and built-in architectural antiques. Separate garage with parking for three cars and a fourth parking place.”

You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/4 full/2 half baths is going for $9,995,000.

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  • You can live here for 1 billlioon dollars :>)

  • This will sell in the 4 million dollar range. 10 million is a joke.

  • “With smart glass, imagine all the money you will save on utilities!”

  • $1760/sqft? Off the charts!

  • Looks more like $5 Mil.

  • justinbc

    That’s certainly unique and smartly done. I didn’t see any “built-in antiques” though.

  • niceflipflop

    Apologies if this has been covered in a previous posting, but am I the only one who almost never sees the pics from these listings? Across multiple computers and browsers, and even my Android phone, 9 times out of ten, the slideshow doesn’t load. Even with all ad blockers turned off.

    Known issue?

    • Allison

      The real estate photos on PoPville don’t work in Chrome for me. I have to open the real estate listings in Internet Explorer. All other photos work fine.

    • The real estate photos don’t work for me in Firefox either. I find the listing in Redfin and look at the photos there.

    • I’m using Firefox and they work for me. They also load on the iOS browser.
      That said, Redfin listing photos no longer load in Firefox for me. That started happening back in early August. I have to switch to IE to look at Redfin. Frustrating!

    • I have issues too! I’m on chrome in PC

    • I can seem them on my PC using Firefox but not on my android phone.

    • I have the same problem, across multiple devices.

    • niceflipflop

      It looks like for some reason in Chrome, the opacity of the pics in the slideshow are being set to 0. But over in FF, they’re set to 1. Probably something with this Flexslider plugin Pop is using. Ahh…CSS issues.
      Source: I tangentially work in web development and kinda know my way around browser inspectors.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Much of this feels more like an office building than a home to me – too much gleaming white in the kitchen and too much plexiglass everywhere (see stairs for one of many examples). I wonder if the same designers are responsible for this one in Brightwood (, priced at a mere $1.4M, which I also dislike lots about but on the whole I like better than this one.

    • Oy! I actually don’t mind the Brightwood house, but no chance in hell are they selling it for anything close to $760/sqft. That’s simple just absurd. 15 years from now, maaaaaaaaaaaybe?

  • Hey, I have the table in that second picture! I got it for a dollar or so in India. 🙂

  • Love it! Super modern and that back yard…oh if only I had a spare $8M.

    I also have issues opening the real estate in Chrome .

  • Fireplaces, a pool with fountains, the night sky in your movie room, AND you’re right around the corner from Booey’s! 10 mil, seriously? Nice house, trying a little too hard with the décor though. Agree with the person who said 4 mil.

  • It certainly is at a level and style you don’t commonly see in DC, so there’s my positive comment.

    However, it is so far from my style that I’d need a heck of a lot of cash on hand to buy it and renovate some warmth & livability into it. Luckily for everyone involved, there’s not a chance in Hades of any of that happening.

  • Agreed with others about lack of warmth, and feel of a corporate office. So what is Smart Glass? Is it “smart-glass” or is it just smart to be using so much glass? Also why would you want a saline pool? Do you not have to use chlorine then?

    • Saline pools are very salty and you don’t need to use chlorine. They’re supposed to be better for the environment, and you, than a usual pool. I know a few people who have them – they seem to be becoming pretty popular.
      Smart glass is actually pretty cool. It changes transparency as light hits it. It’s the same stuff they make some prescription glasses out of so they become sunglasses when outside (I had a pair when I was 10 and they blew my mind). On sunnier days, the windows here will become tinted to block out more light, which could be pretty nice.

  • I Dont Get It

    I dozed off viewing the pictures. Outside of the pool and patio area, I found this house very uninspiring.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I think I’m in love.

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