GDoN “Amazingly Cozy Light-Filled Condo” edition

This unit is located at 3318 Sherman Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“LOCATION LOCATION..! Amazingly Cozy Light-Filled Condo w/ Bamboo Floors @ THE DREW in the Hip Columbia Hghts! Open Floor Plan w/BRs on opposite ends, plenty of closets throughout, W/D & Cook~s KIT w/Granite Counters! SS Appliances, Pet-Friendly& backs to Community Garden. Spacious Bike Rm & Easy WALK to Metros, Cafes, Shopping and Night Life! Open SUN 9/6 1-4”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $385,000 ($238 monthly fee.)

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  • Good location, Good price, Good deal

  • Great Location. That place looks nice. I would probably go over list for that place. Its right next to all of the bars on 11th street and few blocks from the metro, grocery store and other amenities.

  • Decent amount of counterspace, and I like that the bedrooms are separated. The location is by far the best thing about it, that’s right between the Columbia Heights and Petworth metros — possibly even precisely equidistant. Pretty good deal if you’re looking for a 2bd, I’d think.

  • Tiny bedrooms. Window shades closed (view issues?). Busy street.
    News broke yesterday that more than 45% of DC-area homes saw a drop in their value over a year ago. There are going to be a lot more good deals very soon!

    • I wouldn’t get too excited about this article — it refers only to single family homes, not condos, and “DC” includes the entire metro area. It’s not clear if single-family homes refer to detached homes only or if they include rowhouses and townhouses. My guess is that a good part of the 45% that lost value are not houses in better neighborhoods in the District, but rather places way out in Arlington and Alexandria. If you look at homes sale prices in the District, the trend this article describes seem really off.

  • Pretty small, but I like it!

    • Really small – fine if you want a two bedroom the size of a decent-sized one bedroom (and some do, but I wouldn’t). Location is nice.

  • A friend of mine lives there. She says that the place is incredibly shoddily built, and they have had to have extensive, expensive repairs. There’s a reason it’s so cheap.

    • Care to elaborate? I am actually interested in what kind of repairs. I’ve looked at some condos recently and once I got the inspector in there, he’s told me to run and never look back on a couple occasions.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t know many details, but I think they had to redo the whole HVAC system (even though it was basically new), and there is a literally a hole in their kitchen wall where pieces weren’t put together properly, so they get cold air coming in in the winter. And maybe problems with the plumbing, too?

      • I actually live in the building and he’s not wrong that all of the major systems (HVAC, plumbing, etc) have had to be repaired since the flip. But in fairness, it’s the original buyers who got screwed on that front, the people buying in now are getting the benefit of all of that already breaking and being repaired by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. So while I wouldn’t go back and buy again if I could go back in time to right after the flip, people buying *now* are actually getting what we all thought we were buying back then — a unit in a nice building with working systems in a good location. In closing, fuck the Menkiti Group and don’t buy their flips.

        • Our house was basically this exact experience. The couple who bought it right after the flip had to deal with significant flooding issues, etc. We bought it from them four years later and just updated the tacky finishings. Seems like the really pricey repairs have been handled already (knock on wood).

    • Well, yeah, that goes with the territory, and I think you could presume that just by looking at the photos of the place.
      That doesn’t seem to stop people from buying these condos and dealing with the problems, which can be very, very big and expensive problems for the condo to deal with – though I’ll never understand why they buy anyway.

    • I don’t know if its cheap based on the comps in the area. Looks like they are pricing it get some competitive offers.

  • Pretty sure one of those “bedrooms” is just a walk in closet. Still a good deal, though.

  • Bet it’s a great place to air bnb!

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